Monday, 11 December 2017

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENE: Doctor Feelgood 1985.

Tanya Fox giving the Doc a little workout.

EROTIC STORY: The Blind Girl in the Rain - part 4

Someone once said:

"It is not the moment itself that matters. What matters is you understand the reason why that moment matters in the first place.."

The silver 747 hung silently in the early morning Winter sky before turning slowly in a graceful arc as it connected to its ILS and headed towards a snowbound JFK as I made my way along the Coney Island Boardwalk towards Atlantic Avenue and home.

The long walk had done me good. Cleared the head. Concentrated the mind. Put a few things into perspective. I stopped and turned to look out to sea as the cold North wind blew gusts of fallen snow all around me. It was Saturday. The day after the night before when life had been simpler and I knew my place in the grand scheme of things.

I raised my hand and shielded my gaze from the low sun as the events of the previous evening continued to overshadow everything. Those simpler days of meaningless sex and worthless relationships were over.


Sunday, 3 December 2017


Check out my favorite Colour Climax (CC) pornstar Tova from 1979.

* Always known her as Tova but know she's gone by different names in her movies.

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENE: American Dream Girls 1987

Honey Wilder doing the corkscrew in this awesome snapshot from American Dream Girls.