Sunday, 17 September 2017

CLASSIC EROTIC TOONS: Carrie - French Maid Spanking 1978.

Here's a rare one for spanking fans.
From Mayfair VOL 13 no.6 the WHOLE Carrie strip from 1978.

CLASSIC XXX MOVIE POSTERS: Adventures of a Taxi Driver 1976.

It's amazing how many famous UK tv stars appeared in these
 70's sexploitation flicks to help pay the bills.


A 70's oldie for ass lovers everywhere.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: Benny Hill Show "Knickers"

With a pre-Frasier Jane Leeves showing off her awesome lingerie.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENE: Private Teacher 1982

The hot Janey Robbins teaching her young student all about sex education.

To think my Biology teacher used a banana and a fucking doughnut. Anyway, PRIVATE TEACHER, one of my favorite porn movies with a great mature/young theme also starring the awesome Honey Wilder.

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: The Millington Sisters 70's Sex Shops

Back in the 70's, Mary Millington was, and probably still is, the UK's most famous hard/softcore porn star and has appeared in numerous X rated movies during those years. The above is a rare piece of British sex memorabilia advertising her sex shops she ran along with her sister, Doreen. Wish I'd made the effort to go and have a look around. Might have got myself one really cool autograph.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENE: Playbirds 1978

Mary Millington striptease from 1978 UK sexploitation movie Playbirds

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENES: Spanked by the Hairy Hedgehog.

Kandi Barbour and Ron Jeremy spanking fun.

Friday, 8 September 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Spanking Agency part 2.

2: Anal Annie and Her Amazing Anus.

"THE LUBE, MR BAXTER," yelped Annie in alarm, "USE MORE LUBE!!"

The young woman grabbed the white pillow at each end, scrunched it up, and buried her grimacing face into it as she felt the man wriggling around above and behind her searching for the plastic bottle of green goo.

Good grief. This is ridiculous.  That thing was never going to fit inside her bum no matter how hard they both tried to force it in. Her client's equipment certainly gave "taking a fat cock up the old poopsie" a whole new meaning. Annie winced as she felt his stubby erection flop out from her widely stretched outer ring with an audible "POP" that made her gasp and giggle in equal measure. He had managed to penetrate her only an inch at most as her rubbery sphincter held firm.

 She twisted her head and looked over her shoulder as the rather rotund gentleman staggered around the motel room looking like a drunken marshmallow.

"Mr. Baxter," she sighed, "It's over THERE." 

She pointed to the wash basin hanging lopsided from the far wall under a stained mirror that could probably tell a tale or two. The room was as basic as they came with very little in the way of creature comforts. No wonder it was cheap.

Turning over on the bed, she gave a surprised squeak as she eased her sore backside back down onto the mattress. God. Her poor bottom throbbed painfully in more ways than one. First, because of her well strapped and spanked cheeks and, second, because of their frustrating attempts to bugger her bumhole.

Mr. Baxter returned looking slightly frazzled as he stood next to the bed giving the bottle of lube another shake. The man was in his early fifties and had obviously "made merry with the pies and sherry" over the years. He was wheezing like an old steam train as he stood there in his black socks and nothing else. "Sorry," he muttered as he ran his hand through his thinning gray hair, "Are you alright?" he asked concerned. 

He grabbed his stiff pecker and gave it a shake, "This thing has always been a pain in the arse. No pun intended. My late wife used to slap me silly whenever I tried it on with her. "God gave me one hole and one hole only for that sort of thing!" she always used to tell me. You should have seen her face on our wedding night when I dropped my underpants and showed it to her for the first time. I'm still surprised she didn't run to her mothers screaming blue bloody murder," he sighed, looking crestfallen at the memory.

Annie smiled and tried not to laugh. She felt kind of sorry for him as he was a decent bloke by all accounts. She scooted to the bottom of the bed and took his six-inch penis from him. "Listen, Stanley," she said, looking up at him as he stood before her twiddling his thumbs, "I don't mind getting shagged up my arsehole, okay?" 

She waggled his member back and forth with her fingers nowhere near encompassing his comical girth, "But this thing. This thing is as fat as it is long. It's like trying to push a can of Tizer up my bum. I think I can take it but you just need to be careful and take your time. And use MORE LUBE for Christ sake!!"


Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Classic Honey Hooker from Hustler 1976


Good girls drawn bad. The late 50's/early 60's.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


What a fantastic cover.

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: The Benny Hill Show "Armless Fun"

A bird in the hand is worth a squeeze of her tush.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

CLASSIC SPANKING MAGS: Teenage Discipline #2.

Never seen the cover for this issue before - until now!

No idea of the year but I'd guess late 70's

Bonus photo.

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: Pornstar Bubblegum Cards.

Now these are the kind of cards to collect. USA bubblegum cards - 1992.

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENES: Blondes Have More Fun 1979.

SEKA taking a stuffing from this classic xxx movie.

Friday, 1 September 2017

CLASSIC EROTIC MAGS: John Holmes & Candy Samples Special #1

A bit like King Kong meets Godzilla.

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENES: Deep Throat 1972

Linda Lovelace showing how it's done.

Probably the most famous moment in all of porndom.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Spanking Agency part 1.

From the Author "This is a complete rewrite of a story I wrote over 20 years ago when I first tried my hand at writing erotic spanking fiction. It was originally posted on the soc.sexuality.spanking and ABPES newsgroups as well as on my first blog called Spankorama. When that site got deleted, it had reached about 4 million hits and this story, along with one called Coal Miners Wife, had over a million page reads over the years. Some of you may remember those days. A couple of weeks ago, I went back into my archive and checked them out and it was pretty obvious how basic and poor my writing was back then. The original idea still works IMHO and this is my attempt at making this series of spanking stories so much better. Hope you enjoy them."


1: Bottoms for Hire.

Thirty-two Winchester Road sat just off the main bypass heading into the West End of London where small businesses and retailers of all shapes and sizes went about their trade. Today was the 20th of November and a steady drizzle fell from leaden skies as the huddled masses of the grand old city went about their daily routines.

Inside number thirty-two, the man and his new client walked into and looked around the empty first-floor room. The woman turned to the Estate Agent who was fiddling nervously with his clipboard making sure he had all the correct documents to hand.

 "All right," she said after a moments pause, " I'll take it." 

The bespectacled man smiled with relief and held out a pen. "Sign here please," he asked her, pointing to where she needed to write her signature to secure the lease.

Once signed, they both turned to leave. When she got to the door, she stopped and turned to look back into the room which was to become her own personal office. A quiet sense of satisfaction flooded through her. She had finally done it. She was on her way.

Molly Malone's Spanking Agency was in business.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

SEXPOTS: Kay Parker.

An awesome shot of the fantastic Kay Parker.

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: The Benny Hill Show "Considering Tits"

The things you see when waiting for the number 22 bus to arrive.

Monday, 28 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 6 (End)

6: Pussy galore.

For some reason, the final session of the week with all four of us together was to take place at my bungalow; which wasn't the original plan at all. But, well, things, you know, kind of just ended up happening this way. The distractions of the day had passed and the evening belonged to just our little gang of insatiable sexpots.

We had arranged to meet up at six as I had work to finish up and other routine chores to sort out before we got down to the fun stuff.

Angie arrived first with a bottle of her best bubbly. Ruth was second with a freshly baked apple and cherry pie. Finally, there was Sharon, who smuggled in her bad girl's box of naughty sex toys. We were, as Barney Rubble would say, ready to rock and roll.


Sunday, 27 August 2017


The Golden Ladies of Porn.

How many can YOU name?

Click read more for the answer!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

SEXPOTS: Brigitte Lahaie

One of my favorite retro ladies and her awesome boobs from the late 70s/80's.

Friday, 25 August 2017

YEOWCH SEXY SCRAPBOOK: Carry on Doctor "Dipstick"

"I swear, Mr. Dickin, it was working when I stuck it up the other end!"

When the Carry On films and Sid James defined a whole generations attitude to sex.

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Posters for British X rated softcore movies were always the best thing about them.

Here is a classic with the ubiquitous Robin Askwith - star of many a confession movie.


A sexy series of naughty things that titillate and amuse.

A classic moment from the Benny Hill Show.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENES: Pretty Peaches 1978

The enema scene from Pretty Peaches 1978

Now, this movie caused a fuss back in the late 70's. Back then, hardcore pornography was completely banned in the UK where even licensed sex shops were only able to sell slightly more explicit versions of adult movies that were available to rent in your local high street video store. Pretty Peaches had a scene where Desiree Cousteau is given an enema in the ladies washroom that wasn't cut or censored at all. No idea why because nothing is left to the imagination and is very explicit. Not that I complained back then.

I used to work with a bloke who hired this out over a weekend and sat down to watch it with his wife thinking it was all a bit of silly softcore fun for them both to enjoy. As he told me years later, he nearly fell out of his chair when this scene came on and his lovely wife screamed and fled the room in shock. He swears it's true.

The movie is good fun and the hardcore version has that daft seventies vibe which is helped by having the delectable Miss C as its star.


When your porn came on a plastic fucking LP. Those were the days!

Listen with RUSTLER 1978.


For bum shaggers everywhere. Anal Sex #26 from about 1978.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

XXX MOVIE SEX SCENES: Die Pornokiste 1975

Yep. You got it. Seventies German porn.

Where women are women and men look like Fred Flinstone.

CLASSIC SPANKING MAGS: Red Cheeks vol 2 no.1

Finally found the cover for this classic American spank mag.

Here's a bonus photo.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


From 1959. UK girlie mag Funfare #16. Back when a glimpse of stocking
really was truly shocking. A true classic from better times.

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 5.

5: Angie and Ben.

Angie lay on her bed watching as I got dressed. It had gone ten and I was getting ready to head home and get some much-needed rest.

"What?" I smiled as I looked at her lying there with her chin resting in her hands.

"Oh, nothing," she replied happily, "It's not every day I can say I watched a man putting his clothes back on in my bedroom. Least not for a few years anyway."

I shrugged, feeling slightly self-conscious under her gaze. We had spent the past five hours together doing things to each other that came naturally with no inhibitions or hesitation. All because of our basic desire to have sex and explore the limits of our own personal fantasies. Having sex with Angie was more than just about us fucking. It had been about coming to terms with who we were and recognizing the reasons why we were that way.

Angie wanted more than just sex. She wanted to be challenged and stimulated which would then feed into her sexual nature and push her emotional reactions to new levels of desire. She wanted to know why certain things turned her on and other things didn't. Plain and simple. She was way more complex and thoughtful about these kinds of things than the other two women in our little group.

The sex that resulted from this was absolutely mind blowing.


Thursday, 17 August 2017


The infamous cling film scene from Baby Face 1977.

Laughed my ass off at this bit when the poor sod is trying to breathe as
she's having trouble ripping a hole in the film over his mouth. The
cock sucking that follows is a classic.

SEXPOTS: Penny Irving.

Mayfair 1976. The awesome Ms. Irving. 

Appeared as the secretary in BBC TV's "Are You Being Served?" and various UK softcore mags.

CLASSIC EROTIC TOONS: From Escort #35 1979

Always loved some of the artwork that accompanied the stories.

A page from softcore UK mag Escort #35 1979

CLASSIC EROTIC MAGS: Love in Action #43

Used to travel around Europe back in the day and remember this one.

Late 1970's or early 80's.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 4.

Tuesday. The day after the day before.

Autumn had settled in. Nature was preparing for hibernation and the landscape was cast in strewn shades of burnished copper. The air was crisp this morning as I walked along a gravel path that wound its way through the nearby woods. I stood for a moment and breathed deeply of its freshness as I thought back on the previous forty-eight hours that had changed my life beyond measure.

It felt like I had shed a second skin and had emerged into a whole new world. A world that was dominated by the three women who were now part of my life. Angie, Sharon, and Ruth had become much more than friends and neighbors to me now. That they had welcomed and trusted me into their circle was something I would never be able to thank them enough for.

To think I had recently been worried about finding someone special to be with. A girlfriend my own age who shared common interests. Someone to experience life with and all the hopes and dreams that came with it. I smiled at that. I was living those hopes and dreams right now. For the moment, everything was perfect.

Overhead, the forest canopy gently swayed in the breeze as I made my way to where I was going.


Sunday, 13 August 2017


Isn't this the one with the pussy and ass pov?

CLASSIC EROTIC ARTIST: Brian Forbes "The Gift"

Another classic from a great artist.