Thursday, 3 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 1.

Death is not only the mother of beauty as the poem goes but also the mother of opportunity...

So it was with the passing of a favorite Aunt who left this mortal realm one damp Autumn morning in October. The mourning days passed as my mother grieved for a beloved sister as her life became fond memories told as stories to those of us left behind. Time waits for no one. Life moves on. And with the reading of my Aunt's will, my life changed in ways I could never have imagined even in my wildest dreams.

Here is that story.


A few days after her funeral, I found myself standing outside my Aunt's bungalow which she had bequeathed me during the settling of her estate. Number 145 Maple Drive was situated at the far side of a square cul-de-sac made up of four similar single bedroomed homes. It was part of a larger neighborhood made up mostly of elderly retirees or widows/widowers who wanted nothing more than to enjoy the quiet life while doing a bit of gardening.

To me, it was perfect. I worked from home and the peace and quiet were exactly what I was looking for as I had already made plans to move out from my parent's place. At the age of twenty, I figured it was time to bail out of the family nest and find my own way in life.

I walked up the path with a suitcase in one hand and my laptop bag in the other as I finally moved in. The place was already furnished and mom and I had spent a few days going through my Aunt's things and sorting out what to keep and what to give to the local Charity shops on the high street.

When we were finished, we both stood looking at half a dozen black bags piled together in the middle of her kitchen floor. Mom got teary and I gave her a hug.

She blew her nose and patted me on the shoulder. "I know, I know," she sniffed, "These things need to be done. I'm just glad you got this place. I don't think your Uncle George is too happy though."

What? Screw my Uncle George! The man was a miserable and bitter old fart and would probably have sold the bungalow at the drop of a hat.

"Did you know what Aunt Barbra was going to do?" I asked as we sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

Mom tried to feign innocence but failed. The woman couldn't lie her way out a paper bag. "Well, no. Not exactly. We didn't really talk about things like that. All I know is you were her favorite and if she was going to leave it to anyone, it would be you."

And she had.

Aunt Barbra had always been a woman on the go. Always front foot forward and doing things to keep her busy. Over the years, she was always the one who came to visit us and it was a rare trip when it was the other way around. So I really didn't know much about the area where she lived and what her neighbors were like. All I knew was that her friends were all single or widowed women and they were younger than her by some years.

"There are four of us," she used to say with a laugh, "I'm the oldest and Captain of this ship." They did everything together; shopping, eating out, movies, day trips, you name it they did it as a close nit group. The best kind of friends to have.

And now my Aunt was gone.

I put the suitcase down and stood to fumble in my coat pockets looking for the keys. An Autumn breeze had sprung up and the old oaks creaked and groaned around me. Suddenly, there was a cough behind me and I turned to find myself looking at three middle-aged mature women who had appeared out of nowhere. Oh. Uh. Hello. So these were my Aunt's good friends who had come out to welcome me into their little corner of the neighborhood.

We stood for a moment awkwardly looking at each other before one of the ladies stepped forward and made introductions.

This lady looked to be in her mid-forties. About five ten in height, with gingery red shoulder length hair, wide green eyes, and with what looked like a full bosomed figure underneath a flowery white blouse tucked into a deep blue pleated skirt. She had a charm and grace about her and a friendly aura that put you immediately at ease with her. I got the impression she was the leader of the troop.

"Ben, right?" she asked, giving me a bright white smile as she reached out her hand.

I took it and shook it gently. "Hi, hello. That's right. I'm Ben. Aunt Barbra was my mother's sister. Nice to meet you."

Compassion flooded her cheeks as she gave my hand a squeeze before letting it go. "Oh, we're all so shocked and sad at your Aunt's passing. So out of the blue. Tell your mom we're asking after her and if there's anything she needs help with she can give us a call anytime."

"Thanks, I will., I replied.

She pressed a hand against her chest. "I'm Angie," She turned to the two women standing beside her, "This is Ruth," she indicated her friend standing next to her, "And this is Sharon," The other woman smiled and nodded at me.

"Hi, hello," I replied, "Nice to meet the both of you. First names okay?"

They all grinned. "Sure thing. Wouldn't have it any other way," said Ruth.

Ruth looked to be slightly older than Angie and she had this awesome halo of jet black hair which she had pulled back tight from her face and twisted it into a long ponytail that curled down to her waist. She had these amazing blue eyes that were well set into a classically defined face with a pert nose and full rosy lips. She was taller than Angie with a full figure and what looked like an outstanding bosom.

Had to admit, all three ladies were seriously impressive to look at - especially to a twenty-year-old who was still dealing with the effects of delayed puberty.

Sharon was interesting. She looked the oldest of the three, early fifties I thought and was more stocky than the other two. Not stocky as in over-weight but stocky as in everything was super defined. Hour glass figure was a phrase invented for a woman like her. If you had to describe or draw a sexy mature woman you'd draw her. She was Marilyn Monroe blonde. Green eyes, a bust that defied gravity, womanly hips that could birth an army and I imagined her ass would be twice as spectacular if she turned around in those tight jeans she was wearing as well as a plain white blouse. She came across as the studious silent type. A woman that would see through any macho bullshit in a second.

Of the three, she was the one who intrigued me the most. I blushed slightly as it suddenly occurred to me that they were all kind of, uh, hot.

As that thought crossed my mind, I gave my head a shake. What the hell are you thinking? They're all more than twice your age! And you've only just met them!

The sooner that delayed puberty took a hike and I got myself a regular girlfriend the better. That was turning out to be the real problem and easier said than done. I had dipped my wick once and got burned pretty bad. All I wanted was a nice girl. Someone to love. Someone to love me back and have sex with a couple of times per week. I am really easy to please.

"We just wanted to say hello and to tell you not to be afraid to get in touch if you need anything while you're settling into your new place. Not that you need to do much. Your Aunt kept this place spick and span." said Angie as I slipped the key into the lock and pushed open the door putting my suitcase and laptop inside.

There was that awkward silence between us again as the conversation dried up. It was probably due to the age difference I guess. I felt like I was talking to my teachers back in high school where you were always unsure of what to say. But they all seemed so nice and eager to help me settle into my new place. I figured I needed to show my appreciation in some way.

"Um, if you're interested," I said, turning to the three of them watching me as I stood there rubbing my hands together nervously, "Ah, I'd like to invite you around later for a drink or two. We can get to know each other and have a house warming party at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone as it were. That is if you haven't made plans or anything. I mean, we can leave it until another time.."

All three shook their heads at once. "NO, no no. We're good to go, right girls?" said Angie quickly, glancing at her two friends, "That's really sweet of you, Ben. We'd love to come over and have a bit of a gossip."

"We'd love to, Ben. We'll come over about seven, okay?" smiled Sharon with a twinkle in her eye.

I held her gaze for a second as Angie and Ruth glanced at each other with a knowing look. A look that I missed as I blinked at the blonde woman in the tight jeans. Sharon broke the spell and slipped her arm through Ruth's.

"Come on, ladies," she winked, "We need to get cooking!"

And with that, they turned tail and walked away chatting amongst themselves as I stood there looking decidedly befuddled and I had this uneasy feeling that wheels had been set in motion and that something, SOMETHING, was most definitely up.


Seven arrived and the kitchen was filled with the smell of freshly baked cherry and apple pie. We all sat around the table, each with a glass of wine in hand just making small talk as they eased me into their own little world.

I sensed they enjoyed the thrill of getting to know someone completely outside of their usual social circle. As time passed, I got to learn more about them and they about me. Though being only twenty, I didn't have much life experience to share with them and that was something they seemed to find so refreshing. They told me how they met my Aunt and all about the fun times they had shared together doing whatever the hell they liked for they were all financially free and independent. All three of them were exceedingly happy with their lot.

One thing that I found slightly odd was that there were no men - or women, come to that - in their lives. Too much fuss and nonsense had been their answer when I had raised my eyebrows.

"Ben," said Angie, who was sat to my immediate right, "We've been there, done that, bought the ticket. Ruth has two grand kids, I've got one on the way and Sharon got all sensible and kicked her old man out."

I smiled at that. Sharon was one impressive lady. We shared a glance as we both took a sip of wine. "Sorry to hear that," I said honestly.

Sharon made a face and waved a hand at me. "Oh hush, divorce is the best thing that ever happened to me. Got me out of the rut. Took a good few years before I saw the light and realized that my life needed a kick up its ass."

She pointed her glass at her friends. "These two had good marriages. But fate can be a real bitch sometimes. They lost their men in the blink of an eye. One moment they were here, next, they were gone. Life is what you make of it and how you deal with what she throws at you. Here we all are," she smiled at Ruth and Angie who reached across and took her hands in theirs, "We've been together for nearly five years now all told. A couple of years in and your Aunt Barbra showed up and we became firm friends just like that," she glanced at the other women listening to her tell the story of how they all came to be together, "Bosom buddies. We all got through our various little adventures and mishaps together. Helping each other out. We trusted each other and always knew we'd be there for each other. It was as simple as that."

I sat listening quietly. It all sounded so wonderful. Perfect. Women were so much more emotionally in tune than men. And I envied them that. To be part of something that bound them together as friends and life companions. No wonder my Aunt had been so happy.

We all sat dwelling in our own thoughts as the kitchen clock ticked softly in the background. The evening sun was beginning to set and the room was cast in long shadows. This would be my first night away from my parent's house and the thought became quite sobering. It felt like I had taken a really big step into a whole new world. A mature world where I would have to make my own decisions and deal with whatever consequences came my way.

And here I was sat drinking wine and eating cherry and apple pie with three mature women who had been complete strangers only a few hours ago.

The strange thing was, I felt like I could talk to them about anything.


A week has passed.

Life was much easier. As a family, we had all lived in and around the big city where everything was turned up to the max and that sound you always heard in the background was the constant hum of cosmopolitan life. Time was the master of everyone. There was never enough of it. No time to do this and no time to do that.

Here, you could see, smell, and feel time passing as it was meant to be. Time was a companion, not a curse.

It was a bright but blustery showers kind of day. As usual, I was up and about wandering around in nothing but a t-shirt and boxers deciding when I should start work. I smiled at that. The freedom to choose. Maybe at Ten? How about Eleven? Or even don't start work until early afternoon? As long as I hit my deadlines, I was the master of my domain.

I stood looking out of my sitting room window as life went on her merry way in the cul-de-sac. Across the square, Angie was already out brushing the fallen leaves away from her drive with Ruth standing beside her looking very animated and they were obviously deep in conversation as Angie stopped and leaned on her broom to listen and nod.

To my surprise, both their heads turned suddenly in my general direction and I quickly stepped back from the window so they wouldn't see me.

What was all that about?

After our initial little get together last week, they had all gone their separate ways later that evening. They had been exceptionally good company and spent their time teasing me in a "when I was your age" kind of way. I didn't mind. I quite enjoyed it. We all got on famously and we arranged to do it all again as soon as possible.

But there was something not quite right about the situation and I couldn't put my finger on why. I chided myself at my over active imagination which I put down to an over abundance of testosterone running through my system.

Not having a girlfriend around to sort out that issue was a problem and I wasn't exactly the sort of guy to go hide in the bedroom and wank himself silly to ease the ache in the old ball sack. To be honest, I'd put my libido at about 5/10 on the fucking scale most of the time. Don't get me wrong. I loved sex. Well, at least the couple of times I'd tried it with that girl from college a few months back. Since then, I was running through a desert with no name and developing a serious case of blue balls.

See, I'm a bit awkward. Both in life and looks. I'm just over six two tall. I'm top heavy broad across the shoulders with a stoop because of it. I'm not overweight or anything. I just look, well, awkward with an unruly mop of curly black hair that has a mind of its own. I was more Fred Flinstone than Tom Cruise. You get the picture.

I yawned and stretched my arms above my head. When I looked out of the window again, I saw that Sharon had joined them and they were laughing and joking about something or other. Hmmm. Sure hope it wasn't about me. I thought I'd handled myself pretty well the other evening. Acted mature. Didn't say or do anything stupid and they seemed to enjoy my company.

It was then I saw Angie heading straight towards me and I ran like a blue arsed fly into the bedroom to jerk on a pair of old jeans just as she knocked on the door.

I opened it to find her standing there with a big grin on her face.

"Hey, Ben," she said cheerily, "Me and the girls were wondering if you're up for a little get together this evening. Sharon just got another divorce cheque in the mail and wants to celebrate. Would love to have you there."

Sure. Absolutely. Sounded great. I had no plans and my deadline wasn't due for another couple of days. "Sure, I'd love to, Angie. Around six?"

"Awesome," she smiled, "We're gonna cook up a storm so don't eat anything before then!" She ran back to the other girls who both waved at me.

Well, at least I wouldn't be stuck in front of the tv tonight.


It had gone seven and our little arrangement was in full swing as the beer flowed and the fried chicken, grilled sausages, spaghetti and fries disappeared. We were all sat in Angie's sitting room with the three of them together on the sofa and yours truly parked in a fireside chair.

Nice place. Very feminine with flowers and plants everywhere. The lights were dim and soft music played from the speakers. All in all, I was as mellow as fuck and just sat back enjoying listening to the stories they told. This was definitely the good life as the drink and mood made my mind wander.

".... a girlfriend?" said, someone.

I blinked and sat up slightly confused. They were all looking at me expectantly. Ah, okay, what?

"Excuse me?" I replied, sounding surprised.

Sharon and Angie bit their lips looking like they were going to burst out laughing at the look on my face. What did she say? Girlfriend?

"I was asking if you had a girlfriend," Ruth said again.

I shifted in my seat, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the attention. "Um, no, not exactly. There was one. A girlfriend. A girl. A  few months ago. But it kind of uh went nowhere. Much. Other than the uh," I gulped, feeling myself blushing like an over ripe prune, "The uh, you know, thingy."

Geez, Ben. What was that? I gave them an embarrassed shrug. Change topic ASAP!

But they didn't.

"Well, that's very strange," said Angie, who looked amazing in her black blouse and black slacks with flat heels, "We all thought you'd have the girls falling all over you."

Huh? You what? Are you kidding? Were they teasing me?

"Um, well, you know. I'm not really that good with girls," I said quietly as I took another slurp of my beer. Holy shit, I must sound like a big kid talking like that even if what I said was true. Talking to girls was just the worst, most excruciating, ordeal for someone like me. I'd rather have my teeth pulled.

And yet, here I was, in a room with three of them - just older versions.

"You don't seem to be having any problems talking to us," she replied as she took a sip of her drink and looked at me over the rim of her glass. The woman could read minds and, right now, mine was probably like an open book.

Was that a trick question? I made a face and reached up to fiddle with my right ear. "Well, you're more, ah, uh," What are you saying? Don't go there, you idiot.

"Mature?" said Sharon who was staring at me hard as if she was figuring out what sort of man I was.

Oh boy. Way to go lame brain, "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so patronizing."

Ruth, who was sat in the middle of the trio, reached forward and put her glass on the coffee table in front of her. She gave Angie to her right a look, then turned to Sharon who nodded silently as if they had just shared some secret between them.

I was suddenly starting to feel way out of my depth here. Maybe I should call it a night and high tail it out of town. What Ruth said next stopped all that. What she said next had me firmly stuck to my chair in surprise.

"What about that thing," she asked. All three were staring at me intently, "Do you miss the sex?"


This is one of those moments where time takes a rain check.

The room was completely still. The only thing I could hear was the thudding of my heart which was lodged somewhere between my ears.

Had I heard right? What the fuck did she just ask? I felt my mouth fall open in shock as her words rattled around inside my brain. Sex, dummy. She asked if you missed sex. How do you respond to a question like that?

"Uh," I tried to say with some difficulty, "I'm not sure I understand."

It was Sharon's turn to sit forward. She was closest to me and I sort of warily inched back in my chair.

"Ruth asked if you missed the sex with your girlfriend."

Sex? What sex? We'd hardly done it. We'd tried. We both were no longer virgins but, well, it kind of got real complicated real fast and that, unfortunately, was that.

"I'm not sure I should say anything," I replied lamely.

Sharon tilted her head to one side and looked at me. "Why not? We're all adults here and it's not like any of us are going to tell anyone else about what we talk and do between us."

She really emphasized the "and do" bit.

She was right. We all were adults. Some obviously more than others apparently. That would be yours truly, Benjamin Ward, sat there all wide eyed with fright.

Maybe it was the beer that loosened my tongue, but I started to talk and try to explain all about those things. "I um, see, it's like this. Linda, that was her name, she was my first proper girlfriend and when we finally decided we wanted to sleep together," I frowned at the memory, "We tried to do it but things didn't go as planned. Um, we sort of did it. But then she asked me to stop and I did."

That sounded really sad. And a bit pathetic. At least you aren't a virgin anymore. There was that.

It was then Angie dropped the bombshell.

"Ben," she began, "The reason Ruth asked you about all this is that we all want to ask you something. Something important. And we needed to be sure what we were going to ask you is the right thing to do. If you had said you had a girlfriend, this conversation would not be happening as we respect and value your friendship now that you've moved in and lived next to us."

She took a sip of her drink and licked her lips. "I've known Ruth and Sharon for a long time. In that time, we've come to know and understand each other very well. We're more than just friends," she explained as she took both of her friend's hands in hers, "We're lovers too."

Uh. Okay. I turned a bit pink. Are they lesbians? That's kind of cool in a hot sort of way. But what had that to do with me?

Ruth saw the way my mind was working. "We're not lesbians. Think bisexual. We like men just as much as each other. The four of us have been lovers for a long time."

Four of us?

"My Aunt Barbra?" I blurted out.

They all nodded. "Including your Aunt Barbra, who we all loved dearly and miss her every single day."

My Aunt Barbra?!!

Wow, holy shit. I wonder if mom knew. Duh, give yourself a slap. Of course she didn't, you fool. But it all began to make some kind of sense now. I looked at each woman in turn. So, why was I here?

It was Angie who got straight to the point and who totally changed and rocked my world.

"See Ben," she said softly, "We really do miss the cock."


Shit like this just doesn't happen to people like me.

I was the weird looking kid in school that sat at the back of the class and who all the girls felt safe around because I wasn't that kind of guy to try it on. The kind of kid who would help them with their homework and explain algebra and why the sky is blue to them. Same shit in college. Always the quiet guy who clammed up at the sight of a pretty girl.

And here I was. Being asked by three mature good looking women if I wanted to be a part of their little sex group. No wonder I looked stunned and confused as Angie explained everything.

"Here's the thing," she said, "We're asking you if you'd like to come join us. I know how all this must sound to you right now but I want you to know you can trust us completely. What goes on will just be between all four of us. We all love sex. The older we get, the more we want and need it."

Sharon nodded. "Wally the vibrator and Danny the dildo can only go so far," she said, butting in.

Wally the what? Danny the who?

That broke the tension between us and we all laughed as Angie rolled her eyes. "I call mine Wilbur."

And off we went again. Once we settled down, I took a deep breath. I was sweating like a penguin in a sauna. "So, let me get this straight. You want me to join your group because you want a real uh, cock, to, uh, you know,"

Ruth saw my hesitation. "We all want to feel a real cock again, Ben. And, yes, we do want you to fuck all three of us," She saw me blush at her choice words, "We also want you to talk the talk with and to us. Talking dirty never harmed anyone and can be as sexy as hell to listen to," She placed her hand on her bosom, "I really need a good hard fucking and I want you to be the one to give it to me. To all of us. Right ladies?"

Angie and Sharon both nodded.

"Amongst other things we can do to each other, of course. Each of us has an over active imagination that needs satisfying." she smiled.

I just sat there like a kid in a sweet shop who had been given the key to the door. Was I going to say no? Would you? It was like all my Christmases had come at once.

I blushed as I nodded. "Sure," I laughed in amazement, "Okay, it's a deal," Then something occurred to me, "Wait, is it just all four of us together or ..."

I sat back nervously as all three women slipped off the sofa to come kneel down in front of me and take my hands in theirs.

"No, not all four of us each time," smiled Ruth, "We can arrange to fuck you one or two at a time. Doing it as a foursome kind of makes it a bit special. We can play all sorts of games doing that. But if you want to have sex with anyone of us, at any time, just give us a call."

Sex with all of them or each of them anytime I wanted. Someone needed to wake me up. That sounded like heaven. Though, I'd have to figure out some sort of routine around my work. I could do that. No problem. Work my ass off in the morning. Fuck their backsides off in the afternoon. Jesus H.C. They were going to put me in a hospital at that rate.

"Okay?" asked Sharon as she looked up at me.

I nodded.

"Okay," I agreed as they knelt up and gave me a hug. I felt pretty damned emotional as my world got turned upside down. I was going to be the prime stud for a bunch of randy older women. Wow.

Sharon leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"I can't wait to see that big cock of yours," she whispered in my ear.


Uh oh. I stood in the middle of Angie's sitting room suddenly feeling like the new kid on the block. All three women were standing looking at me expectantly with the atmosphere crackling with electricity between us.

"What NOW?" I managed to get out. Start now? Now, as in right now right here? I had sort of assumed we'd pick a time and date later on in the week. I guess not. They looked ready to go as I stood there thanking God I'd put on clean underwear and socks.

Angie tried to hide a smile. "Why not now?" she teased, "The rest of the evening is free and us girls have all the time in the world. And I have a really big bed."

Ruth came to my side and took me by my right arm. "We promise we won't bite, will we girls?" she grinned as Sharon came to my side and took my other arm.

"Maybe not bite, but I definitely suck," she winked as Angie led our little troop to her bedroom.

Oh heck. Oh, my. Oh fuck. Wish me luck.


It was a big bed. A really big bed. And I was stood in front of it as Angie, Ruth, and Sharon knelt at my feet and began to unfasten my belt and undo my pants. All three women were still in their clothes and Angie had helped pull off my shirt to leave me bare chested for her to run her hands over. She glanced up at me and gave me a little kiss on my shoulder. "You look good enough to eat," she whispered.

Speaking of something good enough to eat.

Sharon knelt up and pulled down my zip to open me up to their rapt attention. My mouth fell open when she turned to Angie who was to her right and kissed her on the mouth. Angie just blushed and glanced up at me bashfully. Holy shit. Then she turned to her left and kissed Ruth who was licking her lips as her friend slipped her hand into my underwear.

Um, maybe I should mention my...

Sharon gasped as she fished around in my shorts. She frowned and looked up at me with a "what the fuck?!" expression on her pretty face. She removed her hand and urged Ruth to have a feel.  Ruth acted like she was picking a lucky dip and she gave a sort of squeak when she felt my growing thing.

"Oh my God, Angie, have a feel!" she urged her.

Angie looked at her two friends. "What are you two on about?" Then she did the same and her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in surprise. "Are you kidding me?!" she gasped.

She then pulled my blood lust filling cock out of its confinement and let it go like a scalded cat on a hot tin roof. My penis flopped down due to its weight and girth and bobbed around like the one eyed monster it was. I may not be much in the good looks stakes but God had made up for that in the old sausage department. I had been endowed with a really big and fat hot dog.

All three women let out a gasp of astonishment.

"Where the hell did you get that thing?" wheezed Angie who seemed hypnotized by my still growing appendage. "That thing must be over nine inches long!" Nine point six two to be exact.

Ruth sat back on her heels. "No wonder your ex-girlfriend ran a mile. That thing is ginormous. Look how big the head is and how fat it looks. Is that why you broke up?"

I nodded. "Um, yeah. I guess. She tried to take it but, seeing as we were both virgins, it was too much for her. I got about a third of it in. Enough to, you know,"

Sharon looked properly impressed which gave my ego a nice weird glow and I pushed my hips towards her flushed face as Ruth pulled down my pants so I could step out of them. All the while, my dick was still inflating like one of those hot air balloons.

"Holy shit, it's still growing!" breathed Angie who looked at her friends like they'd won the lottery. She then tugged down my underwear and I stood there shivering with excited nervous energy in only my socks. There was this unreal moment where we all just stood staring at my thing taking in the measure of it.

"Who's going first?" asked Ruth.

"Angie can go first. She was the one whose idea it was," replied Sharon.

Oh, it was, was it.

Angie bit her lips and gave me an impish shrug. "Your Aunt used to talk about you all the time. And I remember seeing you doing her garden once and I always wondered what it would be like to sleep with you." She was as purple as a beetroot. "Anyway," she breathed as she reached up and took hold of my cock at its root. "Wow, it's hot and feels really heavy."

She lifted it up and all three women leaned in to check out my ball sack which hung low down below my organ. My testicles were in proportion to the size of my penis. "They're as big as hen's eggs!" gasped Sharon as she played with them in their pouch. "They must be full of spunk!"

My turn to go red. Hearing these mature women talking so brazenly and explicitly about my sex was the weirdest thing ever - and I loved it. "Do you like spunk?" I asked them. The words sounding strange coming from my mouth.

"Uh huh."


"Love it."

Thank fuck for that because, from solitary experience, when I shot my load I could fill a small teacup easily. I'd let them find out all about that when the time came.

Ruth was squirming with excitement as Angie played with my cock by slowly jerking me off in her tight grip. Her fingers just about covered my fatness in the round as they all watched as my foreskin bunched one way then was pulled tightly over the bloated head the other. It was then they noticed the scar along the underside which ran nearly the whole length of my sex.

"What's that?" asked Ruth, tracing her finger along it.

An old war wound. "Happened to me when I was a kid. Climbing a barb wired fence when I slipped and fell. Cut it right open. Took an age to heal. Can still feel it when I get an erection due to the scar pulling the skin tight."

"Does it hurt?"

"No, just feels a bit weird, that's all."

Ruth took my cock from Angie as she examined my old injury. She pointed my dick up at me. "See, you should have said yes then I'd tell you I was going to lick and suck it better."

All three women giggled like schoolgirls.

"Go on then, Ruth," they urged, "Give him a good sucking."

Pushing me back against my abdomen, she stuck out her tongue and licked me from my balls up to the crown where she nibbled and sucked on the head. I was already leaking lubrication and I watched as she licked into the piss slit and scooped it out and swallowed it. As she continued to clean my cock head, I could feel my legs twitching and my heart beginning to get into its stride.

Taking a deep breath, the older woman opened her mouth as wide as she could and with a muffled "HUMMMMpphhhh" forced her lips over the knob. It took her a moment to catch her breath and get used to a mouthful of sweating cock meat. Her nostrils were flaring as she winced trying to push her mouth further down my pole.

She managed to take about four inches before she had to turn back and content herself with sucking and licking what she could take. After a couple of minutes of this, she sat back gasping for breath.

"Oh my," she hiccupped, "That was amazing. You're absolutely huge and you taste wonderful. Here you two, get stuck in while I play with and lick his balls."

Sharon was next. And she was good. She stared into my eyes as she swallowed about six inches of me before it jammed against the back of her throat. I could see she was considering going the whole deep throat route but thought better of it.  Like Ruth, she was happy enough to just blow me at her own pace, in her own time, and in her own way. Much more sucking than licking. Either way, I was in heaven and swaying back and forth like I was in a dream. As they sucked, I ran my hand through their hair urging them to suck me this way or that way.

Angie was last and she was the best. She literally drooled her way up and down my cock until it glistened with her spittle. She slowly worked her way back up until her lips formed an "O" above the head. Then she began to swallow my meat and we all watched in amazement as inch by throbbing inch disappeared inside her mouth. She took me into the entrance to her throat and with a loud snort, pushed her face forward until her wide open lips were stretched painfully around my root.

"Holy shit, Angie!" gasped Sharon, "Swallow that cock!"

For the next couple of minutes, she deep throated me. She would let me pop out of her mouth every now and then so she could draw breath before going down on me again. Her impressive bust was heaving and I dreamily wondered what her bare tits would look like. They looked massive and I so wanted to sit for hours just sucking on her nipples.

But, for now, things were finally coming to a head. It felt like I had gallons worth of pent up spunk stewing in my balls. I could feel that tingling sensation starting to radiate out from my sex and washing over me like a warm wave.

Angie could sense it too as she continued to blow me hard. She peeked up at me and I gave her a small nod as she reached up and grabbed me by the hips with both hands. She eased her head back so that only the tip of my penis was still in her mouth which she caressed lovingly with her tongue.

I was getting close now. The muscles in my ass were starting to tighten and I suddenly realized that all three women were still fully clothed. Where was I supposed to cum? They were in for a big surprise when I did as it would be like a fire hose going off. It was Ruth who came up with the solution to me not ruining their outfits with a load of sticky jizz.

She looked at Angie who was still happily slurping and sucking away like a baby at a tit. "Angie," she ordered, "You take the first shot, okay?" Then she looked at Sharon who was already licking her lips expectantly. "Sharon, you take the second, and I'll take the third. If he's still going, we go around again until we suck him dry."

She looked up at me as I started to huff and puff out loud. "Alright, sweetie?"

Yeah. Totally. Whatever. I just needed to unload this load somewhere. Anywhere. Suddenly, all hell broke loose and I started to ejaculate real hard.

The twitch made me step forward and shove my spurting cock right to the back of Angie's mouth and nearly down into her throat. Her eyes were like saucers as the first volley erupted from my throbbing penis and quickly filled her mouth with its thick syrupy goo. Angie spluttered but kept her lips firmly wrapped around my shooting member.

The first pulse subsided as the room began to spin and she pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth with a loud "pop" and quickly handed me over to Sharon who was as wide eyed as her friend.

She had barely shoved me inside her mouth when the second stream of spunk blasted against the back of her throat and she gagged at the visceral nature of it. She gave a loud "EEEeek!!" as she tasted my sperm for the first time. A little less than the first cum but still a good mouthful for her to savor and swallow. Ejaculation number two eased and Sharon handed me over to Ruth who dropped her lips over me as quickly as she could.

My mind was filled with tiny little lights that were blinking on and off as my orgasm continued. I was gripping Angie and Sharon by the hair to steady myself as they both held on to my quivering thighs to keep me in place. Angie looked up at me in surprise and made a face as she gulped down my spunk and sat there licking her lips like the cat who got the cream.

Sharon turned to Angie and opened her mouth which was still filled with my efforts.

"Go on then," giggled Angie, "Swallow it!"

Sharon gave a shudder before she closed her mouth and dramatically did as she was told. She took a deep breath and coughed as she ran her fingers around her lips to make sure any spunk hadn't slipped out.

Ruth took the third blast like a trooper and blinked as her mouth was filled to the brim. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmfff?!" she grunted as she realized there was still a decent amount of baby making stuff left in the old testicles. She turned to Angie who looked shocked as Ruth pulled my cock out of her mouth and shoved it in her general direction.

"You're kidding?!" she blurted out before she swallowed me down again just as number four bathed her tonsils in a smaller amount of thinning gloop. As before, she took it all and handed me over to Sharon who got nothing more than a dribble on her tongue as my spend decreased in its intensity. As good friends do, Sharon slipped her mouth off my organ and let Ruth have the pleasure of draining the final dregs of my climax from my balls.

I was gone. I wobbled in post climax delirium and fell back onto the bed with my arms spread wide and my well-drained cock flopping around like a beached fish on my stomach. THAT had been the best thing ever. Wow. I wiggled my toes in glorious satisfaction and closed my eyes to recover.

Through my haze, I could hear all three women whispering to each other and grinned like a silly asshole. There you go. Now you know. More than enough to go around.

"Oh my God," gasped Angie, "That was ridiculous!"

"I can't believe he produced so much of his stuff!" nodded Ruth who was still licking her lips, "I just love the taste of his spunk!"

At the bottom of the bed, Sharon had knelt up to look down at me as I lay there with a big stupid grin on my face. "Ben looks happy," she laughed as she ran her hand up my thigh.

Angie and Ruth joined her and I could feel their hands on me. I gave a wince when someone picked up my wilting cock then I felt a loving kiss on my cheek.

"That was awesome, Ben," smiled Angie as she brushed my damp hair from my eyes. She looked down at her two companions who were examining my greasy prick, "Aren't you going to clean him up? It's the least you can do after what he just gave us."

No. Hang on. You don't need to do that. Because my thing is as tender as fuck and I don't think I could...

Uh. I lifted my head and looked down as all three of them got to work. Long licks, gentle sucks, and attention to detail soon had me lick spittle clean and it had also got the blood flowing again.

They all knelt there between my spread thighs looking at me with naughty smirks on their faces.

Oh hell.

They all stood up and began to remove their clothes as I lay there like the sacrificial lamb with my penis growing bigger and bigger as I watched them strip down to their underwear. And what underwear!

Angie knelt on the bed next to me and kissed me sweetly on the lips.

"This is going to be a long night, Buster," she grinned sexily, "We ain't finished with you yet. We're going to teach you how to really fuck a bunch of horny older women."

I just stared wide eyed and gulped.


End of Part 1.
In part 2 - the orgy.

Author Notes: Always liked the idea of writing a mature/young sexy story told from the young perspective. Educational erotica I'd call it. Teaching somebody about something is always fun - especially if big tits and fat arses are involved. Heh...

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