Thursday, 30 April 2015

Perils of a Spanker at a Nudist Colony.

Oh come on Roger, keep your end up and slap hers!

Bums #5

Ah, the down below up the bum point of view arty farty shot. Works for me!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spanking Scrapbook: Kiri Kelly in Action.

The lady herself showing how its done with Sharon Mitchell.

Spanking Scrapbook: The Awesome Kiri Kelly.

One of the fun aspects of doing a spank blog is being able to talk about some of your favourite people in the business you’ve come across in your spank mag buying years. This fantastic lady is one of them, Kiri Kelly. She of the amazing bottom and tolerance for having it spanked really REALLY hard. I first came across Kiri in an old second hand copy of Janus many years ago. There was a photo of her in an article about the American spank scene and from that day I was a devoted fan.
Kiri Kelly (sometimes spelled Keri) was one of the most popular and prolific fetish model/actresses of the 1980s and ’90s. From 1986 to around 1998 she appeared in hundreds of magazines and videos featuring bondage, spanking, tickling, and BDSM. She has worked with virtually every major video producer including Nu-West/Leda Productions, House of Milan (HOM Inc.), London Enterprises, Harmony Concepts, California Star, Shadow Lane, B&D Pleasures, Bizarre Video, and Evil Angel.
Along with Alexis Payne, Tanya Foxx, and Sharon Mitchell, Kiri is among the few recognizable stars to emerge from the early years of the fetish film industry. But unlike Foxx and Mitchell, she did not start out making pornographic videos. With a fresh-faced look that resembles a mix of Goldie Hawn and Laura Dern, the blonde actress specialized in playing sweet, innocent girl-next-door roles. Her appealing personality and high tolerance for pain proved to be an ideal combination for creating many memorable and hard-hitting videos.

She was discovered by “Spank Hard” magazine, who referred her to Nu-West videos. Kiri’s debut in spanking videos was in the Nu-West video Spanked Females 6 (NWV-106), released in about 1988 or maybe 1989. At that time she was going by the single name “Kyrie.” She once told that she chose that name in honor of the rock song of the same name by a group called Mr. Mister, in 1985.
By 1990, Kiri became a full-fledged video star, appearing in dozens of spanking videos for Nu-West. She then changed her scene name to “Kiri Kelly,” I suppose to avoid confusion with the word Kyrie, which after all is the beginning of a Christian prayer: “Kyrie eleison.” (“Lord, have mercy.” ) After doing films for Nu-West as “Kyrie”, she left, never to return, citing that she had been beaten with excessive force. She went on to make a series of videos with Jay Dee at California Star and B&D Pleasures. The burly, heavy-handed Dee gave her some particularly explosive spankings in Sore Subject, Hitchhiker Spanked 2 & 3, and Spanking, Spanking, and more.
Wild Thing, directed by Dee, won the 1989 AVN Award for Best Specialty Video. Kiri played a Tarzan-like wild-girl living alone in the jungle. It was filmed entirely at outdoor locations. At Shadow Lane videos, Kiri was made her debut with Older Men With Younger Wives. Kiri became friends with popular dominatrix actress Alexis Payne, and the two have made many films together. Kiri has endured some of Payne’s hardest hairbrush and paddle sessions in Naughty Neighbor, Our Sorority, and Hard Discipline (also directed by Kiri). After completing those films in 1993 she announced her retirement. A few years later Kiri started to appear again in some occasional film role (only with her narration voice). 
Thanks to nonsuccederpi for the info.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Woooooo 4 MILLION views!

Actually, it's probably a lot more as I kinda fucked the counter up a couple of times screwing around with the code in the Blogger back end when I was drunk or something. Anyway, 4 MILLION is the landmark just passed so we're good to go for more bum smacking fun so long as Google play nice. Thanks for visiting and being part of our little community!

Spanking Scrapbook: The Delicious Mel Penny.

Ah, the truly scrumptious Mel Penny and her amazing boobs and bum. Back in the 80's, she appeared in a number of classic UK spank mags including Janus and Blushes. She also appeared in a number of hardcore mags that were only available on the continent and rather awesome they were too! Really nice photo of one of my favourite spanked ladies.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Spanking Scrapbook: The Martinet Bookshop London.

A real trip down memory lane. I think I spent a weeks wages in my first visit to that place.

Hand Meet Bottom

Randy Andy and Saucy Sue enjoying some bum slapping hanky spanky!

Friday, 24 April 2015

A Spanking Any Time Any Where.

"A quick six, George." gasped Harriet. "My bum is just tingling for it!"

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Caning His Long Legged Lover from Liverpool.

He's the Boss. She's his hot secretary. Kinky cosplay games are afoot in the Jameson household tonight!

How awesome is that art!? Not sure who (Stanton?) by or where from (Janus?)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

When Tanya met Ed.

Now THIS is what I think spanking should be all about. Your typical suburban soccer mom in trouble with the old man who keeps his hot sexy wife in check by smacking her arse - not only by way of discipline but as an intimate part of their sex lives. Women in long summer dresses pulled up to reveal a pair of tight panties covering a bulging bum and stocking clad legs. Awesome! Tanya Fox and Ed Lee show how it should be done.

And I Spanked Her All Night Long!

GREAT photo of blonde cutie Trixie in action from much missed KANE. I fucking loved this issue.

image copyright kane

Spanking Scrapbook: 303 Spanking Photos.

One of the rare USA spank mags that I managed to find in a particular back street Video store.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Spontaneous Spankings.

The shit that can happen when trying on a new pair of pants!

Maybe the cute shop assistant brought him a 40 instead of a 38.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Spanking Scrapbook: KANE #40

Classic cover with the awesome Liz Leather.

Spanking Scrapbook: the Phoenix Bookshelf.

Old UK spank mag buyers/collectors will well remember this advert for the Phoenix Bookshelf with various books about the subject. "The spanking adventures of Johnny Muldoon" was a personal favourite. Damn, nearly 30 years ago!

The Spankers Next Door.

Sometimes a little imagination is not a good thing. 

Spanking Scrapbook: Spanking Experience #2

A series about spanking ephemera and memorabilia.

Many - many - moons ago, I remember visiting the old Janus bookshop in London and being like a kid in a sweet shop and spending a good long time just gawping at all the spanking stuff on display. I spent serious coin that day and came away with a big brown bag full of various magazines and paperbacks. One of the things I bought was this. Sadly, all the things from back then are long gone but the memories still linger..

Bums #4


The wonderful rear bumper of 70's porn star Dawn Knudsen.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Spanking Glam Rock 70's.

All reveals are exciting. None more so than pulling down her panties for her first spanking!

A really good photo from Swish and love the FAB 70's vibe.