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EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 6 (End)

6: Pussy galore.

For some reason, the final session of the week with all four of us together was to take place at my bungalow; which wasn't the original plan at all. But, well, things, you know, kind of just ended up happening this way. The distractions of the day had passed and the evening belonged to just our little gang of insatiable sexpots.

We had arranged to meet up at six as I had work to finish up and other routine chores to sort out before we got down to the fun stuff.

Angie arrived first with a bottle of her best bubbly. Ruth was second with a freshly baked apple and cherry pie. Finally, there was Sharon, who smuggled in her bad girl's box of naughty sex toys. We were, as Barney Rubble would say, ready to rock and roll.


The days we had been together had bonded us into a tight little group and our sexual adventures had been as amazing as I had hoped for and could ever have imagined. I had pretty much crossed off all my "must try that!" boxes on my to do list and it was Angie, Ruth, and Sharon who would add that extra bit of spice to our sex games. One little extra treat this time was spanking some mature ass.

Sometimes being innocent and naive is a good thing. Not knowing what something will be like means it's more of a surprise when you discover exactly what it is like. Who knew that slapping a mature woman's bare bottom would be so much damned sexy silly fun?! Not me. But as Ruth hopped around my living room in her purple lingerie with both hands clasped around her bright red butt cheeks, the penny dropped big time. I looked up at Sharon who was wearing white stockings and suspenders and nothing else.

She glanced at me ruefully as she took her position over my knee as I sat naked on my sofa. "Don't get any funny ideas, alright?" she muttered as I bounced her up and down on my lap to get her ass in just the right position, "Ruth can take much more than I can. That woman has a cast iron bottom that can take anything. Isn't that right, Angie?"

Angie laughed. "Definitely," she agreed, "I thought I could take a good hiding but Ruth put's me and my fat ass to shame. Remember that time when we used those garden canes on her?"

Sharon reached up and brushed her blonde hair from her face. "Oh God, yes. That was ridiculous. We had her bent over the end of her bed and took turns in walloping her cheeks with them. She kept complaining we weren't doing it hard enough. By the time we had finished with her, her bum was this bruised mass of angry looking marks and welts."

I glanced at Ruth who made a face.

"Hey, what can I say?" she laughed, looking slightly embarrassed as my attention dropped to her inviting snatch, "I loved every second of that thing even though it took a week for my ass to clear up. I guess it's the submissive nature of it that turns me on."

"Hey," complained Sharon, wiggling her pristine posterior in my face, "I'm waiting, hon," she urged, "Warm this old matron up so she's good to go for the fucking later on!"

So I did. Spanking is weird. It's like playing whack-a-mole for adults. The running commentary had everyone in the room laughing as Sharon directed traffic. "No, no. Don't spank me there, silly. Over here. On the right cheek. OW! Up a bit. OOH! Do it a bit harder. YEOWCH! Not THAT HARD! EEK! Oh, wow. My ass feels so damned hot!"

And so on. Enough to make her jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Sharon joined Ruth as they both hugged and rubbed each other's well-spanked bottoms. Now it was Angie's turn and she was across my lap in the blink of an eye.

Once she had settled down, she turned to look at me over her shoulder.

"Have fun," she whispered as she raised herself for her first smack of the day.

The room echoed to the sound of my hand on her ass as she yelped and wriggled as I gave her a hard spanking that lasted a good long while. By the time we were finished, both Angie and I were panting hard for totally different reasons.

She got up and joined her well-spanked friends and they stood to examine and rub each others' smarting backsides to help ease the sting.

From nothing, spanking had become a thing.


"We've got a little treat for you, Ben," said Ruth as the other two women sat on my double bed. "Something you might like," she teased as she joined her friends who let her slip between them, "You just sit there and let us girls put on a show for you."

Sharon reached down and opened her naughty box of sex toys. "Here we go ladies," she grinned, "Choose your weapon of choice," she told them as she waved around her poodle pink vibrator.

That show was a writhing female on female sex orgy that had me wide-eyed and painfully hard in seconds. Plastic dicks were shoved into eager cunts. Rubber dildoes were thrust up tight, well-lubed assholes. Voluptuous bosoms were licked, kissed, mauled, and sucked with each tender pussy hotly fingered, fake fucked, and loved in equal measure. The bedroom was filled with the sound of women having orgasms as I sat there playing with my straining cock.

It was Sharon who suggested I join their little orgy.

She rolled to one side and urged her two lovers to do the same, until all three lay there on their backs with their thighs wide open invitingly.

"Hey you," she grinned as she held out her hand, "You've got three eager beavers here just waiting for someone to take care of them. Think you can handle all three of us at once?"

Was that a challenge? I'll show them. Three against one. Here's where I graduated top of the class in sex school. Finger crossed.

From left to right, it was Angie, Sharon, and Ruth. My plan of attack was to do Sharon first and use both hands to masturbate Angie and Ruth before switching them around. In no time, I was between the blonde's quivering thighs with my mouth pressed against her soaking pussy as I shoved my tongue up into her hot slot. Either side, I was three fingers deep in Angie and Ruth as I rubbed the pad of my thumb on their sensitive buttons as all three women writhed and moaned on the bed.

The sweet smell of their sex wafted around me and drove me to greater efforts to satisfy their wanton needs. Ruth came first, then Sharon, and, finally, Angie who shuddered and groaned loudly as her climax took her.

After a short rest, Ruth climbed over a sweaty recovering Sharon and squeezed in between her.

"My turn to get my cunt licked. Have at it, Benjamin." She spread her thighs wide apart and lifted her vulva eagerly for my lips.

Long moments passed as I pleasured them all again with Angie finally settling down into the middle of the trio for her turn. As I licked her out, I glanced up to see all three women hugging and kissing as they groped each other's tits. Angie orgasmed with a loud squeal as Ruth and Sharon sucked a succulent teat each.

Okay. Enough. I was breathing hard and my face was soaked with the sheen of leaked pussy juices. I was hard as iron and ached all over from the effort not to ejaculate over them. It was my turn, dammit!


The ladies were talking cock.

My cock. I lay back on the bed with three naked women huddled around my engorged member. Ruth lay across my stomach so that everything below my belly button was hidden from view. The conversation was rude, ribald, and very personal as I felt their hands all over my pole and ball sack.

"Maybe we should give it a name," said Ruth as she gave the knob a quick flick of her tongue. "Something to call it when we're in polite company, out shopping, or sitting in a cafe having a cup of coffee."

I felt Angie stretching out the skin of my scrotum making my testicles do somersaults in their confinement.

"You mean like Harry?" she pondered with a naughty look on her face.

Sharon burst out laughing. "Harry?" she exclaimed as she slowly wanked my pole, "More like Charlie. Charlie the Cock."

I don't think I could handle having a dick called Charlie.

"Percy," said Ruth, "Percy the Penis. That would work."

Angie and Sharon couldn't speak. Both of the women were rolling around giggling as they waved my nine inches plus pussy plunger around like it was a magic wand. It looked like my outsized appendage had just been christened. Awesome.

Ruth looked at me and raised her eyebrows. "Well?"

I gave a short laugh.

"You can call it anything you like so long as I can shove it wherever I want and have the spunk sucked out of it. I'm easy."

All three women began to lick and suck me at once and my head dropped back onto the pillow as I curled my toes in delight. I thought for one moment they were going to suck me off and drink my spunk. But no. They had other plans.

A little game called "Pass the cock."


I stood looking down at three bare backsides.

They were kneeling at the bottom of the double bed and I was about to fuck each of them in turn. All three were lubed up in either orifice and it was up to them to choose which hole for me to fuck.

"Angie?" I asked her as she was the one on the left and first to go.

She was blushing as she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Um, up my ass, Ben," she said sexily, "Shove Percy up my ass and fuck it hard."


Ruth looked in two minds. I knew anal wasn't really her thing but sometimes desire and lust overcome reason. But not this time. "My pussy, please," she asked. "I just want to feel that huge dick of yours shoved deep into my poor pussy."

Okey dokey.


Did I have to ask? Not really. Sharon looked me in the eye and licked her lips.

"You know where I want that big old thing, hon," she urged as she reached back and pulled her bum cheeks as wide apart as they would go. "Having experienced it once, anything else would feel like a letdown. I am so glad you're hung like a donkey and I just love getting that thing stuffed up my tight little asshole. When my turn comes, don't you dare go easy on me, okay?"

I gave her a slight nod. Got that.

One regular ass fuck. One deep pussy fuck. One no holds bars anal reaming to go.

And we'll all have a side order of fries to go with that.


Angie got her anal oats first. I got behind her raised ass as she held herself open with her brown anus running with lube and glistening in the low light of my bedroom. I presented my swollen cock head to her weeping hole and forced it in past the tight ring as Angie gave a long groan and a quick yelp as the knob disappeared from view.

"Holy Christ, Ben," she gasped and winced, "You are far too big for your own good, hon. Now, go on. AH! That's it. Keep pushing, love. OOoo, all the way. EEEK!!"

Ruth and Sharon watched wide-eyed with lust as I crouched over their friend and began to fuck her well-stuffed asshole in front of them. After an easy initial first push and pull, I  began to thrust firmer and harder within her back passage until my hips hammered against her wobbling butt cheeks. This had Angie shrieking in surprised ecstasy as I pummelled her anus as hard as I could. She orgasmed and twisted away to the side causing my long penis to slip out of her and wave around covered in lube.

Ruth immediately grabbed it and pulled it against the lips of her pussy as Angie lay gasping on the bed.

"I need this cock in me, Ben," she breathed with fire in her eyes, "Push the damn thing into my womb until I can't walk straight."

Ruth. It will be my absolute pleasure to fuck your cunt silly.

She took everything I had and came back for more. I fed her my cock and she collapsed onto the bed as I covered her backside and rammed myself in and out of her until she was coming long and hard. I could feel the barrier at the end of her passage and the way it gave way to my assault on her insides. Each push through had Ruth squealing in orgasmic delight. Her pussy felt insane. Hot, slick, and wonderful. I could fuck that thing all day.

Sharon had other ideas. She leaned over to hug me and whispered in my ear.

"Don't you dare fucking cum, sweetie," she ordered. "This old lady needs her ass reamed out real good. When you spunk, it's going to be up my pooper, you got that?"

Uh. Sure. Okay.

I glanced at Angie who nodded as she rubbed a post climaxing Ruth who grunted loudly as I pulled my cock out of her well-shafted hole.

I stepped back a pace and took a deep breath. Wow. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion and the colours in the room became more washed out as I blinked in surprise. What was this? It felt like I was floating. Then a hand grabbed my still throbbing cock bringing me back to my senses. It was Angie and she tugged me over to where Sharon waited with both hands holding herself open for me.

"Hey," she said, looking at me strangely. "You still with us?"

I nodded and crouched lower as she aimed my weapon at the waiting hole that was swimming in lubrication.

"Yeah, yeah," I gasped, trying to concentrate, "I think I just need to blow a load. I'm starting to fucking hallucinate."

Angie just smiled. "We understand. Just stick Percy up there and do what you have to do. Sharon wants you to fill her ass with your stuff."

As I pushed myself inside her anus, Sharon let out a long satisfied sigh and rested her head on folded arms as she felt me pushing further and further into the depths of her bowels. Every inch was an adventure. The further my cock explored, the more the special the ass fuck became. Sharon grunted as I went deeper.

Ruth had joined Angie at our side and she put her arm around my shoulder. "Fuck her butt, Ben. Shove that huge thing as far up her ass as you can, hon. Make her take it all."

Sharon did take it all and she loved every inch of her violation. I rested over her back with my face close to hers. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut as her body shivered to the waves of sensations washing over her.

"Hey you," I whispered in her right ear. "Your ass feels amazing. Do you want me to give it a good fucking, Sharon?"

She turned her head slightly to look at me. "Isn't this the stuff that dreams are made of?"

Yes. Yes, they were. I was living the dream and the ass fuck and ejaculation that followed was one that would live long in the memory.


I was spent. After five days of non-stop sex, I was done. They had worn me out and I intended to spend the weekend soaking in a cold bath recovering. I lost count the number of times I'd ejaculated during those five days. And here I stood with Ruth, Angie, and Sharon kneeling at my feet each lovingly kissing and caressing my raw penis.

They all knelt there whispering to each other in their own little world as I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations they gave me. That they loved my huge dick was obvious. It had brought us all so much pleasure and enjoyment in our times together.

Angie looked up at me and smiled as Ruth licked my cock head and Sharon kissed my shaft until it was clean of our combined juices from our last triple decker fuck. Shafts of dying sunlight flickered through the blinds casting shadows upon the bedroom wall. I never wanted this day to end. It meant everything to me and I wanted to capture it forever.

But even forever comes to an end sometimes.


"Ben?" said a voice.

I looked up to see my stepmother standing in the doorway.

The look on her face changed from a flushed crimson to a pale white as she stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the four of us standing or kneeling there.

Oh shit. Oh fuck.

Ruth, Angie, and Sharon got quickly to their feet as I stood frozen to the spot in embarrassment and shame. What was she doing here? Didn't I lock the damned door and pull the blinds?

"Mom, I... what are you...?" I managed to blurt out. How the hell was I going to explain all this to her? "How did you... ?"

Mom held up her right hand. She was holding the spare key.

I turned to Ruth, Angie, and Sharon who were standing there not even attempting to cover their nakedness. They were staring at me intently with a strange gleam in their eyes when they suddenly began to smile at me. I looked at them as if they had lost their minds. What? I was completely stunned and at a loss for words as mom came into the room and slowly approached me.

I couldn't move. I just stared at her wide-eyed with bewilderment. It didn't even occur to me to cover myself up as she turned her head to look at the three older women watching us.

Mom came up to me until her face was close to mine. Our lips were practically touching and then I felt her hand gently touching me. I gasped when her fingers delicately grasped my hanging penis. I stared down at her in shock as her lips touched mine and she whispered, "I never knew you had such a big cock."

The world fell away around us as Ruth, Angie, and Sharon began to fade slowly away before my eyes. They gave me a brief wave as they disappeared into the ether and returned back to the imaginary world from whence they came. I turned back in astonishment and tried to grab my mother. She would help me. She would explain and tell me everything was going to be alright.

But she couldn't. Because she wasn't really there to begin with.

Our eyes met and she gave me a winsome smile as she followed Angie, Ruth, and Sharon back into the void as she slowly faded away like the morning mist. In the blink of an eye, she was gone. I was left standing there all alone as great swirling clouds passed by overhead.

Then I felt and saw it. In the distance, the dark shadow was approaching. This world was coming to an end. I could feel myself slipping away and becoming only a faint memory. I had come from nothing and I was returning to nothing.

I had never existed. I had come from someone's imagination.



I slowly woke and opened my eyes. Filtered sunlight filled my bedroom as I lay there for a moment as I came back to the real world. I rested my right arm over my eyes and breathed deeply to slow my racing heart.

A moment later, I sat up and looked around the room. I was back. Back in my own bed. Back in my own home. I felt exhausted. Like I had returned from some great adventure that had turned my world upside down. Deep vivid memories of it still lingered as I slowly got to my feet and made my way to the bathroom.

I turned on the tap and splashed water on my face to revive and wake me up because my mind still felt like it was still in a dream state. I leaned against the bathroom sink as I slowly raised my head and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

I was still naked.

Then I let my gaze wander over me.

My long copper hair framed my flushed face and fell around me in rippling waves nearly to the base of my spine. My full breasts were partially hidden under the rich thickness of my mane that covered my front. My shaved sex sat invitingly at the apex of my wide sturdy hips as I ran my fingers under the tap and pressed them against my full red lips. I pulled on my dressing gown and gave myself a last look in the mirror. Whatever the day had in store for me would happen, no matter what.

A short while later I was sat at my kitchen table enjoying an early morning cup of coffee as I began to settle into the start of another day. A dull gray day with the hint of light showers in the air as I looked out of the window. This day felt different somehow. As if it was going to be a day I would never forget.

Suddenly, there was the sound of the front door opening and I looked up at the young man standing in the doorway.

"Hey, mom," he smiled in that faintly awkward manner he had as he walked over to the fridge and opened it.

"Hey you, yourself," I replied as he leaned back against the workbench and took a slurp of orange juice from the carton as I sat there watching him over the rim of my cup. Something had changed between us. Something I didn't quite understand - yet.

Ben noticed me staring at him. "What?" he asked with a laughing frown on his face, "Is something wrong?"

No, of course not. I shook my head as he came over to sit beside me. But there was something wrong. I could sense and feel it. The real world and the dream world merged into one and my eyes slowly dropped to his crotch as he sat there making small talk. I could feel my heart beating faster as I remembered everything.

The dream. The three women. Angie, Ruth, and Sharon. My stepson, Ben. They had all become lovers. The sex. The raw intimate fucking. And then there was his cock. His huge nine inches plus penis.

We are the dreamers that dream and who live in that dream.


The end of "The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want" series.

This story will continue - maybe.


Notes: To be clear - this story is about Sarah (Ben's step-mom) who is dreaming about her step-son and his new life from his point of view. This has always been the plan from when I started to write part 2 and wanted to write more than just your basic mature women/horny younger guy fuckfest. Interestingly, I post my stories elsewhere too and the reaction seems to be about 80% loved/liked it against 20% who didn't think the twist worked or positively hated it lol.

My initial idea for future chapters was to do a complete reset of the story. Only now it would be seen through the mother's point of view with the dream being the motivation for what happens next. The other three women would no longer be lovers and it would open up various opportunities for me to explore. I've no interest in writing an "incest" story but the step dynamic could be fun. Anyway, we'll see. It will all depend if I can come up with a fun and interesting tale. Hope you enjoyed this story.

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