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EROTIC STORY: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX part 4.

4: Her port in any storm.

The tide had turned, with the sea lapping at our bare feet as we walked hand in hand along the shoreline towards the stone jetty, where children played and boats were moored.

Rick stopped and raised his hand to shield his eyes from the bright sun as he looked across the horizon to where the white swell of crashing waves burst upon the rocks off Church Point. "One day," he promised, "I'm going to live in a place like this. Away from everything."

"You are such the romantic," I smiled as I snuggled in close to him, still clasping his hand in mine. And he was. And that was what I loved most about him. It was always about the small things. The things he did without thinking that made you smile.

"What about you?" he asked.

I twiddled my toes, enjoying the feel of wet sand beneath them, "Hmmm, what about me what?"

"What's your 'one day when'?"

To be with you, silly. I go where you go. Isn't that obvious?

"It doesn't matter where I am, what I'm doing, so long as I'm happy," I replied. Life would take me wherever she meant for me to go. He just looked at me and smiled. I was happy now, so, maybe, I had already arrived.

There were groups of people, mostly families with children, spread out along the beach as we just wandered on our way. As we passed them by, some of them began to notice me and look in my direction, pretending not to stare. Men and boys of all ages and I had to bite my lip as so many of them automatically sucked in their guts and stuck out their chests when they saw me glance their way.

"Thank God, you're not wearing a bikini," Rick whispered in my ear, "There'd be a riot."

I gave him a stern look and we both laughed as we walked on.


A stiff onshore breeze suddenly caught us by surprise and we twisted away from it, with my summer skirt billowing up around my thighs. I laughed and shrieked as I grabbed at it and tried to pull it down as he let go of my hand and stood back, smiling at my little adventure.

I gave him a look as it exposed my upper thighs, crotch, and backside to all and sundry. "Well, don't just stand there!" I laughed, trying to not attract attention to myself more than there already was. I imagined several onlookers were already reaching for their binoculars or fiddling around trying to find zoom on their mobiles.

He held up his hands. "I'd rather just admire the view," he grinned as I splashed and paddled around bare footed in the shallows.

"Oh, you!" I gasped, finally managing to cover my modesty as I ran up the sand to stand there with one hand pressing down my skirt and the other holding on to my floppy white hat.

Our eyes met and that easy loving warmth passed between us. The way he looked at me made me feel so many wonderful things. I stared boldly back at him as he followed me up the beach to where we had left our basket with our sandwiches and drinks in it.

"Did you like that?" I whispered, teasing him as I sat down on our blanket.

He stood over me, looking down. The sun was high behind him and to me, he was a giant, silent silhouette. I slowly lifted my right leg and ran my big toe up and down his lower left leg suggestively, "Do you like what you see?"

He crouched down and took my bare foot in his hand. He gently rubbed the instep with his thumb as he continued to look at me. "You are magnificent," he said suddenly.

Oh. Oh, now that is absolutely the right thing to say right now. I glowed all over at his words, knowing that he meant every single one of them. I just nodded, feeling slightly, blissfully awkward. That delicious wave of being wanted and belonging washed over me again.

"The other day," he began, "That first time in your bedroom. When we..." he paused, "when we did that thing. Did I do it right?"

That thing. You did far more than just doing it right, Buster.

I nodded. "Yes."

He breathed out slowly. "Why?" he asked, "Why that?" He let go of my foot and came to sit beside me on the blanket.

We hadn't really talked about the spanking thing since it happened. I guess he wanted some explanation and reason why I asked him to do it. I looked out across the sea as the sun sparkled and glittered on the surface. Hmmmmm, okay. Where to begin?

"I can't tell you why because I don't truly know why. I just needed and wanted to go through that experience. All I know is, I just had to do it to satisfy something within me. Something that had always been within me. I don't know," I sighed, "I just felt this feeling of being completely satisfied after we had done it."

He just nodded. "Okay. I think I get it."

"What about you?" I asked him. Yeah, what about him? What little treats did he like? I had never really thought about the things he might like. I felt a sudden naughty thrill at trying to discover his hidden desires.

"What about me?" he frowned as his cheeks turned a deep pink.

Ah! Oooh, now then. This was starting to get interesting. What really turned him on? What were the things that made his juices flow? That oiled the wheels of his locomotion.  I watched him as he pressed his lips together, trying to avoid looking me in the eye.

"Tell me lies," I said softly to him, "Tell me all your sweet little lies."


The long slip of golden sands stretched before us into the distance as we walked hand in hand looking for a secluded spot amongst the dunes. He was squeezing my hand rhythmically, in time to the fast beating of my heart as he carried our basket with our things in it in the other.

I glanced over at him. The sea breeze ruffled his thick brown hair as I studied his face in profile, and I smiled to myself as I gripped his hand tighter. Oh, those secrets of his. Who knew? It looked like I'd have to make some plans for our future adventures. Those plans were going to be so much fun to do!
But first, there was this first little secret.

"Do you want to do that now?" I had whispered in his ear. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head when I asked him that. It took a moment for him to realize I was being serious. The thought of doing something like that was quite the thrill and sent a shiver through my bones.

He stopped and pointed. "Over there."

I suddenly felt my heart begin to thump harder against my rib-cage and my juices begin to flow.


Above me, the shrill cries of seagulls echoed as they soared in lazy circles and rode serenely on the rising thermals as I laid back on the patchwork blanket he had laid out for us.

His shadow covered me as he lay by my side and leaned over to kiss me lovingly on the lips. We were hidden in a valley between two sand dunes with the real world a long way in the distance, both physically and mentally. I felt his left hand resting on me for a moment and then slowly begin to move lower until it was gently rubbing my sex through my skirt and panties. I smiled against his lips as his fingers slipped under the hem, and I gasped as he pulled the crotch of my underwear to one side, leaving him free to rub and explore my pussy.

We were still butterfly kissing and I moaned quietly as he found my clit and rubbed his thumb over it, making me jump and squirm under his easy masturbation. Oh, my. This was something special. The rise and fall of my sex became more and more urgent and I arched my head back as the deep warmth of my climax approached. I squeezed my eyes firmly shut and reached down to grab his hidden hand through my skirt.

"Don't stop," I gasped, "Please don't stop."

His eyes were shining as he watched me responding to his hand as it brought me to my peak. The crashing waves within me matched those washing upon the shore, and his mouth quickly covered mine as I was about to cry out loud when he slipped a finger inside the folds of my wet slot. I twitched and twisted as I tried desperately to capture the moment and hold it close. My vagina dissolved herself into a well of sensitivity, and I tried to push his hand away as it still rubbed me through my come.

"Shhh," he whispered, trying to calm me down, "Easy."

My breathing came in short pants as the bright white light faded and I slowly opened my eyes to find him staring down at me.

"Hey you," I gasped, as I swallowed hard with my surroundings coming back into focus. His hand was gone from under my skirt and it lay on my stomach, caressing me as I calmed down.

He grinned and kissed me on the tip of my nose. "Hey you, yourself."

The man was a cad. He knew every which way to turn me. All the right moves in all the right places. He could play and strum me like an old man's fiddle and still have me wanting more.

He looked towards the far end of the dunes. "Maybe we should be getting back in case anyone comes," he started to say as he eased off me and tried to sit up.

Oh, no no no. You don't get away that easy, Buster. Not after what you just did. You stoked the fire. Now I was the one to make it burn brighter for both of us.

I suddenly rolled us both over and quickly rose up to get on top of him. Once sat astride him, I leaned down to kiss him passionately on the mouth. He frowned slightly as I slipped my hands between us and began to undo the front of his jeans. His eyes widened as I reached into his boxers and fished out his now-growing, startled cock.

"Not finished with you yet!" I promised him with a knowing grin.

He reached up and grabbed me by the shoulders as he watched me rummaging around under my skirt which kept us both covered. His cock was throbbing hard in no time and I pulled my panties down to mid-thigh and adjusted my crotch so that I could push his member up into my vitals.

I laid flat on him as our lips found each other again and we both grunted as his engorged length slipped and slithered easily up into my depths with one smooth stroke. My breath caught in my throat as I squirmed to adjust to the size of him fully inside of me. He felt huge. Immense.

"Like that?" I whispered sexily as teased him by squeezing him from head to root. I could feel him throbbing urgently within me as the exhibitionist nature of our fuck added spice to the moment.

He reached around me and hugged me to him as I ground my hips against his pelvic bone, trying to suck the seed out of him in the most erotic way possible.

He thrust up and I bounced on him as we lay on the sands entwined, oblivious to everything around us but our all consuming lust. He hugged me even tighter and I knew he was close. I lifted both hands to his head and grabbed him by the hair and watched intently as his eyes turned black with desire and he grunted out his ejaculation inside of me.

I could barely breathe as I felt the first splash of his spunk flush up against the walls of my slot and wash them with the heat of him.

We gazed in love at each other, the meeting of soulmates as we shared that most intimate of things between us. Against me, I could hear the rattling of his breath, the heaving of his chest and the pounding of his heart as the world around us came back into view.

"Hey you," I smiled at him as he blinked away the haze as he lay gasping beneath me.

He wrapped me in his arms and said he didn't ever want to let me go.


A short while later,

Rick sat on the sand watching me as I stood before him brushing down my skirt and adjusting my blouse. He didn't say anything but pursed his lips in a secret smile.

"What?" I said to him.

He shook his head, "Nothing, I just love looking at you, that's all," He got to his feet, picked up my floppy white hat and put it on my head, "C'mon," he said, taking my hand in his as I picked up our things, "Let's get you home."

Out to sea, the sun was slowly going down and the horizon was radiant under a deep red and orange glow. Beautiful. Red sky at night. A lovers delight.

We made our way through the sand dunes back to his car. It had been the most wonderful Saturday with him as we walked hand in hand. I could feel him inside me. That precious warm feeling he had given me and which I still held.

I smiled to myself as I glanced up at him. He looked happy. He looked satisfied. We were at ease now in our relationship.

I had plans to make. Things to do. Before Tuesday, when we would be together again under my roof. Back in my bedroom. The two of us in my bed.


End of part 4. Part 5 is just about done. Enjoying doing this one and got a few idea's for further chapters. Been going over some of my old spank fiction from way back. The early"The Spanking Agency" series stories are really rough so I quite fancy re-writing those. Sexier and funnier is my motto. Coal Miners Wife is pretty poor too.

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