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Monday, 11 December 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Blind Girl in the Rain - part 4

Someone once said:

"It is not the moment itself that matters. What matters is you understand the reason why that moment matters in the first place.."

The silver 747 hung silently in the early morning Winter sky before turning slowly in a graceful arc as it connected to its ILS and headed towards a snowbound JFK as I made my way along the Coney Island Boardwalk towards Atlantic Avenue and home.

The long walk had done me good. Cleared the head. Concentrated the mind. Put a few things into perspective. I stopped and turned to look out to sea as the cold North wind blew gusts of fallen snow all around me. It was Saturday. The day after the night before when life had been simpler and I knew my place in the grand scheme of things.

I raised my hand and shielded my gaze from the low sun as the events of the previous evening continued to overshadow everything. Those simpler days of meaningless sex and worthless relationships were over.


Monday, 27 November 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Blind Girl in the Rain - part 3.

Part 3.

The room quietly echoed to the sounds of city life as I lay there staring up into the fading dark as the world turned and night slipped into the beginnings of the new day.

Sleep had been fitful. The constant turning of my mind as random thoughts flared, flickered and faded keeping me awake until the early hours. Night visions dancing in the darkness always bringing me back to the way she looked at me and the dawning realization that nothing would be the same again.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment. I closed my eyes and hung my head as my body began to wake from its slumbers as I stretched and ran both hands through my thick dark hair. I got to my feet and walked naked to the window of my fifth-floor apartment and watched as the first signs of a red dawn began to appear from behind the concrete horizon.

Another day. Another Monday. I stared out into the far distance as the world began to paint herself with cloud strokes of deep copper and burnt umber. But it wasn't another day. Or another Monday.

A blind girl called Heather McCallister had made everything different.


Saturday, 18 November 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Blind Girl in the Rain parts 1/2.

"Hey, stud," said the girl to my left, "How about sharing some of that big old cock of yours with this empty pussy of mine?"

I looked across to her at the end of another deep thrust between the sweet thighs of the mewling fuck beneath me as I pounded her well-stretched snatch into the mattress. Instinctively, the younger woman clasped me tighter to her as her long black stockinged legs wrapped themselves around my splayed thighs and pounding buttocks. I was on auto-pilot. Doing the same old same on another Friday night with two hot bitches from the typing pool eager to discover if the rumors were true.

I stopped for a moment buried deep in hot wet clasping female sex as I frowned in the low light bathing the room in a pale yellowish glow. Who was I fucking and who was asking to be fucked? I gave my head a shake. Their names. What were their names again? Christ, dude, are you that far gone?

The girl wanting to be fucked slipped closer and wrapped an arm around my shoulders as she pressed her lips against the side of my face and licked my left ear.

"Save some for me, lover," she breathed as she ran her right hand through my thick brown hair, "You've already sent Suzie around the moon twice."

Ah. Suzie. Eager little sexpot Suzie. And she was Diane. Diane of the huge balloons, insatiable asshole, and awkward hemorrhoid. Now we were on the same page. A page that had begun with a few suggested drinks after work and a means to an end to cross numbers 18 and 19 off my fuck bucket list. Twenty-two in the pool so only another three to go. Those three were the hardcore. Those women who knew the type of man I was and who knew how to play my game. The absolutely un-fuckables as Jimmy had called them. Still, this had been a good run. Nearly six solid months of sweet talking all 19 out of their panties each Friday night to satisfy the vanity within me. As the saying goes: have big cock will fuck any time in any place in any hole.

Suzie gave a hiss of disappointment as I suddenly exited her sopping slot and rolled over and onto the black haired temptress that was Diane and her impressive melons. She gasped a wide-eyed, "Oh, you big son of a bitch," as I fed her my pride and joy as we set off Apollo-like on a round trip around the cosmos. The fuck was as familiar as a comfortable sweater and just as hot as I fell into the cut and thrust of maintaining my reputation as an expert cocksman and smiled as the glazed eyes of number 18 rolled back into her head as she cried out her first orgasm of several before I made them both kneel at my feet and let them both taste the fruits of our labors.

It was just a damned shame that neither of them meant anything.

Anything at all.


Thursday, 28 September 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Spanking Agency part 3.

3: Sister Catherine and the Cane.

"By Jove," thought Reginald Biggs to himself, "Mrs. Pew doesn't half have a backside on her and no mistake." He put on his best smile as the lady in question came up to him with her world-weary husband in tow. The poor sod. Fancy having to service an old battleaxe like that week in and week out. No wonder he looked like he'd seen better days. He was fifty going on seventy.

Reginald pressed his Bible to his chest and took her hand in his. "And how are you this fine day, Mrs. Pew?" he asked pleasantly.

Hilda Pew, the fourth daughter of six with thirty years of marriage behind her, tutted and raised her eyes to the heavens. "Oh, you know, Vicar," she sighed, taking a deep breath which made her battleship bosoms heave enticingly beneath her brown tweed overcoat, "Same old same. Aches and pains. Time of the year and all that," she grumbled as she frowned at her old man and brushed dandruff off his left shoulder, "Loved your service. Let those with sin in their heart and lust in their loins find redemption through the word of the good book is what I say. Isn't that right, Sidney?"

Her husband gave a sigh of long-suffering resignation. "Whatever you say, dearest." he replied as he reached up to adjust his flat cap, "Whatever you say."

Reginald just smiled with sympathy and tried to keep a straight face. You'd never believe these two had produced six spawn between them.There is nothing so strange as some people. That was the God honest gospel truth.

The Vicar watched as Mrs. Pew grabbed her husband by the arm and quickly marched him down the aisle as the rest of his congregation made their way home on this chilly early December Sunday morning. His gaze deliberately dropped to the rather large posterior of his well-upholstered parishoner and he felt the familiar forbidden tingle of admiration and lust in his loins. What he wouldn't give to be able to thrash seven bells of St. John out of that succulent rump with the bendiest cane he could lay his hands on. He'd have her running around her sitting room clutching her fleshy arse like it was on fire. Then he'd grab her, bend her over the back of the sofa and rip off her knickers as he dropped his trousers so he could grab all seven and three-quarters of his honorable member and shove it right up her hairy pus...

He glanced up at the cross beside him. "Sorry," he muttered as he went and collected all the hymn and prayer books left on the wooden benches.


Friday, 8 September 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Spanking Agency part 2.

2: Anal Annie and Her Amazing Anus.

"THE LUBE, MR BAXTER," yelped Annie in alarm, "USE MORE LUBE!!"

The young woman grabbed the white pillow at each end, scrunched it up, and buried her grimacing face into it as she felt the man wriggling around above and behind her searching for the plastic bottle of green goo.

Good grief. This is ridiculous.  That thing was never going to fit inside her bum no matter how hard they both tried to force it in. Her client's equipment certainly gave "taking a fat cock up the old poopsie" a whole new meaning. Annie winced as she felt his stubby erection flop out from her widely stretched outer ring with an audible "POP" that made her gasp and giggle in equal measure. He had managed to penetrate her only an inch at most as her rubbery sphincter held firm.

 She twisted her head and looked over her shoulder as the rather rotund gentleman staggered around the motel room looking like a drunken marshmallow.

"Mr. Baxter," she sighed, "It's over THERE." 

She pointed to the wash basin hanging lopsided from the far wall under a stained mirror that could probably tell a tale or two. The room was as basic as they came with very little in the way of creature comforts. No wonder it was cheap.

Turning over on the bed, she gave a surprised squeak as she eased her sore backside back down onto the mattress. God. Her poor bottom throbbed painfully in more ways than one. First, because of her well strapped and spanked cheeks and, second, because of their frustrating attempts to bugger her bumhole.

Mr. Baxter returned looking slightly frazzled as he stood next to the bed giving the bottle of lube another shake. The man was in his early fifties and had obviously "made merry with the pies and sherry" over the years. He was wheezing like an old steam train as he stood there in his black socks and nothing else. "Sorry," he muttered as he ran his hand through his thinning gray hair, "Are you alright?" he asked concerned. 

He grabbed his stiff pecker and gave it a shake, "This thing has always been a pain in the arse. No pun intended. My late wife used to slap me silly whenever I tried it on with her. "God gave me one hole and one hole only for that sort of thing!" she always used to tell me. You should have seen her face on our wedding night when I dropped my underpants and showed it to her for the first time. I'm still surprised she didn't run to her mothers screaming blue bloody murder," he sighed, looking crestfallen at the memory.

Annie smiled and tried not to laugh. She felt kind of sorry for him as he was a decent bloke by all accounts. She scooted to the bottom of the bed and took his six-inch penis from him. "Listen, Stanley," she said, looking up at him as he stood before her twiddling his thumbs, "I don't mind getting shagged up my arsehole, okay?" 

She waggled his member back and forth with her fingers nowhere near encompassing his comical girth, "But this thing. This thing is as fat as it is long. It's like trying to push a can of Tizer up my bum. I think I can take it but you just need to be careful and take your time. And use MORE LUBE for Christ sake!!"


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Spanking Agency part 1.

From the Author "This is a complete rewrite of a story I wrote over 20 years ago when I first tried my hand at writing erotic spanking fiction. It was originally posted on the soc.sexuality.spanking and ABPES newsgroups as well as on my first blog called Spankorama. When that site got deleted, it had reached about 4 million hits and this story, along with one called Coal Miners Wife, had over a million page reads over the years. Some of you may remember those days. A couple of weeks ago, I went back into my archive and checked them out and it was pretty obvious how basic and poor my writing was back then. The original idea still works IMHO and this is my attempt at making this series of spanking stories so much better. Hope you enjoy them."


1: Bottoms for Hire.

Thirty-two Winchester Road sat just off the main bypass heading into the West End of London where small businesses and retailers of all shapes and sizes went about their trade. Today was the 20th of November and a steady drizzle fell from leaden skies as the huddled masses of the grand old city went about their daily routines.

Inside number thirty-two, the man and his new client walked into and looked around the empty first-floor room. The woman turned to the Estate Agent who was fiddling nervously with his clipboard making sure he had all the correct documents to hand.

 "All right," she said after a moments pause, " I'll take it." 

The bespectacled man smiled with relief and held out a pen. "Sign here please," he asked her, pointing to where she needed to write her signature to secure the lease.

Once signed, they both turned to leave. When she got to the door, she stopped and turned to look back into the room which was to become her own personal office. A quiet sense of satisfaction flooded through her. She had finally done it. She was on her way.

Molly Malone's Spanking Agency was in business.


Monday, 28 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 6 (End)

6: Pussy galore.

For some reason, the final session of the week with all four of us together was to take place at my bungalow; which wasn't the original plan at all. But, well, things, you know, kind of just ended up happening this way. The distractions of the day had passed and the evening belonged to just our little gang of insatiable sexpots.

We had arranged to meet up at six as I had work to finish up and other routine chores to sort out before we got down to the fun stuff.

Angie arrived first with a bottle of her best bubbly. Ruth was second with a freshly baked apple and cherry pie. Finally, there was Sharon, who smuggled in her bad girl's box of naughty sex toys. We were, as Barney Rubble would say, ready to rock and roll.


Saturday, 19 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 5.

5: Angie and Ben.

Angie lay on her bed watching as I got dressed. It had gone ten and I was getting ready to head home and get some much-needed rest.

"What?" I smiled as I looked at her lying there with her chin resting in her hands.

"Oh, nothing," she replied happily, "It's not every day I can say I watched a man putting his clothes back on in my bedroom. Least not for a few years anyway."

I shrugged, feeling slightly self-conscious under her gaze. We had spent the past five hours together doing things to each other that came naturally with no inhibitions or hesitation. All because of our basic desire to have sex and explore the limits of our own personal fantasies. Having sex with Angie was more than just about us fucking. It had been about coming to terms with who we were and recognizing the reasons why we were that way.

Angie wanted more than just sex. She wanted to be challenged and stimulated which would then feed into her sexual nature and push her emotional reactions to new levels of desire. She wanted to know why certain things turned her on and other things didn't. Plain and simple. She was way more complex and thoughtful about these kinds of things than the other two women in our little group.

The sex that resulted from this was absolutely mind blowing.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 4.

Tuesday. The day after the day before.

Autumn had settled in. Nature was preparing for hibernation and the landscape was cast in strewn shades of burnished copper. The air was crisp this morning as I walked along a gravel path that wound its way through the nearby woods. I stood for a moment and breathed deeply of its freshness as I thought back on the previous forty-eight hours that had changed my life beyond measure.

It felt like I had shed a second skin and had emerged into a whole new world. A world that was dominated by the three women who were now part of my life. Angie, Sharon, and Ruth had become much more than friends and neighbors to me now. That they had welcomed and trusted me into their circle was something I would never be able to thank them enough for.

To think I had recently been worried about finding someone special to be with. A girlfriend my own age who shared common interests. Someone to experience life with and all the hopes and dreams that came with it. I smiled at that. I was living those hopes and dreams right now. For the moment, everything was perfect.

Overhead, the forest canopy gently swayed in the breeze as I made my way to where I was going.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 3.

Part 3. Ruth and Ben.

The four of us sat around Sharon's kitchen table working out our new routine for the coming week. A couple of days had passed since the first session and yesterday had me flat out on my sofa recovering from our little adventure.

Angie, as usual, was in charge and taking notes.

"Alright," she said, calling us to order, "Here's what I'm thinking. Six days. Monday till Saturday. That means a potential two appointments per week for the three of us to have sex with Ben on our own. That's allowing for things like work, family visits, or whatever else that may pop up and we have to cancel. We can draw lots to see who gets to go first and you can make your own arrangements regarding what time you meet up. And remember, these sessions are to be in our own homes. Ben will come to us. We should be fine, but Ben doesn't want anyone to visit him out of the blue and catch us all at it."

I nodded ruefully. "Yeah, like my mom."

My mom was a bit of a stickler and always played by the rules. God knows what would happen if she ever found out I had a little harem on the go.

Angie continued on with her thoughts. "Well, we'll make sure she never finds out so that isn't an issue. So we draw lots right now for the first three days and then just continue on into the foreseeable future. Say Sharon gets Monday, I get Tuesday, and Ruth gets Wednesday. Sharon would then do Thursday and yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea."

"What happens if we want to mix it up?" asked Ruth as she sat peeling an orange, "What if I fancied doing it with you and Ben. At the same time. How would that work?"

Angie sat back in her chair. "That's easy. Just call and arrange something between us instead. These aren't hard and fast rules. Nothings changed as far as the three of us are concerned. We can just get it on during the day like we've always done. We can have our own fun when Ben is busy with work or his family. As for our group sessions, I think we also need to consider how much it would take out of him servicing all three of us on the go. We're talking regular daily sex here."

I raised my hand. "That shouldn't be a problem. Me and the one eyed monster are ready for anything."

They all laughed and Angie slapped me on the shoulder. "Shush, you," she smiled, "The mind may be willing but it's the body that has to do the work. You and that big cock of yours would be no good to us if you put your back out or pulled something. You're going to need time to recover sensibly, Ben. I suggest we keep those sessions to once a fortnight or so. And to take place on a Friday. Saturday has too many distractions family wise for all of us. That would also make them a bit special when we do have one and it gives us all something to look forward to. I also think we need to spice them up a bit."

Spice them up?

"How so?" I asked. That little kid in the sweet shop felt like he'd just opened the biggest jar of wine gums ever listening to all this.

"Well," said Angie, licking her lips and fiddling with her pen, "I was thinking doing things like roleplaying or theme evenings where we only do one thing and one thing only. Like, um, anal," Angie looked at me and blushed as she shifted nervously in her seat. Ruth and Sharon looked a bit sheepish when I glanced at them as they both avoided my eyes, "We haven't let you do it up our bottoms yet, Ben. So that's a thing we can do. And maybe some spanking. Spanking is fun. We quite like getting our bottoms smacked before having sex."

It was still so strange listening to someone older than your mother talking like that. And as for her suggestions; anal? spanking? I mean, doing it up the ass was always there in the back of my mind. What man doesn't want to do that? I know I was all for it. As for the spanking, I'd never really thought about it to be honest. But if it was something that turned them on - count me in.

Sharon put a clean mug on the table in front of us. "Write our names on a slip of paper and put them in there, Angie. We should use this coming week to do a dry run and see how it goes. If we wear him out, we can make some other timetable or whatever. We can use these arrangements to get to know each other a bit more," She glanced at me with an impish look on her face. That was the one thing that was most definitely going to happen.

Angie ripped a page out of her pad, tore it into three strips and wrote down the three names. Once folded, she dropped them into the mug and give it a quick shake. "Seeing as you're the newest member of our group," she said to me, "You pick who you're going to be fucking first," 

They all looked on in eager anticipation as I picked out one of the folded pieces of paper and pressed it against my chest.

I played the game like a pro. Like I was hiding a Royal flush. I sat back theatrically and peeked at the name on the paper."Ohhhh!" I gasped as the three of them tried to grab it out of my hands, "Hey, stop that. That's cheating!" I warned them teasingly.

They all sat laughing enjoying the fun sense of expectation in the air. Which lucky lady gets to sleep with me first?

I slowly turned to Ruth who blushed cherry pink when she realized it was her.

"Hey, you," I winked, "See you Monday at six for sex."

The look on her face was priceless.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 2.

Part 2:

With age comes grace dressed as wit and worn with experience.

The imagination is a wonderful thing. She is a blank canvas upon which you can paint the day dreams that float through your mind. Sexual imagination is the emotion that speaks to each of us in her own intimate way in visions of light and dark. The fantasy we all seek to make real.

 I sat naked on the edge of Angie's big bed and watched as the three women began to undress in front of me.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 1.

Death is not only the mother of beauty as the poem goes but also the mother of opportunity...

So it was with the passing of a favorite Aunt who left this mortal realm one damp Autumn morning in October. The mourning days passed as my mother grieved for a beloved sister as her life became fond memories told as stories to those of us left behind. Time waits for no one. Life moves on. And with the reading of my Aunt's will, my life changed in ways I could never have imagined even in my wildest dreams.

Here is that story.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

EROTIC STORY: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX part 5.

5: The End of Days.

That most wonderful of weekends faded into a memory as Monday morning ticked around to signal the beginning of another College week. As usual, I was up and about getting ready and sorting out all the things I needed for the day ahead. Well, sort of. What I mean is, um, not exactly.

I was sat on the end of my bed sending Sally a text when my mother appeared in the doorway. She waited until I was done then came into the bedroom to sit on the corner of my dresser. I clicked off the phone and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans.

"Thought we could talk," she sighed with a small smile, "Seeing as we've both been really busy these past few days and with your dad being home all weekend and everything."

I nodded as I tugged my black boots on. "Sure, mom," I had been waiting for this to happen, "Anything wrong?"

She shook her head. "No, no," she reassured me, "I was just, you know, wondering how the other day went. The day after we talked and you told me about the thing. Are you alright?"

I reached across and took both her hands in mine. She could be such a worry wart at times. "Everything is absolutely fine, mom. You were right. We had a really good talk. Sorted some things out between us, and now we're where we need to be. I couldn't be happier."

Mom smiled, looking relieved and gave my hands a firm squeeze. "That's good. I'm glad you got what you wanted. Even if it was a little unusual," she laughed, "So when do I get a proper introduction?"

Oh, now there's a question. "Soon mom, soon," I promised.

There was a sudden knock on the door. "Oh, that will be Betty. I said I would give her a lift into town and go shopping with her," She got to her feet and pointed at me, "You need to get a move on. Do you want a lift?"

I shook my head. "No, mom. The bus is fine. You go have a fun day."

She ran out of the room giving me a quick wave. "See you later, sweetie. Say hi to your boyfriend for me."

And with that, she was gone as she grabbed her things and slammed the front door behind her.

A minute later my mobile beeped and I took it out and looked at the message on the screen. It was a reply from Sally. I smiled and jumped up to get ready for our little adventure. It looked like there would be no Shakespeare for us this day.


Saturday, 22 July 2017

EROTIC STORY: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX part 4.

4: Her port in any storm.

The tide had turned, with the sea lapping at our bare feet as we walked hand in hand along the shoreline towards the stone jetty, where children played and boats were moored.

Rick stopped and raised his hand to shield his eyes from the bright sun as he looked across the horizon to where the white swell of crashing waves burst upon the rocks off Church Point. "One day," he promised, "I'm going to live in a place like this. Away from everything."

"You are such the romantic," I smiled as I snuggled in close to him, still clasping his hand in mine. And he was. And that was what I loved most about him. It was always about the small things. The things he did without thinking that made you smile.

"What about you?" he asked.

I twiddled my toes, enjoying the feel of wet sand beneath them, "Hmmm, what about me what?"

"What's your 'one day when'?"

To be with you, silly. I go where you go. Isn't that obvious?

"It doesn't matter where I am, what I'm doing, so long as I'm happy," I replied. Life would take me wherever she meant for me to go. He just looked at me and smiled. I was happy now, so, maybe, I had already arrived.

There were groups of people, mostly families with children, spread out along the beach as we just wandered on our way. As we passed them by, some of them began to notice me and look in my direction, pretending not to stare. Men and boys of all ages and I had to bite my lip as so many of them automatically sucked in their guts and stuck out their chests when they saw me glance their way.

"Thank God, you're not wearing a bikini," Rick whispered in my ear, "There'd be a riot."

I gave him a stern look and we both laughed as we walked on.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

EROTIC STORY: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: Part 3

3: Dominus Domina.

The half moon sat artfully in the night sky casting its pale light into my room as I lay on my bed staring up at the shadows it cast.

Both my hands were gently stroking either side of my sex as the events of the day fed my imagination and played out over and over in my head as I closed my eyes breathing deeply of the sensations flowing through me. 

A stray finger rubbed my still deliciously sore pussy that I had flushed clean when I got home earlier and my thoughts turned back to him.

After we left the motel, he drove me home and pulled up a few yards from my house.

We didn't talk much. Both of us dealing with our emotions in our own way and still coming to terms with the beginnings of our relationship. I undid the seat belt and reached for the door. 

"Jen, I uh," he started to say but I quickly put a finger to his lips.

I squeezed his hand. "Shhhhhh, I'm fine. That was wonderful. Everything was perfect. Go to work. I'll see you tomorrow."

He nodded as I got out and I stood to watch as he drove away.


Friday, 14 July 2017

Erotic Story: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: Part 2.

2: The passion flower.

The bus pulled into the college stop and I gathered my things together to get off and head in for the first lesson of the week. It was Monday and the first hint of Autumn was in the air.

Despite the bustle of students around me going about their daily routine, I was in a world of my own. Everything seemed different somehow. Everything was different. As if I had stepped through a door into a much larger existence. I stopped, closed my eyes and breathed deeply of the September air.

I opened them to find Sally standing at the college gates waiting for me. She just gave me a look as I came and stood before her. I pursed my lips trying not to grin like a loon. Her smile widened into a pearly white grin as she gave me a huge hug and slipped her arm through mine as we walked together into the building.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Erotic Story: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: part 1.

1: The heart wants what the heart desires.

His was the first proper penis I ever saw. We stood facing each other at the bottom of the bed as I watched him slowly remove the last item of his clothing and nervously stand before me as he clasped his hands self consciously in front of his unfurling manhood. He stared at the floor for what seemed an age then, breathing deeply, he slowly let his hands fall away to reveal his sex to me. My heart was racing and the flushing waves of desire and lust washed over me as I stared at him naked for the first time as he began to unfurl and grow.

The size and weight of his organ swelled and dropped down with the covered crown emerging into a shaft of sunlight like an awakening snake. We were both staring as this thing became everything between us. I lifted my gaze to his face and our eyes met. He smiled shyly, almost apologetically, and raised his hand for me to take. I felt the blood thundering through my veins as I slipped my hand in his and let him lead me to my Grandmothers bed.