Saturday, 23 September 2017

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: STUDIO 1234 Cinema - "Come Play with Me/Emanuelle" Listings Advert 1976.

Ah, the old STUDIO 1234 cinema in Newcastle circa 1976. That sure brings back memories when me and my teenage mates used to try and sneak into this place to see the latest X rated porn movie. Back in those days, X rated meant a bit of onscreen tit, pussy and arse, and if you were really lucky, you'd get an out of focus softcore shag with the camera zoomed in on the fake wig the busty starlet was wearing as she got banged silly. 

And the people you saw in these places - holy shit. I remember we got into one heavily censored foreign porn film and the screening was pretty full for a weekday afternoon. The three of us tried to hide right in the corner of one of the side aisles so the usherette wouldn't spot us with her torch when we noticed this tall, gangly, weird looking bald fucker who was wearing this knee-length cream raincoat and had on a pair of thick black NHS spectacles sat a couple of rows in front of us.

Every time a bit of boob, pussy, or arse appeared on screen off he'd go wanking himself silly under the coat without a care in the world as we all sat there pissing ourselves laughing. The things people will do to get their knackers off. Amazing. Those really were the best fucking days.

SEXPOTS: Honey Wilder.

Always loved domestic-themed erotica and the awesome Ms. Wilder
is my all-time "the mature lady from next door" babe.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

CLASSIC EROTIC TOONS: Carrie - French Maid Spanking 1978.

Here's a rare one for spanking fans.
From Mayfair VOL 13 no.6 the WHOLE Carrie strip from 1978.

CLASSIC XXX MOVIE POSTERS: Adventures of a Taxi Driver 1976.

It's amazing how many famous UK tv stars appeared in these
 70's sexploitation flicks to help pay the bills.


A 70's oldie for ass lovers everywhere.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: Benny Hill Show "Knickers"

With a pre-Frasier Jane Leeves showing off her awesome lingerie.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENE: Private Teacher 1982

The hot Janey Robbins teaching her young student all about sex education.

To think my Biology teacher used a banana and a fucking doughnut. Anyway, PRIVATE TEACHER, one of my favorite porn movies with a great mature/young theme also starring the awesome Honey Wilder.

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: The Millington Sisters 70's Sex Shops

Back in the 70's, Mary Millington was, and probably still is, the UK's most famous hard/softcore porn star and has appeared in numerous X rated movies during those years. The above is a rare piece of British sex memorabilia advertising her sex shops she ran along with her sister, Doreen. Wish I'd made the effort to go and have a look around. Might have got myself one really cool autograph.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENE: Playbirds 1978

Mary Millington striptease from 1978 UK sexploitation movie Playbirds

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENES: Spanked by the Hairy Hedgehog.

Kandi Barbour and Ron Jeremy spanking fun.