Saturday, 8 July 2017

"We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tape Measure."

Must be in a boob mood, guys.

It's amazing the stuff you come across when surfing around the adult internet that connects with you in some way. This is one of those things. Reminds me of the old school English saucy postcards which were a big thing over here once upon a time. Seaside gift shops always had one of those rotating racks with them in. I love this. You can just imagine the conversation; "Ooo Doris, 44DD. They're even bigger than mine!"


  1. Welcome Back,

    Although I respect you never went way, however you have always been to me as a Brit the best access to the spanking material that was available to me during my growing up in the 1970's.
    Your references have been invaluable and may I long wish you continue... you are Premier League and thank you for your perseverance.

    My Best Regards

  2. Hey... Thanks for the nice comments, my friend. Much appreciated. These days things ain't like they were. An interest in spanking is practically a criminal offence - especially if you blog about it on the internet. Now I have to be careful what I post which is the reason I'm having to mix it up a bit. But spanking will always be the main thing for me. Guess we'll see how it goes...


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