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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Spank Art: Through the Keyhole

naughty mature girls spanking ass
Blimey, the things my Auntie Lulu got up to with her friend Joyce back in the day!

Spank Art: Fouetteurs et Fouettes

Alrighty, so my O'Level French may be a bit rusty but I think "Buxom Victorian lass Bebbette prepares for a good thrashing over her pantaloons from her horny fiance Horace before a bout of vigorous pussy pumping and other lewd acts" is about right. Ye olde spank art is the best.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Spank Art: These Ladies Made for Spanking.

From Monsieur Paulette by Louis Malteste (1922)


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Erotic Fiction: Her Victorian Bottom Thrashed.

MPORTANT: Read "Her Victorian Bottom Plundered" before this follow up story. Thank you.

Copyright Yeowch.

Part 1.

For awakened Prudence, the days had been sexually listless for Henry, her husband, was away on business.

The sunlight flickered through the swaying branches of the old oak tree which majestically dominated the farthest reaches of their garden, and which underneath Prudence sat in deepest thought whilst trying to read the Times. Thoughts that unbidden always returned to the past month and the miraculous change in her marriage to her dearest husband. "Dearest husband." she murmured with a smile. Dearest darkest husband. A slight breeze ruffled the pages of the newspaper as she took a sip of lemonade and placed the crystal on the small garden table next to her. Henry had been away a week and Prudence felt every solitary moment with every breath she took.

She was a changed woman. Her husband had changed her on that night a month past. She felt liberated. Unburdened by convention and free of thought; no matter how wanton. And it was her dearest husband who had taken and led her to be so. Her resistance had been born of upbringing and propriety which, in those twilight hours, he had stripped away leaving her a slave not only to his desires but, more importantly, to her own. She closed her eyes and let those desires wash over her in waves of lustful memory. Her lips parted slightly at the memory of his large member that had slipped so sweetly into her mouth, and which had brought forth such delicious agony as it had forced its way up her virgin bottom. The rose blushed.

Never again would she deny her true feelings in the matters of the physical relationship with her husband. The following morning they had lain naked together and talked as if at the beginning of a new journey of discovery, and of their new found understanding of needs to be satisfied. Such was their shared delight they had spent the morning in perpetual coitus that had left them both sated and exhausted. Prudence felt the bud of her bottom hole flutter as the fleeting vision of her naked husband standing over her as he forced his rigid cock into her forbidden fruit as she knelt gasping endearments on their large ruffled double bed. Shivering, Prudence fanned herself and wished that her dearest Henry return home soon.

In the distance, a maid was coming towards her carrying what appeared to be a small parcel in her grasp.


In her bedroom, Prudence sat at her dresser, and using a thin paper knife, opened the letter which was addressed to her. She recognised the writing.

It was from her husband.

"Dearest Prudence,

I hope this missive finds you and the children well. I miss you terribly dear heart and I am counting not only the days till my return but the very hours, minutes and seconds. The drudge of commerce is as ever thus and its wheel turns frustratingly slow but the good news is I suspect the outcome is fair and the rewards worthy of the effort afforded. Since my departure, I have had much time to consider recent events between us and at times I feel as if I shall nigh burst with the joy of it all. I feel a new man, Prudence. It is as if I have abandoned a shadow and walked unto a pure light that finally soothes my soul and blesses me with an inner peace. I give untold thanks to be rewarded with your favour and the knowledge that the spirit within you feels the same. I feel quite giddy with the thought that my desires for you are equally, if not more so, matched. Oh joy of joys. I do love you so, Prudence. We are at a time of life when there should be no secrets between man and wife.

The time apart is unbearable at times. To be with you in spirit and body is all that matters. My desire drips with lust at the very thought of our next encounter and the memory of your words "Be understood dearest Henry, thy imagination in the act of seeking pleasure is one I accept with eager anticipation. It is a small sadness that we shall never have the virginity of my orifices to partake again but let us not deny us both their endless pleasures and future possibilities." Fear not my love, for though the tingling sweetness of your mouth, pussy and arse shall be forever well used for as long as we live but I have recently, to my delight, discovered a new adventure which quickens my blood and am sure will find favour with you. I shall not speak of it in this letter but merely draw your attention to the parcel which accompanies this correspondence. It was a thing I came across a week ago in a small booksellers near to where I am staying and on perused sight I had to purchase. I wish you to read it before my return for I intend to follow its guidance and teachings. I warn you Prudence that it is a path which will test you both in body and spirit. It will change our relationship beyond measure and forever bind our love and trust. Be free of mind. Let thy imagination walk abroad. Read the book and await my return with as much anticipation as my own.

With deep love and admiration.

Your husband, Henry."

Prudence put the letter down and picked up the book shaped parcel. Carefully, she broke the wax seal, folded open the brown paper and removed the book. Turning it over, she stared at the title on the plain front cover.

"Oh my..." she gasped.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spank Art #1 - A Victorian Parlour Spanking.

Those of you who have been regular visitors to YEOWCH over the years know I'm a really big fan of spanking and erotic art in all shapes and sizes. So check out the first in a dedicated series on my main blog where what I used to post here is now being posted over there lol. See my first choice here - Yeowch Spanking Blog.