Sunday, 9 October 2016

Spank Art: Through the Keyhole

naughty mature girls spanking ass
Blimey, the things my Auntie Lulu got up to with her friend Joyce back in the day!

Spank Art: Fouetteurs et Fouettes

Alrighty, so my O'Level French may be a bit rusty but I think "Buxom Victorian lass Bebbette prepares for a good thrashing over her pantaloons from her horny fiance Horace before a bout of vigorous pussy pumping and other lewd acts" is about right. Ye olde spank art is the best.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

For Linda...

An Our Castle Lady who has sadly passed. Fond memories of her awesome spanking stories and the laughs we all had in the Ghosts chat room with the other Castle gang. Sad heart is aching.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Classic Spank Mags: Palm & Paddle no.1

Bought a long time ago in a newsagent far, far away.

A Matter of Inches.

Hey dude, think you're gonna need a bigger ruler.

A nice ass shot from long defunct Swish mag.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Dressed for Pain.

"Cor blimey, Sharon. I really like your new knickers!"

"Ta very much, Mr Brooks. I bought them especially for our little games from Marks & Sparks."

We men of simple pleasures.


Still here guys. Still posting rare and good spanking stuff.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The SPANKING Truth: Life and Times of George Harrison Marks.

As long time Yeowch readers will know, my all time favourite spank mag was KANE published by the late George Harrison Marks. Think I had every issue apart from number 2 which always kind of bugged me and it was only through the internet that I managed to see its contents. Came across a short piece about how GHM got into producing spanking content and how KANE was born. Really interesting read. Copyright to original author.

"In the late 1970’s Marks was hired as a photographer for Janus magazine- which specialized in spanking material- before taking a more editorial position. According to Peter Mason “he got the job at Janus because he had run mags before and was doing some work for them. He relaunched it as "New" Janus.” Marks even managed to get his bodybuilder friend Howard Nelson on the front cover of New Janus issue two (as a “spanking milkman”) and also began making short films on the subject for the 8mm market. Two of the earliest appear to have been ''Rawhide'', starring Come Play with Me’s Lisa Taylor and Sonia Svenberger and sold by Kelerfern circa 1977, in which according to the ad “the ageing headmaster really gives two naughty schoolgirls some punishment”, and ''Late for School'' copyrighted 'Janus Publications 1977' which was also the subject of a photo article in Janus (Vol.7, No.9) and Spanking Special (No.2, Martinet publications). Marks then made a series of 8mm spanking films, all of which feature the word ‘lesson’ in the title. These were ''The Nurses’ Lesson'', ''The School Lesson'', ''The Gym Lesson'', ''The Prefect’s Lesson'' and ''The Riding Lesson''. The Nurses Lesson stars porn actor Gordon Hickman as a sickly patient, who overpowers and spanks two nurses. While The School Lesson, features veteran film and television actor Ken Parry as a headmaster who canes two schoolgirls after catching them in a compromising position. The film was also the subject of a photo article in Janus (Vol.8, No.12) which featured a still of Parry spanking a girl on the cover. One critic later remarked that during the caning scenes Parry appeared “to be in grave danger of a heart attack”.

Parry’s involvement in Marks’ spanking material is somewhat perplexing given that he had a ‘legit’ TV career at the time, something that could easily have been compromised should a newspaper journalist have picked up on the films and decided to do a tabloid expose on him (a fate that befell Milton Reid). Parry was also gay, which would seem to rule out these appearances being sexually motivated. Curiously when the “Lesson” films were re-released on video in the 1990s, the publicity material erroneously credited actor Willoughby Goddard, best known for the 1950’s ITC Show ‘The Adventures of William Tell’, as playing Parry’s role in The School Lesson.

By 1979 Marks had been made full time editor of Janus, and continued to make 8mm spanking films including ‘Rear Attack’, released by himself, and ‘Warden’s End’ and ‘Slaves of Mistress Monique’ for the Janus people. Warden’s End is a self-referencing piece, with Marks name-checked in the dialogue and the Janus shop used as a filming location. Linzi Drew plays a traffic warden attempting to give the blokish, Janus shop assistant a ticket. Following him into the shop she is initially intrigued by all the spanking magazines on display, and persuaded to do an audition for him with predictably bottom smacking results. At the end of the audition Linzi decides however that she’d prefer to continue slapping tickets on cars, than being slapped herself; “I’ve had enough of this, and I’ve had enough of you” she complains to the shop assistant “I’d rather be a traffic warden”.

Harrison Marks’ 4 Gerrard Street Studio in the late 1950s

Seeing the revenue being generated by his spanking films and photo-shoots, in 1982 Marks jumped ship to set up his own magazine ''Kane'' on the same subject. Corporal punishment would now become Marks’ big theme for the final act of his career. Making the transition from 8mm to videotape in 1984, Marks first video production was “The Cane and Mr. Abel” starring Linzi Drew. With friend and business associate Peter B. Fairbrass handling the camerawork and the editing, Marks would go onto make around 80 videos of this nature with titles like ''Five of the Best'' (1988), 'The Spanking Academy of Dr. Blunt'' (1992), ''Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire'' (1994), "A Wacking in a Winter Wonderland (19??)", ''Spanked Senseless'' (1995) and ''Stinging Stewardesses'' (1996). “When Kane got going he got involved in running spanking parties which made most of his money apparently” remarks Peter Mason “the early issues of Kane have some pictures from those events. I asked GHM how he got away with putting out uncertificated videos in the days when the BBFC wouldn’t pass that sort of thing, he implied that the numerous Judges that subscribed to Kane might have something to do with his immunity but I think thats a bit dubious. I don't know how reliable his memory was and he was often pissed. In fact his interview for the doing rude things shoot (the 1995 BBC documentary on British sex films) had to be done twice as he was too far gone first time round.” Models who Marks photographed for Kane over the years included the aforementioned Linzi Drew (in the photo story “Meter Maid” that appeared in Kane No.9) and Vicki Scott. While Vida Garman and Liz Leather (of “Sexy Secrets of the Kissogram Girls”) had the dubious honor of being spanked by Marks himself in the pages of Kane. Marks took a similarly “hands on” approach for Teresa May’s appearance in Kane no.61, with Marks pictured groping the glamour model’s breasts, appearing visibly intoxicated and even donning his old Come Play With Me wig for several of the photos (Teresa’s sole memory of Marks “He was a creep!”). According to his official website Marks' spanking material “kept him in booze and cigarettes and an acceptable degree of comfort for the rest of his life". As with the 8mm striptease films and ''Naked As Nature Intended'', the spanking videos clearly existed solely for the purpose of titillation yet at the same time adopted an asexual stance, bringing Marks career curiously full circle.

Issue 1 of one of GHM's many glamour mags - from 1969.

After decades of heavy drinking, chain smoking, romancing and photographing beautiful women, Marks finally passed away at 6pm, on the 27th of June 1997, officially it was cancer that got him in the end, although his daughter Josie later remarked “it was a bit of a toss up between bone cancer and liver cirrhosis, really it was whichever got him first, he wanted to go as Errol Flynn with liver cirrhosis”. After his death what photographic and film work of Marks that he still owned was inherited by business associate Peter B. Fairbrass who currently runs the official Harrison Marks website, while Josie Harrison Marks took over the editing of Kane. Marks’ ashes were (unofficially) scattered throughout St. Paul’s Cathedral."

And there we go. Quite a character.

Spank Art: These Ladies Made for Spanking.

From Monsieur Paulette by Louis Malteste (1922)


Saturday, 11 June 2016

So THIS is what a SPANKING is Like!

That look on her face when expectation and anticipation meet cold hard "YEOWCH!" reality.

When a Spanking just isn't Enough.

When you've spanked and spanked it and she still complains it doesn't sting enough..

Saturday, 30 April 2016

A Well Thrashed Fanny!

For new office girl cheeky Tiffany Perkins, it was either his way or the highway!

"Crikey, Mr Simpson. This is a whole lot better than getting the sack like in my other jobs!"

The Belaboured Bottom of Mrs Sykes.

Another Sunday afternoon bent over and presenting her satin pantied arse for hubby to cane.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Inside the School for Spanking.

Peeking through the keyhole, behold Ruby and Rachel being taught the benefits of vinegar soaked canes by Mr Williams with the assistance of fellow student Barney Stubble.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Classic Spank Mags: JANUS vol 5 no. 4

One of those timeless covers that JANUS used to do so well.

Too Hot to Touch.


A fine example of post spank sqweezing and rubbing with the lovely Lily White from the excellent American site Firm Hand Spanking. Check out my other blog for more right here.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Spanking Sound of Music.

Benny Hill has it right. Every time my better half does that I hear a fucking band in my head as well.

Classic Spank Mags: JANUS #60

This one is a bit special - the very first spank mag I ever bought.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Classic Spank Mags: EROS Goldstripe Special presents SPANKING.

Ah, the perils of being a pussy paddler..

Putting the HOT in Hot Pants Spanked!

So just how do you deal with a sassy young wife who goes about her business around the house wearing nothing more than a skimpy t-shirt and a right tight pair of arse hugging hot pants? Oooo, that's a tough one. Lemme think. Hmmmmmm. More here.

A preview of posts at my other blog.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Classic Spank Mags: SLANT vol 1 no.12

A great cover from a mag I don't know much about or ever saw come to think of it. Wish I had because I absolutely love illustrated spanking stories.

Classic Spank Mags: PHOENIX #48

One of my all-time favourite issues ever from a great spank mag. Fantastic cover.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Being a Good Spanking Neighbour.

"Blimey, Maureen," grinned George, her next door neighbour who couldn't believe his luck for he'd always had a thing for the attractive Miss Pink. "To think I only came round to unblock your drain!"

Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Little Kitchen Sink Spanking.

Now see this photo? THIS is the kind of thing that makes YEOWCH go round. Your every day domestic situation becoming an erotic whizz bang wallop bit of roleplay fun. There's randy Dan about to go to work as his wife Millie does her stuff in the kitchen before she goes on her night out with the girls to the 50's retro Enchantment Under the Sea Dance wearing a flowery frilly dress and sexy black stockings and suspenders. Dan, of course, can't resist temptation to have a little slap and tickle while he can, so he bends her over the washing machine, lifts those skirts and gives her a smack on her pert pantied ass before giving her a peck on the cheek as he heads out telling her that he'll finish what he started later when he get's home. THIS is what its all about imho. Can't think of another fetish that comes close..


It's like something out of a 70's cop show. If McLoud was a spanker.

An action shot from the previous post.

Classic Spank Mags: CRACK!!

Another one of those old American spank mags that came and went in the blink of an eye.

Dealing with a Bad Girl like Cathy.

"Are you sure this is the only way to pay last month's rent, Mr Turner?" sniffed Cathy as she tugged her blouse over her head to leave her standing before her landlord in nothing but her sensible bra and bright white knickers. "I mean, you know, I've never been spanked, like, ever!" she explained as she watched him roll up the sleeve of his black polo necked jumper. The last thing she imagined he would get her to do was take a spanking on her bare ass. Maybe she could wheedle her way out of this. She gave him a pleading glance, "Wouldn't you rather have a blowjob?!"

Bob Turner just smiled and shook his head. "You have to pay your rent and there is only one way I want you to pay it. Now pull over that chair and we can begin..."

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Classic Spank Mags: Martinet vol 2 no 4

Another classic cover and some superb flipped up skirts!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Spanking Test.

In the school library, gobby Linda Smith was being dealt with by her new teacher.

"Very good, Miss Hornchurch (Eng Lit), You're getting the hang of this." nodded Mr Tait (Chemistry) "A little more upswing maybe." he offered. "In my experience, they don't like it up 'em!"

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Girl Spanking Fun with Tanya Fox.

Cor blimey, that woman sure knew how to wear black suspenders and stockings.

The wonderful Miss Fox and her amazing posterior.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Ruler.

Measuring up to sort out a real cutie.

Think this one is from Phoenix but not sure. Wish I had a bigger version.

Classic Spank Mags: Lolita Magazine special #10

Nice themed cover of big girls Victorian costume play.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New Blog: Victorian Erotica.

Started another blog. A big fan of erotica from or about that era when women wore tight corsets, pantalettes, thigh high woolly stockings and split bottomed bloomers. A time when sex was something whispered behind closed doors and done in the dark. When men ruled the house with a rod of iron and spanking became the English vice. A blog for my own Victorian themed erotic fiction and posts about other stuff that tickles my fancy from way back then.  Click here.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Point of Being a Spanker.

A perfect ass to be spanked. Just look at that concentration. Stay on target.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Classic Spank Mags: Teenage Spankers vol.1 no.1

Cool cover on this retro American spank mag.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Belting of Mrs Smith by Mr Smith.

It was Friday night and Mr and Mrs Smith were preparing for their weekly ritual of settling all recorded misdemeanors from the house punishment book.

Mr Smith looked down the list. "A very naughty week, dear wife. Backchat, willfulness, stubbornness and a whole lot of forgetfulness. How ever shall I deal with your bottom to compensate for all those displays of a brattish spouse?"

Mrs Smith stepped out of her skirts and pouted at her husband who had rolled up his sleeves and was looking at her with a mixture of admiration and determination for he knew she would try and wriggle and plead her way out of her weekly thrashing. "Not the cane, Sir!" she begged. "Last weeks dozen had me only able to stand for the whole weekend. Something a little less severe would be most appreciated!"

Her husband merely murmured and turned to the coat rack next to the door where a long leather saddle strap hung down menacingly. His favourite for he knew his wife could take a full swing across her broad backside and be able to stand still for the full score. The strap it was!

His wife watched wide eyed as he took the strap and wrapped one end around his fist. He indicated her attire. She gave a pout and bent over to remove her white bloomers before he made her bend over the kitchen table...

Spank Art: These Girls Just Want to Have FUN.

Le Pensionnat de Madame Clerva - 1933

Fucking awesome!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Picture Perfect.

Some images just do it. They just are. This is one of them.

Classic Spank Mags: Paddle Reunion.

Another golden oldie. American 1968ish.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

When God Created Bums...

This lady was first in line.

To Tell or Not To Tell That is the Question.

So you got a new girlfriend. You like her and she likes you.

"I want to know everything about you," she says, "You can tell me anything..."



Take a Look at These.

Somehow she knows he's a spanking man.

"Here, Mr Brown," suggested Honey to her Boss. "Have a feel of that."

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Meet Archie and Greta. Proud to be Kinky.

Er, hang on. Wait a minute. You're into spanking as well?

God knows what the fire extinguisher is for and what's plugged into the wall socket.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Classic Spank Mags: CP - Ed Lee's Art, Photos and News #55.

Here's a story for you; I ordered a couple of back issues of this American classic spanking magazine back in about 1999 and I was so flipping scared the wife would get to the mail first when I figured the parcel was due from the USA, I used to stand at the top of the stairs looking out of my landing window with a pair of binoculars so I could see the postman coming up the bottom of my street. Once spotted, I would run down the stairs like my arse was on fire, grab my coat, tell the missus I was going to the newsagent for the paper and then go and intercept the postie before he could deliver our morning mail. "Anything for number 13, mate?" I'd ask him. If there was I'd then use said bought newspaper to hide the parcel, sneak it into the house and go and hide it until the missus went out. Those were the days!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Classic Spank Mags: The Disciplinarian #9

One of those imported spank mags you hear about but could never find. Oooo, wonder what's inside!

Classic Spank Mags: Spanking Letters #22

A nice cover from one of those spanking magazines that always seemed to disappoint no matter how many damned issues of the thing you bought in the hope of finding something that hit your own personal sweet spot. 

The Moment of Truth.

When you bare your bottom as the stern Mr Fisher introduces you to his leather strap.