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EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 2.

Part 2:

With age comes grace dressed as wit and worn with experience.

The imagination is a wonderful thing. She is a blank canvas upon which you can paint the day dreams that float through your mind. Sexual imagination is the emotion that speaks to each of us in her own intimate way in visions of light and dark. The fantasy we all seek to make real.

 I sat naked on the edge of Angie's big bed and watched as the three women began to undress in front of me.

My heart began to beat faster and faster as each item of clothing was removed and more of them was exposed to the light. It was such a private moment between them as they helped each other undo buttons and pull down zips, that I felt as if I had been granted the most special favor ever. Finally, they had removed their outer clothing and they stopped to look at me as they stood there in their lingerie.

What was there to say? They looked absolutely radiant as they hugged each other whispering sweet nothings as they watched my reaction. I was pretty much enthralled at the sight in front of me. I  was slowly recovering from my orgasm and my erection was already beginning to stir again from its last adventure.

All three were dressed in some variation and color of brassiere, stockings, and suspenders. Angie was in red, Ruth in pale yellow and Sharon in black as I let my eyes wander back and forth over them. I no longer needed to use my imagination to see what had been hidden and only guessed at before.

Angie was a scarlet angel. An angel with a huge pair of breasts held in place by a bra that looked to be feeling the strain. She had wide, firm hips and a pelvic valley that bore a faint birthing scar just above a pair of tight red panties that snuggled around the mound of her sex.

Ruth stood smiling at me as she reached up and let loose her long black hair until it fell around her like a blanket of night. Her bust was smaller than her friends, but still a full heavy handful with prominent nipples that poked through the material of her pale yellow bra. Her long legs were sexily sheathed in those sheer nylon stockings and the obvious lust in her gaze sent a chill down my spine.

Finally, there was Sharon. Her shoulder length blonde hair contrasting spectacularly with her black underwear. Her breasts were circular perfection as they hung wide on her freckled chest and she leaned forward to show me more when she saw me staring. Her attributes were perfectly in proportion. Every aspect of her was as it was originally designed. An hour glass woman built for sex. No wonder her ex-husband couldn't keep up and satisfy her.

She would be quite the challenge.

Then, as one, they reached up to undo their brassieres and I felt the ground slip away from under me as three pairs of firm suckable tits popped into view. All shaped erotically firm in their own way with only the hint of aged sag marking them.

"Like these?" asked Angie in her best breathlessly sexy voice as she reached under her huge melons and hefted them up for me to stare at. Wow. Those things looked amazing and her nipples stood out like door stoppers.

Sharon burst out laughing as Ruth leaned down suddenly and took one of those nipples in her mouth to give it a good suck. "Angie, stop showing those things off. We all know you've got the biggest tits going."

No. It's okay. She can show those things off all day as far as I was concerned. They were mouth wateringly stupendous as the other pairs were. I just sat there on the bed grinning like a loon as all three of them stood to rub and squeeze their boobs in front of me. Then they all turned around and bent over with their hands resting on their knees to show off their pantie clad bottoms to me.

Alright, here is where this whole adventure got real. If my eyeballs had stalks they'd be on them right now. Talk about feeling like the old cork was going to pop. My cock twitched and I quickly grabbed it at the base. I had to grip it really hard to gain control of my emotions and wait for the reflex spasm to pass and I let out a long groan of relief that had Angie, Ruth, and Sharon peeking at me over their shoulders.

"Are you alright?" asked Angie with a look of mischief on her face.

All three of them knew what was up and teased me further by wriggling their backsides in my face. Oh heck.  I gripped my stiff pecker harder until I could breathe a little easier.

I took a deep breath and blew out my cheeks, "Now that isn't fair, ladies," I scolded them, "You need to decide what we're going to do next or I'll go off again."

They had a little whispering session between them. Angie looked over her shoulder at me when they came to a decision, "We think you should pull our panties down," she asked in her best little girl voice.

Uh. Huh. Yeah. I can do that. That would be another one ticked off my personal sexy bucket list alright. Doing something like that was right in the top ten of things I'd always dreamed of doing given half the chance.

I shifted forward until I was half on and half off the bed. I did Angie first and it was an absolute pleasure to pull and tug her panties down over her apple shaped bum and watch as she stepped out of them to leave her hairy pussy free for me to drool over.

Ruth had a lovely ass. Not as full as Angie's, but impressively firm with a deep dark ass crack that promised hidden delights later on when I went exploring her secrets. She stepped out of her panties and resumed her position that left her sex open to me in an act of submissive temptation.

Last, but not least, was Sharon. I knelt behind her and just gawped at the magnificence of her spectacular ass as I removed her underwear as slowly as possible. Her butt cheeks were huge. A pair of marshmallow squeezable delights from where her bare sex protruded out like a ripe juicy fruit just eager to be tasted. Above the petal shaped pussy lips, the skin stretched tightly around her anus which twitched invitingly under my lust fueled gaze. I just stared at her puckered asshole wondering and dreaming naughty thoughts about what I'd like to do to it. Maybe, just maybe, they'd each let me go exploring that particular place.

But more important matters were at hand as I stood up in front of them. My cock was good to go and ready for some pussy plunging action. Primed for its first proper deep fuck. The three of them stood for a moment looking down at my droopy dong as it hung down from my bare crotch.

"Uh, ladies," I mumbled, "I think we need to get a move on. I'm not sure I can keep myself from coming again much longer. You need to decide who goes first and how we're going to do it."

"Maybe we should draw straws," suggested Sharon, who had her tits in her hands and was doing seriously lewd things with her nipples.

Ruth shook her head. "No, it's simple. This is Angie's house. Angie's bedroom. And we're going to fuck on Angie's bed. She goes first. Then you, Sharon. I'm okay waiting till last. If Ben is still up for it."

Angie came up to me and kissed me on the lips before she jumped on her bed and lay back against the pillow with her thighs spread wide open for me. Both her hands reached down to tease apart the lips of her sex and rub her buzzer.

The realization suddenly hit me that I was about to experience proper sex for the first time. Not a frustrated fumble like before. I had no doubt that all three women could take my oversized cock right up their snatches and accept whatever pounding I could give them. But I wanted more. I wanted to look at them. Look at them up real close.

I got on the bed and lay down so that my head was between Angie's sturdy thighs with her vagina in front of my face. She looked down at me between the valley of her breasts and smiled, "Go on then," she urged as she raised her hips so that I could smell her heat, "Lick my pussy, Ben."

Using my fingers, I opened her up and stared at the flushed outer layers of her sex. She was a greasy mound of oily lubrication and her prominent clit was engorged with passion. I leaned forward and licked those lips before letting my tongue reach her button and I smiled as I felt her jump and squeak as I diddled her sensitive nub. Taking advantage, I slipped one, then two fingers up her slot and listened as she let out a long groan of pleasure as I moved them in and out of her grasping pussy. I teased her clit with my tongue for a minute or two and was rewarded with her first small climax as she humped her hips off the bed and ground her crotch in my face.

"OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooh, ahh!" she exclaimed as I felt the bed sag either side of us when Sharon and Ruth joined her and I looked up to see them both rubbing her breasts and kissing her passionately. Absolutely the sexiest thing I had ever seen. No question.

Time to get a move on. I knelt up on the bed and pushed Angie's thighs back so that her sex rotated upward giving me easier access to her crotch. I had to mount her now. I was beginning to dangerously stew down below and my balls had started to ache for release. I was slightly unsure of how hard I should fuck her as I was much larger and heavier than she was. I guess there was only one way to find out.

I grabbed my cock and aimed it lower as I approached my first fuck of the night. "Angie," I gasped as the thudding in my ears was getting louder and louder, "Are, are you ready? I've got to..."

Ruth eased back from kissing her friend who looked up at me with eyes wide and swimming with sexual desire. Angie nodded breathlessly and encouraged me to stick my cock into her.

"Oh my, yes, Ben. Shove it in. Right the way in. All the way up. Don't worry about hurting me. I can take it. I want to feel it way up inside of me. I need for you to give my cunt a really good hard fucking!"

That was as clear as day.

"Fuck her silly," Sharon urged, "Fuck her right up her pussy."

Ruth and Sharon both pressed her thighs further back until they were nearly up to her shoulders. The woman was wide open with her sex just waiting for me to ram myself up her. I had always imagined this moment for as long as I could remember. Now it was real. Now it was happening. I wanted time to slow down so I could capture the moment in a bottle. I was so hard I had to force my prick to bend lower so I could push the bloated purple head of my monster into her opening and use the leverage to push it home.

Angie was surprisingly tight. She had her eyes squeezed shut as she grunted at my first tentative assault on her dripping hole. "Shove that cock into me!" she gasped as I finally managed to sink a couple of inches home.

I was breathing hard. My concentration was masked by sweat as I wound up my libido and thrust forward with my hips and jammed a good five to six inches straight up her vagina.

Angie shrieked out loud at my sudden invasion and gave this huge reflex shudder as I skewered her under me. I still had ways to go and I knew I had to quickly force myself all the way into her sex. I glanced at Ruth who silently nodded as she brushed the hair out of her friend's eyes.

I gave a good solid thrust and shoved my cock up her canal in one violent go as I felt myself bottom out with my groin slamming up against hers and my balls resting on the divide between her ass cheeks. Angie had taken everything I had to give and by the look on her face, she was as surprised as I was.

She climaxed quickly and suddenly with a loud yell of ecstasy that echoed around her bedroom. I felt her vibrating around all nine plus inches of me as I filled her slot. I settled down on top of her and hugged her to me with my face just above hers. Her mouth was open and she was drawing in great lung fulls of air as she was constantly being swept away with small trembling shivers that washed over her from head to toe. She frowned slightly as my face slowly came into focus. Then she smiled at me in such a loving way that made our friendship so much more important to me.

"Have you ever kissed an older woman?" she whispered.

"Other than my mom, my gran, and a couple of aunts, no, not really," I smiled back, "Is it all right if I kiss you, Angie?"

Our first kiss was long, slow, and tremendously satisfying. I'd kissed my ex-girlfriend before but this, THIS, was just on a whole new level. I felt like it was my first day in class and I still had another two lessons to go. Those lessons were either side of us with their hands gently stroking my back, thighs, and buttocks urging me on to fuck their long time companion.

The kiss ended and our lips reluctantly parted as we lay together looking at each other. We were both ready and she groaned seductively as I pulled myself out leaving only a third of my prick left inside her. Ready? I felt her steel herself under me. Waiting. Waiting for that big cock to slam home and fuck her. To fuck her into her own personal paradise.

I thrust forward and began to revel in my first proper sexual experience.


The large double bed was rocking.

My first orgasm had taken away the itchy trigger reflex and I was able to last much longer as my balls slapped against Angie's up turned ass as we continued to fuck like a pair of randy rabbits on heat.

The trick, I found, is to get into a consistent rhythm when fucking. The constant metronomic pounding of the hips as I drove my throbbing penis in and out of her now slack pussy. Minutes had ticked by and the only sound in the room was our gasps and the cries from my mature fuck partner as her body shook through another climax.  Her eyes rolled back again as she gripped me by the shoulders and shook her head furiously against her white pillow.

Ruth and Sharon watched silently. They were next and both were masturbating themselves in anticipation. I had no doubt, with a little feminine coaxing, I'd be ram rod hard again for each of them. I was determined to fuck them just as hard as I was fucking Angie. By the time we were finished, their cunts and my dick would be sore for a week.

The first tingle is always a surprise. A wake-up call that the old testicles are about to blow real soon. But come where? In her? Was that safe? I hadn't the foresight to ask them.  I was still thrusting away and whatever caution would soon be lost as my mind went.

Suddenly, I felt a hand take my chin and turn it towards her. It was Sharon and she laid her lips on mine in a tender kiss, "Fill her up, Ben," she whispered, "We're all good to go."

A moment later, my own climax exploded from within and my fucking became a desperate urge to expel my seed into her womb with an intensity that blew my mind. I jammed in hard three times. Pummeling her bright red sex as my spunk shot out from my balls to splatter and fill the depths of her pussy with copious amounts of baby making juice.

Angie screamed out loud and wrapped her thighs around me in a tight vice like grip and she didn't let me go until I'd emptied myself completely within her as I buried my face in her neck and groaned loud and long. My climax felt like it lasted an age. God knows how much spunk I fired up her. She must have felt every spurt somewhere inside her belly. I jerked spasmodically as I collapsed on her and lay there gasping in happiness.

My first proper fuck. Holy shit.


Uuuuuuuuuuuh. It felt like I was floating. I was just a thing connected to my penis from where everything started. My cock was the center of my world and the feelings radiating out from it as it still sat embedded deep inside Angie's sex were the most wonderful thing ever.

I turned my head slightly and looked at her. Her face was flushed red and she had this completely satisfied grin on her face as she began to stir.

"Hmmmmm," she sighed, "Heavy."

I pushed myself up and off her to lay by her left side still blowing hard at my efforts. For a first time, that had been totally awesome. I suddenly felt the mattress sag and opened my eyes to see Ruth slip between the still open thighs of her friend and look closely at her well-plundered pussy. Angie was running one hand through her hair and using the other to massage her right breast. Ruth glanced over and saw me looking at her. The lust in her eyes was plain to see as she turned her attention back to Angie.

Then she went looking for my spunk. Her tongue slipped between the lips of her sex and delved deep inside her. And then she began to suck my stuff out of her friend. Her mouth was pressed firmly around her slot as she slurped and swallowed the mixed essence of our union. I could hear her humming to herself and the look on her face told me she loved what she was doing. Angie just lay there purring contentedly.

Sharon knelt on the floor beside me. Her left hand rubbed my stomach before it slipped down to take my deflated cock and play with it gently.

"Hey, you," she smiled up at me as I raised my head to see what she was up to, "This lady wants to know if she can have some of this," She held up my penis and wobbled it at me, "Need to feel this big old thing real bad, honey."

Sure. Absolutely. I can get it up for you. Just put that magic mouth of yours to work with a nice slurpy blow job. That would do the trick real good. I didn't have to say anything at all as I lay my head back and sighed as I felt her lips on the head of my cock.


Sharon knelt astride me as she gripped my hard member in her right hand and eased herself over until my weapon was pointing directly at her slippery hole. I was pretty much rock hard and ready to go again.

At least, this time, I could lie back and enjoy the show.

Angie and Ruth were cuddling beside me. Kissing and licking each other as they shared the taste of my sperm between them. Ruth peeked up at me as she let an elastic strand of my spunk slip off her tongue and dribble down into her friend's open mouth.

Then I felt Sharon ease herself down and begin her descent over the mushroom head of my cock an inch or so at a time. I just stared up at her as she groaned softly as more of me disappeared inside her.

"Oh, this is heaven," she gasped as she rotated her hips to increase the pleasure for both of us, "You really do have such a big fat dick, Ben."

Temptation washed over me and I reached up with both hands and grabbed her outstanding tits that were quivering sexily as she rode my pole. She groaned as I mauled and manipulated them like I was kneading dough with my thumbs rasping back and forth over her blood filled cherry tops.

"Ah, oh yes, keep doing that," she told me as her hips gave a sudden jerk as a small climax rose inside her womb. She gave a yelp as I pushed up and buried the last few inches of me up into her pussy and bounced her up and down a few times to let her get used to my length and girth.

She reached up and ran her hands through her blonde hair. Wow. She looked positively wanton in her sexual desire. She was vigorously grinding her hips down on me and I could feel the muscles of her pussy massaging my cock as it slipped in and out of her depths. At each downstroke, I could feel my knob pushing against some sort of barrier and popping through into what felt like a scalding hot furnace. Each time that happened, Sharon grunted and shivered uncontrollably.

"Ride that big cock hard!" urged Angie as she turned on her side to watch us fucking, "That's one huge length of cock meat stuck up your cunt."

Sharon bounced up and down harder and faster as her passion drove her on, "Oh fuck, I can't. He's so far up my pussy I can feel him inside my belly!"

Ruth had come to kneel behind her friend. "Wait until he fills you full of his spunk all that way up inside you!"

Their language was beginning to trip me over. I wasn't going to last much longer at this rate. Sharon was humping my bones so hard the bed was bouncing around like a demented kangaroo with the springs squeaking like a hyperactive church mouse. But I loved it. I loved the way her flushed skin contrasted with her black stockings and suspenders. She was really going for it now. She was grunting and groaning as I let go of her breasts and grabbed on to her jerking hips. My balls were jiggling around in their sack just screaming to let go as the passion got the better of us.

Sharon gave a sudden shriek as her main orgasm hit and she dropped down with my huge cock disappearing into her completely. She froze and I could feel the heat inside her flare up and burn brightly as she bent back in an arc with her whole body shuddering under its impact.

I held on tight to her. Her head dropped back then jerked forward with her hair covering her face as she panted loudly. Her eyes were firmly shut and her teeth were bared into a grimace of joy.

It was then I felt a hand squeezing my testicles. It was Ruth and she was helping me to reach my own climax.

"Come on, sweetie," she urged, "Time to come. She's already there. You need to be there with her."

There was no holding back to that. The surge came a moment later and I gave a grunt as I felt my spend rush up my chute and ejaculate deep into her vagina. Oh geez. My asshole was squeezed so tight you could probably whistle Dixie through it.

Above me, Sharon gave another loud yelp as she felt my seed splash within her. Not so many squirts this time though. But enough to grease her locomotion and tick her engine over.The last spunk oozed out of me as I jammed hard against her and lifted her completely off the bed to suspend her in mid-air for a moment before we both collapsed against each other laughing like there was no tomorrow.

Sharon kissed me long and hard with unbridled passion, "Oh, my God. Where were you twenty years ago?" she sighed as she hugged me, "That was the best fuck I ever had."

Her long time companions came to us and we all had this little group hug.

Whew, that had really been something.

Then I saw her looking at me.

"Hey, you," smiled Ruth as she bit her lower lip, "My turn."

It felt like my whole body was just one great big giant cock. The whole of me was focused on the two women at my feet working together with their mouths, lips, and hands to get the old todger upright again. Round number four was taking a little time to get going.

Sharon looked up at me as I stood there wheezing like an old man.. My head was back with my eyes closed as I swayed slightly in her grip. She jerked her hand up and down my pole faster and faster trying to coax it back to life again. Sore was an understatement. The poor thing had spent the past few hours being talked at, pulled, stretched, yanked, fondled, jerked, kissed, licked, sucked, swallowed, and fucked silly and it was starting to feel the pace.

"Ben," she stated firmly, "You need to concentrate!"

"I AM!"

Angie was beside her sucking one of my nuts into her mouth while she played with the other. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh huh!" she said with her voice muffled by a mouthful of spunk dispenser.

What else was I supposed to do?

I grabbed my cock and waggled it in their faces. Time to take charge. "Stick out your tongues. Both of you." They did as they were told and knelt there with their mouths wide open. I reached down and pushed their heads together so they were practically kissing my penis, "Don't move!" I ordered them as they began laughing when they saw what I was up to.

"Hurry up then," lisped Angie, "Ruth is fit to burst!"

Ruth was kneeling on the bed with her awesome ass stuck firmly in the air. She was laughing just as hard and wiggled her butt in my general direction. Okay. Okay. Give me a minute for the love of Dick. I waved my still floppy member around and whacked Sharon on her forehead with it. Then I did the same to Angie who shrieked with laughter.

"Shush!" I warned them and smacked them both again for good measure. I rubbed the cockhead all over their faces and across their tongues several times. Back and forth as they licked it as quickly as they could. That felt much better. The visual silliness of it all turned the old furnace over and I could feel my cock filling out with new blood. Another couple of minutes passed and the old bugger was as stiff as it was going to get and the ache in my balls sure was something to remember. God knows what the churn rate was down there. Spunk Inc sure was working over time tonight!

Finally, I was good to go and climbed up onto the bed behind Ruth who had dropped her shoulders flat onto the mattress raising her ass even higher for me. She looked incredible. I think I would always prefer to fuck this way. There was something submissively feminine about it. A kind of "here's my sex, now get stuck in" mentality that heightened the reality of the moment. So very animalistic in its nature.

Ruth didn't say anything as she watched me prepare to mount and fuck her. I knew I would last an age before I came. She would probably get the longest fuck of all and that was awesome. She reached behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks as far apart as she could leaving her bare pussy and asshole completely exposed to my sex fueled gaze.

Did she want me to shove it up her ass?

She read my mind. "Up my pussy, please Ben."

Sure. No problem. Get ready. I grabbed the slick head of my cock and with my thumb pressing it forward, I screwed it up into her opening. She jerked slightly as her sex got used to the fatness of my cock as it slithered into her well-oiled pussy. A soft "Oh!" escaped her lips as she watched me crouch over her raised buttocks and begin to shove myself into her.

"Ahhhhhhhh," she sighed as I slid up her in one smooth stroke. I went in as far as I could go and settled down over her with my hands placed either side of her to support my weight. She was completely stuffed full of cock meat.

"Ready?" I whispered in her ear as her long black hair hung loosely around her face.

"Uh huh," she nodded as she clasped her hands together in front of her, "Fuck me long and hard, Ben. Make love to me with that beautiful big cock of yours!"

And I did. And it was the best fuck of all.


I awoke to shafts of early morning sunshine filtering in through the windows of Angie's bedroom. I sat up feeling groggy and winced at the ache between my legs. An ache that would need a good soak in the bath later. I blinked and yawned as I eased forward to sit on the end of the bed still naked as the day I was born.

I was alone.

Before I could wonder where Angie, Ruth, and Sharon were, the door suddenly opened and all three came in with what looked like breakfast.

"Hey, sleepy head," smiled Angie as she put the tray on her bedside table, "Time to get up and take a shower. It's gone nine and me and the girls are going to hit the shopping run," She pointed at the tray, "Coffee, cornflakes and some toast. How does that sound?"

"Sounds perfect," I smiled. I saw them all glancing down at my shriveled penis with knowing glances between them. Suddenly, Sharon stepped forward and dragged me to my feet and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Last night was absolutely amazing, Ben," she smiled as she gave me a smooch on the lips, "You were exactly what we were looking for. Isn't he, girls?"

"Uh huh."


Sharon let me go and Ruth stepped up to take her place. She kissed me lovingly for a long time and looked up at me with a smile, "I'll be sore for a week, you brute," she winked as she gave my pecker a quick fondle, "But I loved every second of that big cock of yours."

She stepped back and slipped on her coat. Angie came to me and pressed her fingers to her lips before placing them on mine.

"Last night was wonderful, Ben," she whispered, "You've made three lucky ladies very happy. When we get back we'll work out a routine."

I frowned happily at her. "Routine."

She joined her friends at the bedroom door. "For when we fuck again, silly. We need to decide who fucks who, when and where. Either on our own or as a twosome. Sessions like this we'll keep to once a week or so. We don't want to wear you out for the rest of the week."

Ruth and Sharon laughed. I just sort of stood there looking like a prize pickle as the "routine" began to sink in. They really were going to put me in the hospital. I'd really have to get in shape. Eat a bunch of grapes or something. Hang on, I'm sure I read somewhere that eating spinach and grapefruit is good for producing sperm. That I could work on. I reached up and scratched my head as the three mature women waved goodbye at me as they headed out on their little shopping expedition.

"Bye, have a nice time!" I called after them.

Suddenly, Angie popped her head around the door.

"Don't worry," she grinned, "We've agreed to let you have Sundays off."

Then she was gone and I could hear them all laughing as they got in her car.


End of part 2.
In part 3 - making fuck plans for Ben.

Authors Notes: Original Outline for Story.

Part 1 - Introductions and first sex scene - oral.
Part 2 - Continuing foursome sex scene - oral/sex.
Part 3 - Ruth and Ben sex scene - oral/sex.
Part 4 - Sharon and Ben sex scene - oral/anal.
part 5 - Angie and Ben sex scene - oral/sex/anal.
part 6 - Foursome sex scene - sex/oral/anal/cosplay spanking.

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