Tuesday, 25 July 2017

EROTIC STORY: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX part 5.

5: The End of Days.

That most wonderful of weekends faded into a memory as Monday morning ticked around to signal the beginning of another College week. As usual, I was up and about getting ready and sorting out all the things I needed for the day ahead. Well, sort of. What I mean is, um, not exactly.

I was sat on the end of my bed sending Sally a text when my mother appeared in the doorway. She waited until I was done then came into the bedroom to sit on the corner of my dresser. I clicked off the phone and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans.

"Thought we could talk," she sighed with a small smile, "Seeing as we've both been really busy these past few days and with your dad being home all weekend and everything."

I nodded as I tugged my black boots on. "Sure, mom," I had been waiting for this to happen, "Anything wrong?"

She shook her head. "No, no," she reassured me, "I was just, you know, wondering how the other day went. The day after we talked and you told me about the thing. Are you alright?"

I reached across and took both her hands in mine. She could be such a worry wart at times. "Everything is absolutely fine, mom. You were right. We had a really good talk. Sorted some things out between us, and now we're where we need to be. I couldn't be happier."

Mom smiled, looking relieved and gave my hands a firm squeeze. "That's good. I'm glad you got what you wanted. Even if it was a little unusual," she laughed, "So when do I get a proper introduction?"

Oh, now there's a question. "Soon mom, soon," I promised.

There was a sudden knock on the door. "Oh, that will be Betty. I said I would give her a lift into town and go shopping with her," She got to her feet and pointed at me, "You need to get a move on. Do you want a lift?"

I shook my head. "No, mom. The bus is fine. You go have a fun day."

She ran out of the room giving me a quick wave. "See you later, sweetie. Say hi to your boyfriend for me."

And with that, she was gone as she grabbed her things and slammed the front door behind her.

A minute later my mobile beeped and I took it out and looked at the message on the screen. It was a reply from Sally. I smiled and jumped up to get ready for our little adventure. It looked like there would be no Shakespeare for us this day.


Monday morning found the big city a cauldron of noise and friction with the rush hour beginning to subside as the metro bus pulled into its stop inside the huge terminal. The place was packed with people traveling here and there, getting on and off buses, and generally going on about their daily business.

The ride into the big city had pretty much been like every other trip. I had sat on the upper deck and tried to keep myself to myself by huddling behind my bag and staring out of the window wearing my black baseball cap. But it was no use. It was like I had a sign over my head telling everyone to look over here!

The bus filled up pretty quickly with people trying to find a spare seat. But as usual, no one sat next to me unless they absolutely had to. Some of them were about to take the seat but then they'd notice me as I'd glance up at them and they'd give this weird little twitch of surprise and go find somewhere else to sit instead or they'd simply stand in the aisle until the bus reached its destination.

 It was like I had the plague or something. If anyone did sit beside me it was usually little old ladies going shopping for the day. Some even tried talking to me and we'd end up having a conversation about anything and everything.

All the while, the other passengers would glance in my general direction whenever they got the chance.  So it was a relief to finally disembark and be able to stretch my legs.

It was then I heard a whistle and looked up to find Sally waving at me from behind the glass partition. Not only Sally but also Debbie who had stuffed her crinkly shoulder-length black hair under a rainbow colored woolen hat and wore a green parka with a short black skirt and black tights.

"Hey, ho!" I grinned, giving both of my friends a hug. I looked at Sally. Um. Hello?

Sally grabbed Debbie. "She's with me," she said with a grin, "Besides, I texted her after I replied to you and she threatened to blab if she couldn't come with us."

Oh. I looked at the shorter girl and raised my eyebrows at her.

"The big fibber!" she frowned, sticking her hands in her coat pockets and stamping her foot, "I would not blab!"

I gave her a hug. "Okay, okay. No harm was done. Though God knows how we're going to explain all three of us missing class at once."

"Did you tell your boyfriend?" asked Sally.

I shook my head. "He is the last person that needs to know what we're up to."

And he most definitely was. For what we were up to was everything to do with him.


We had walked away from the main shopping center into the more independent and diverse streets of the city where smaller retailers hawked their wares down back alleys and inside indoor markets.

I stopped and looked around trying to find my bearings. I had a slip of paper in my hand with an address and directions scribbled on it. Okay, go down here, then across there where there should be the entrance to a covered market with individual shops inside.

Here we go, Bakers Street. I skipped across the road with Sally and a mumbling Debbie in tow.

"Where are we going?" asked Sally, "Don't think I've ever been this way before."

I glanced over my shoulder. "You'll see, not far now, I promise."

And it wasn't. There it was. Smithfield Road and Smithfield Market.


"CAVALIER COSTUMERS & FITTINGS" turned out to be a small shop situated at the rear of the market. In its windows, there were various novelty and more traditional outfits and costumes on display that could often be seen at hen parties, stag nights, cosplay or dressing up events. But I had no interest in those types of costumes. I was looking for something more specific. Something a little out of the ordinary.

Both my friends gave me the same look as we stood outside the shop. What are we doing here? Why had I dragged them all the way to this place? When are we going to eat?

I took a deep breath. "Don't say a word, okay?"

They both nodded comically.

My mouth felt dry and I rubbed my lips together wondering how to explain all this. "The other day," I explained hesitantly, "When we were at the beach. I asked him what he um," I felt myself blushing, "Liked."

"Ohhhh," said Debbie, "What HE likes. Uh huh." She nudged Sally who had a stupid grin on her face. Oh, good grief. It was no big deal. Really.

We stood looking at each other for what felt an age.

"Well, who goes first?" asked Sally.

Debbie skipped forward and grabbed the door handle. "That would be me, I reckon." She gave it a firm shove with her shoulder and went inside as the bell above the door rang merrily.


Miss Willcox was a tall, thin, refined looking lady of about fifty oddish years. She was dressed in a long-sleeved white blouse partially hidden under a black tailors waistcoat and a mottled gray knee-length skirt. Warm in nature and pleasant of manner, she listened to my blushing request and nodded as she danced around me taking down the details of my measurements with her well-worn tape measure.

Once done, she raised her finger dramatically. "Ladies, I shall be but a moment!" She then disappeared behind her counter to the room where her stock was kept.

The shop was quiet apart from the slow tick tock of an antique clock sat atop a tall drawer and it was then I noticed Sally and Debbie staring at me.

Uh. Okay. Yeah. Well, there you go. I cleared my throat and rocked back and forth in my boots. I gave them an embarrassed shrug of my shoulders as I pretended to ignore them.

"What?!" mouthed Sally as we waited for the shopkeeper to return.

A moment later, she came back holding a long plastic covered outfit across her arm. "I think," she beamed, "I have exactly the kind of thing you're looking for, Miss," She laid it across the counter and all three of us stepped up to look at it with our mouths wide open, "Would you like to try it on?"

I raised my head and simply nodded at her.

She picked up the outfit. "If I may," she smiled, "The changing rooms are right through here."

I followed her as we disappeared behind a large red curtain.


A moment later, I stood silently looking at myself in a long mirror as the older woman fussed around me making sure everything was perfect.

And it was. I felt myself beginning to tear up as the emotions began to flow through me, leaving me shaking slightly. I could barely think let alone speak.

Miss Willcox stood by my side and we both looked at my reflection. She looked slightly stunned herself and gave me a beaming smile.

"Oh, my goodness," she exclaimed, "I have to say, young lady, you look absolutely remarkable. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who was born to wear such a thing as you are right now. Stunning. Do you want to show your friends?"

I nodded slightly. Wow, I looked amazing. But it was more than that. I looked like a distant memory brought back to life.

She lifted the curtain and I walked out into the bright lights of the shop to where Sally and Debbie were waiting. I was blushing like a rose and was nervously biting my lip when they turned and saw me standing there.

Sally blinked and looked me up and down. "Whoa, Jennifer," she gasped as I gave everyone a twirl.

Debbie stood staring at me like she had seen a ghost.Her mouth opened and closed as she blew out her cheeks. "Can I take a photo?" she asked as she took out her mobile phone.

"Okay," I nodded. Just wearing this thing made me feel special.

Debbie took her photo and came over to give me a kiss on the cheek and a careful hug. "No one," she said, "No one comes close to you. You're like something out of a Disney movie."

The shopkeeper stood behind her counter. "Does madam wish to rent this outfit?" she asked, "Our rates are very reasonable."

I held both arms out and looked down at myself. "No," I said, shaking my head, "No, this I want to buy."

This I had to buy because I so much wanted him to see me in it.


Tuesday morning. I stood naked in my bedroom looking at everything laid out on my bed. His fantasy made real. But the more I looked, the more I realized we were of like mind in all of this. All these things felt normal. Felt right.

I began to get dressed. Along with the dress, I had also bought the underwear to match. The underwear was important and it had to be perfect.

A sleeveless undergarment that was buttoned down the front with a lace tie at the bottom. A pair of billowy white bloomers tied with lace and a buttoned flap at the rear. Finally, a pair of knee length black woolen stockings to complete the picture.

I carefully picked up the light gray dress with its long sleeves and smart cuffs and stepped into it. It fit me like a glove. The shopkeeper was right. I was born to wear such a thing. I walked across the landing into my parent's bedroom to stand before their long mirror. The breath caught in my throat and the color flushed through my cheeks as I stared at my reflection with a slow seductive smile spreading across my face.

It was then I realized the back of the dress was still open and I would need someone to lace me up. Downstairs, I could hear mom cleaning up after breakfast. She had no idea what I was up to as I had sneaked the package into the house. I guess now was the time she was about to find out.

"Mom!!" I called out. And waited.


Mom came into her bedroom and froze on the spot.

I turned slowly to look at her dressed in this Victorian gown with my auburn hair curling around my red face and hanging down free and wild. We stood looking at each other for what felt an age.

"My God," she whispered, "Jennifer, what?"

I looked over my shoulder. "Can you lace me up,  mom?" I asked her, "And bind my hair?"

She came up to me and I faced away from her. I felt her fingers pull and tug the lattice until it was tight and she tied each loose end into butterfly bows. Then she took her heavy brush and began to pull and tug it through my thick hair so she could twist it into a long tail that nearly reached my waist.

When she was done, she placed her hands on my shoulders and turned me around to face her.  "Is this for him?" she asked. I could tell she already knew the answer.

I nodded. "Yes."

"You must really love him."

I nodded again but didn't say anything. I didn't need to.

"Sweet child of mine," she smiled, taking me into her arms and hugged me tightly, "You look just like your Great Grandmother in that photo."

I choked down a sob. "I know," That was the magic of it. The knowing of it. The understanding that, in a way, I was her reborn again. In this time.

Mom held me at arm's length. "I think your Gran would like to see you like this. Can I take a photo?" She grabbed her purse which was on her bed. I gave her a smile as she held up her mobile and snapped a shot.

She slipped on her coat. "Think I'll go visit her today. Surprise her. I won't be back till around five or so. That'll give you plenty of time for you and Rick to be together. There's plenty in the fridge," she laughed, "Don't wear him out!"

I gave her a peck on the cheek as she ran downstairs and I heard the door slam shut. I stood there in the silence. He was due at ten. That gave us seven hours together. Seven hours and a whole lot of pent up imagination.

Wear him out? That was the plan.


He arrived on the dot. To find the note I had taped on the front door just a few minutes earlier. On the note I had scribbled, "COME IN. DOORS OPEN. I'M UPSTAIRS. IN MY ROOM"

I heard the click of the lock and I stood up in the middle of my bedroom next to my double bed. Everything was in motion. Heart, lungs, body, soul, and sex. The Victorian dress suddenly felt hot and restricted as I put my hands down by my side and stared at the door which was slightly ajar.

I saw his shadow and heard the thump, thump, thump as he came up the stairs towards my room. As he got closer, my breathing got shallower and shallower and my heart got louder and louder. Then he was here and I swear I had a small climax as the door suddenly opened.

"Hey, Jen, what was with the door..." he began to say brightly. Then he just stopped as time crawled to a halt between us and we just stood there suspended between moments.

"Hey, you," I whispered. I was surprised I could speak at all considering my heart was in my mouth.

He didn't say anything but continued to stare in stunned silence.

I knew how I looked to him. To him, I had stepped straight out of his most erotic fantasy into the reality of our relationship. I had literally become something tactile to him. Something he could hold, touch, see and feel. He finally looked up at me with his eyes wide open in surprise.

Hey, you. See this? I did all this for you.

He took a step into the bedroom. "Jen," he gasped, the sound of his voice strained by the shock, "You look, holy shit, you look.." He came to stand in front of me as the sound of drums got louder and louder in my head.

Slowly, I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Shhhhhh," I smiled as I moved my lips to his. I captured him and kissed him long and slow as I slipped my tongue into his mouth to caress his own. I felt him reach around and hug me to him as our kiss deepened still more and the sound of it echoed around the room.

He released me and I fell back onto my bed. Phew! Wow! That was a humdinger for sure. I was tingling from head to toe and I felt wanton all over. I sat up slightly and stared up at Rick who was looking at me like he wanted to devour me alive. The poor thing. I could only imagine what he was thinking when he looked at me. When he fucked me, he was going to blow my head off. At that thought, I started to laugh softly inside.

"What?" he muttered.

I licked my lower lip seductively. "Oh, you know, nothing."

"I think you're going to get me into trouble."

I squeezed my thighs together under the dress. "You have no idea," I teased him. To prove my point, I reached down and slowly tugged my skirts higher to reveal my stocking covered legs.

"Uhhhh," he moaned out loud as more of me came into view.

"Tell me all the things you want to do to me and for me to do to you," I whispered. Now, I don't know about him, but I had a pretty long list that was getting longer, "Do you want me to suck your cock?"


"What about sucking and licking my pussy?"


"I guess you also want to fuck me too?"

"Might have to think about that one."

Funny guy. I reached back to grab a pillow and threw it at him. He caught it and we laughed together easing the intense sexual tension between us. The laughter slowly faded and we looked into each other's eyes and recognized the depth of the understanding we both shared. Nothing was forced. The trust was forged and binding and bound our hearts together as one.

He was mine and I was his. No questions asked.

I lifted my chin slightly. "Tell me what you want and I'll do it, Rick," I promised, "I will let you do anything you want to me."

His brow furrowed and he looked down at the floor for a second. A slight nod and he raised his head to look at me. "Stand up Jen," he said, "Turn around, bend over and put your hands on the bed."

I shuffled forward and slipped off the bed to stand in front of him. He removed his coat as I slowly turned around and did as he asked. I stood with my legs spread apart and waited. I suddenly felt him take hold of my long braided hair and play with the frayed end for a moment before letting it go.

I dropped my head down and closed my eyes. I could feel him behind me and listened as he began to remove his clothes. My heart was thumping loudly in my chest and I gave a small gasp as he knelt behind me and placed both hands on my raised backside. Minutes passed as he simply ran them all over my lower back and bottom. I dropped my head lower until it was nearly touching the mattress as I responded to the way he was feeling me up.

Just as I was beginning to wonder what he was up to, he grabbed the hem of my dress and threw it up and over my back. I groaned inside as he did the same with the white petticoat to leave me standing there only clad in a pair of old fashioned drop-seat bloomers and a pair of knee-length stockings.

I was completely enraptured and enthralled with what he was doing. I swayed gently from side to side as he just knelt there looking at my clothed ass. Christ, I felt as sexy as hell. Those Victorian ladies sure knew how to dress for sex. The eroticism of the attire added so much to the enjoyment of the moment.

"Oh," I breathed as his hands returned to touch me and undo the buttons of the flap. He let if fall open and my bottom shivered as it was exposed to the cooler air in the room. I clasped my hands together and pressed my forehead on them as he slipped a hand into each side of the bloomers and pulled the opening further apart. Instinctively, I pushed my sex out towards him, wanting him to look at my most intimate self up close. He was kneading my ass and rotating his thumbs either side of my anus making me nearly swoon with delight as the blood rushed to my head.

Oh, hell. Was he going to...

I let out a muffled shriek as he suddenly leaned forward and licked me from my stiff clit up to the top of my ass crack. OH. MY GOD. I did a little on the spot rain dance as an electric shock shot all the way up my spine to explode into a shower of sparks in my head. I immediately felt myself flushing wetly down below. My pussy juice oozed from every pore until my vagina was slick and ready to go. He kept on licking and sucking me until I was panting and gasping as I tried desperately to hold my position.

He was gripping my ass hard. He had to because the damned thing had a mind of its own and there was nothing I could do to stop it twitching and bucking in his grasp as his oral loving of my cunt continued.

The climaxes came suddenly. One. Two. Three. One after the other and I knew I was flooding his mouth with my secretions. He didn't turn away. He stayed with his mouth pressed firmly against my sex and sucked down everything I had to give him.

My mind was ablaze. I felt my legs trembling as the muscles reacted to the wonderful heat flowing through me as another climax peaked and passed to leave me panting out loud. And we had barely started. I was already feeling the pace when I heard him get to his feet behind me and present his large penis to my already pulsing sex. Oh, wait. Give me a moment...

It was too late. He grabbed me by the hips and thrust his hard cock right up my quivering chute in one strong thrust. Oh fuck. I threw my head back and yelped out loud as he skewered me and I danced agonizingly on his long pole. He pushed harder and forced himself even deeper into me until the root of him kissed the lips of my pussy. I clasped my hands together as if in some desperate prayer as we both savored the first fuck of the day. He held me still and I could feel every twitch and throb of his organ way up inside me.

I tried to roll my buttocks to lift the pressure on my pelvic bone but I couldn't move as he kept me in place. He was pressing down so that my spine curved upwards giving him more access to the wet pouch of my whole sex.

"Like that?" I heard him say from somewhere above me.

"Uh huh," I groaned. I sure did, you big cocked bastard.

"Want me to fuck you harder?"

Oh shit yes. I was so far gone I didn't care.

He kept his word. He slid out of me quickly then returned in a slam dunk that had me squealing out loud. NO. NO. Noooooo. WAIT! AGGGH! Let me just. EEK! Then out again. Back in HARD. Out again. Back in HARDER. Until he was pounding me without mercy in our first animalistic "angry" fuck.

This was too much. My whole body jolted with his thrusts as he began to press forward so that I was forced further and further down onto the bed. My pussy ached with the assault of his cock. He was pounding me into the bed until I was flat on the mattress and he basically mounted me from behind and began fucking me with everything he had.

I was in the bright light again. All I knew was the ball of heat in my sex burned brighter and brighter with each thrust of him. I gave out a loud cry in sheer wanton delight as I came loud and long. I became that light and let the joy of it overwhelm me as my lover gave a final thrust and emptied himself deep within my sex. I gasped and smiled at him as he collapsed on top of me with an exhausted and satisfied groan.


"Do you want me naked?" I asked him.

I stood with my back to him as he undid the laces of my dress. We had taken a moment to recover from our first fuck before preparing for our next coming together. He had already unbound my hair and it fell in auburn waves across my shoulders and down my back.

He stood back and watched as I stepped out of the dress to leave me in my white chemise, bloomers, and stockings. I put the dress carefully on the back of a chair and returned to stand in front of him.

He shook his head. "No, I don't want you to take these off. I love looking at you dressed like this."

I raised my right hand and placed it flat over his heart feeling the dull throbbing of it against my palm. I smiled as I felt it speed up and slow down as he stood there watching what I was doing.

After a moment, he did the same and placed his hand on me as we both listened in silence to the thing that made us tick.

"Feel that?" I asked him.


"Only you can make it do that," I said as I let my eyes wander over him.

I let my hand drop to his slack penis and gently played with it. I moved against him and slipped my hand up and down his rubbery length in a slow sexy wank. I could already feel his heart pumping it into hardness.

I gracefully knelt down in front of him and continued to work on his cock as I ran my other hand up and down his thigh. He stiffened quickly as I leaned forward and licked him from head to root before pressing him up against his abdomen and then did the same to the underside of his member.

It was then I had an idea.

I let his organ drop and I got to my feet. "Won't be a second!" I told him, running out of my bedroom and down the stairs to our junk cupboard. Now, where was mom's sewing box?

I ran back upstairs and burst out laughing at the sight of Rick standing there in my bedroom looking slightly disturbed with both his hands covering his sex.

"Sorry," I said, biting my lip, "There's something I want to do. Hold still," I dropped back down in front of him, grabbed his swinging dick in my left hand to hold him straight out and rolled my mothers tape measure along the top with my right.

Just how big was he? Enquiring minds needed to know. I held the metal tipped end against his bloated purple head and counted each inch as we went, "Okay, let's see here. Five, six, um...six and a half, ooh seven, wow eight, eight and a bit!" I exclaimed.

Eight and a half inches. That was big right? I had no idea. I looked up at him to find him staring down at me. My face was completely pink as I asked him a silent question.

He shrugged self-consciously. "Er, I dunno. I think I read somewhere that over here five inches is the average."

Really? Oh, my. It looked like my man had it where it counted. Not that anything less would have been a problem at all. It was kind of cool to know what he was packing in those jeans of his. Just saying.

"So, now you know how big it is. What are you going to do about it?" he asked as he did his best Superman pose with his hands on his hips.

What was I going to do about it? I slowly licked my lips and looked up at him sexily. I'm going to suck you till you beg me to stop. And then I'm going to come back for more.

And that's exactly what I did.


It had just gone four and the only sound in my bedroom was the sound of our breathing. I lay flat on my back with my breasts rising and falling as I gasped for breath. I could hardly move. I was naked now. Those Victorian garments had long been stripped from me and tossed on a chair. Beside me, my lover was face down completely exhausted due to his exertions these past few hours and minutes.

Determined to improve my blowjob skills, I had blown him juicily until he spent himself in my sucking mouth. We rested again and I took the opportunity to raid the fridge for the bottled water which we gulped down in seconds to ease our thirst.

Once he was ready to go again, I had ridden him with the most intense fuck imaginable until he came with a strangled curse. He was blowing hard and lay crucified on the bed with his penis flopping around like a beached fish. He looked at the end of his tether. His face was flushed and he was twitching all over.

I rolled on top of him and rubbed myself wantonly against his damp skin. "Just one more," I whispered in his ear as I nibbled on it. I felt sexually voracious. At my peak. I couldn't get enough sex out of him. I needed him to satisfy me again.

He let out a long groan and closed his eyes as I slipped down to kick start his engine for another lap - hopefully.

This last time,  I spent an age coaxing another erection out of him. It took a double hand job and outstanding oral dexterity to stiffen him up and I lay on my side with him spooning me and shoving his delicious cock in and out of my slot until the last dregs of his spunk oozed out of him and into me.

We were done. At least he was. I could last all day. It was orgasm city in my well-filled womb. I idly wondered if mom had a secret vibrator hidden anywhere in her bedroom I could borrow later. Maybe I should ask her. Now there was a thing.

I sat up and ran both hands through my wild hair and down over both breasts which felt raw with each abused nipple still blood hard. For a second, I thought he'd fallen asleep and I gently shook his shoulders making him groan out loud.

"Leave me alone. I ache all over!" he complained, "I can't feel my dick!"

I started to giggle and slipped off the bed to go take a quick shower.


I opened the fridge door and gasped at the blast of cold air as I stood there totally naked looking for something to eat because I had an appetite to die for.

I reached in, grabbed some sliced ham from a container, the butter, some vegetable spread to add to the taste and closed the door as I hopped from one foot to the other shivering slightly. I took everything over to the bench where the bread was kept and got to making us a sandwich each.

"Need a hand?" asked Rick, yawning as he wandered into the kitchen to come stand behind me and give me a kiss on the left cheek.

I shook my head. "No, nope. I'm fine. We're fine. Won't take a minute."

He did a tour of the kitchen and it was then I realized we were both naked. In my house. In the kitchen. Making sandwiches as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Luckily, the kitchen window looked out into our garden which was bordered by large trees and bushes.

As I buttered the bread, I glanced over at him as he stood to check out our larder with his back to me. I looked him up and down and got this big stupid grin on my face as my attention fell on his tight ass. All in all, he was pretty God damned fit. If he turned around, I'd probably forget all about making us something to eat.

Oh, shush. Listen to you. You little sexpot. Let the man rest. He'd done more than enough to earn his sandwich. He had done a man's job this day. Still, the thought of both of us wandering around in the nude brought on a fit of the giggles. He turned around and I burst out laughing. Oh God. Ha ha ha.

"What?" he smiled as he spread his arms wide and looked down at himself.

I put the knife down, turned and leaned back against the bench. Oh boy, he looked so good and silly. Men would never not be funny when their be all and end all is dangling down like that. Stop it, woman. I had to bite my lip to shut up.

It was his turn to look me up and down. I loved that way he just appreciated me as his lover. A sort of "you're mine" attitude that made your heart skip a beat. I had a pretty good figure. Good tits. Firm thighs. Tight eager beaver. Great ass. Long legs. Fucking outstanding as Sally had once put it.

I watched him intently as he walked over to the kitchen sink and took the small radio which was on the window sill. He turned it on and went up and down the dial looking for stations. Most were either news or current pop channels but then the sound of an old time big band melody burst out of the small speaker. He put the radio back on the sill and turned to me as the mood music filled the room.

To my complete surprise, he took my hands in his and pulled me close until we were touching with my swollen breasts tingling delightfully against the hairs on his chest. He then led me out onto the kitchen floor and we began to slowly dance like they did in those vintage movies of yesteryear.

He put his cheek against mine as we moved together in an intimate waltz as the late afternoon sun shone in through the window. He lifted my right hand to him and I did a little twirl under his arm and came back close to him as we both smiled at each other as we danced around in the nude.

This was perfect. I was just floating dreamily in his arms and didn't want the music to end. Somehow, we knew this was the moment. It was just us. Together. The sound faded and we kissed each other tenderly as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Love you," I whispered.

"Not as much as I love you," he grinned.

Then he did something that I would never forget. He went over to the fridge and took out a can of coke. He opened it, snapped off the ring pull and removed the tab. I looked at him puzzled. What was he doing?

He turned and came to stand before me. He was up to something. Something important. Then he knelt at my feet, took my hand in his and slipped the metal ring onto my finger as I gasped out loud.

"I'm going to marry you one day, Jen," he said with feeling, "If you'll have me."

I couldn't breathe. I was nearly hiccupping with fright. I stared at the metal ring on my finger and the way he was gently rubbing the top of my hand with his thumb. I was completely choked up and just let out this long "Ohhhhhhhh!" of surprise.

What are you talking about? Of course, I'll have you, you twit. Oh, my. I had a major case of the vapours and was a quivering bundle of shivers. I knelt down and lifted our hands between us.

"Are you asking me now?"

He blinked and nodded. "Consider this a dry run."

"Good," I said firmly, "Don't ever expect me to say no."

And I didn't. Everything that happened subsequently was as it was meant to be and just as wonderful as I had imagined it.


The End of Days.

There was a gentle breeze dancing through the trees as I bent down and placed the flowers on his grave.

The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks was the only thing to be heard as we all stood paying our respects. He was now forever where he always wanted to be with his stone facing out to the sea as I looked up into the deep blue sky and remembered all the good times we had shared during our fifty-five years together.

Those years had been filled with love, laughter, and children. I stood up and brushed down my skirt as I stepped back onto the grass.

"Mom?" said a voice behind me to my left.

I turned to see both of my daughters standing there behind me. Born mere minutes apart. Eve and Juliette. Auburn haired twins who turned out to be a reflection of me. Behind them, stood their own children. Two boys and a girl for Eve. A boy and a girl for Juliette. All the girls bore some of my essence in them. The "Jennifer" bloodline would continue long into the future when they had children of their own.

I turned to my right where Sally and Debbie were standing. Each holding flowers for my late husbands grave. We were still the three musketeers and they had been my constant companions throughout my life as we had grown old together. I still smiled at the memory of when they first told me they were an item. Their marriage had been a most wonderful affair.

They both came to me and we hugged and kissed as good friends do and I watched as they laid their flowers on the marble plinth.

Over head, the clouds rolled in from across the sea and a light rain began to fall as we all made our way out of Church Point cemetery to return home.



It was another ten years before the bright light came for me one cold Winters morning in early December. My time had come to an end and the life I lived became a cherished memory for those held close and dear.

I stood for a moment surrounded by that light and waited.

Then I saw them. Walking towards me like white ghosts. I smiled as they took shape in front of my eyes and surrounded me with their love. My parents. Grandparents. Relations. Those long gone. My Gran hugged me and then turned to hold out her hand for someone.

Her own mother came out of the light and she was as beautiful as I remembered her in that photo I had seen so long ago. My ethereal twin. She smiled at me and placed a finger against her lips as everyone turned to look into the distance as if waiting for someone. That someone who I had missed the most in life.

When I saw him I started to cry as he came up to me. We were both young again and he took my hands in his.

"Hey, you." he smiled.

"Hey, you yourself," I whispered as we looked into each other's eyes. He kissed me on the lips as the bright light slowly faded and we all stood in a field of grass that stretched as far as the eye could see.

We held hands as we walked together into eternity.


The End.

Hope you enjoyed this story.

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