Friday, 14 July 2017

Erotic Story: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: Part 2.

2: The passion flower.

The bus pulled into the college stop and I gathered my things together to get off and head in for the first lesson of the week. It was Monday and the first hint of Autumn was in the air.

Despite the bustle of students around me going about their daily routine, I was in a world of my own. Everything seemed different somehow. Everything was different. As if I had stepped through a door into a much larger existence. I stopped, closed my eyes and breathed deeply of the September air.

I opened them to find Sally standing at the college gates waiting for me. She just gave me a look as I came and stood before her. I pursed my lips trying not to grin like a loon. Her smile widened into a pearly white grin as she gave me a huge hug and slipped her arm through mine as we walked together into the building.


As we made our way along the corridor to the classroom, I suddenly hesitated as a wave of self-doubt washed over me. Sally turned to me wondering if something was wrong.

"I'm alright," I reassured her. "I just. Would you? Can you see if he's already there?" I asked her weakly.

She gave my arm a squeeze and skipped away as I stood watching and waiting nervously. My heart was beating so fast in my chest and thundering in my ears. What was I going to say to him? What would he say to me? Do I give him a hug? A peck on the cheek? A proper "oh my god, I want to eat you alive!" kiss? In class? In front of everyone? Maybe I should just smile. Or ignore him. Oh, good grief.

I looked at Sally who gave me a thumbs up.

Oh hell, here we go.

I entered class walking like I had lead in my boots and was blushing like no tomorrow. As I got to the bottom of the steps, life sort of went into slow motion as I came to a stop. Instinctively, my attention was drawn to where he was sitting. He was staring at me. His blue-green eyes fixed brazenly on me as I slowly climbed one stair at a time.

I couldn't look away and everything around us just faded away into nothingness. I stopped two steps below where he sat.

He was still looking at me and now that I was closer to him I could see that the same thoughts of our first encounter were on his mind too.

What to say? What to do?

It felt like I was drowning as we continued to look at each other for what felt like an eternity but was probably only a minute or so.

Oh, you sweet man. The taker of my virginity. With that deliciously large appendage of yours. The ache was still there. I could feel it. A dull throbbing in the depths of my sex. For me, there was nothing to say. The love in my eyes said it all.

He suddenly got to his feet and I took an instinctive step back and down in surprise. There was something in the way he was looking at me that made me shiver with unease.

Uh oh. What was he going to do?

I had slipped off my backpack and held it nervously in front of me as he stepped out of his row and slowly came down to stand in front of me as my eyes got wider and wider.

The class was filling up. Most everyone had taken their seats and Miss Elsender was at her desk looking busy.

Then he came to me and I gasped out loud as he drew me to him and placed his lips on mine in a long deep kiss that had me bending back over his arm which held me tightly to him.

I had no idea how long the kiss lasted as he finally lifted his lips from mine and released me from its thrall. My eyes were closed as I swayed back and forth and dropped my bag at my feet in shock.

Unknown to me, he had taken the opportunity to slip something in my pocket.

"Hey you," he smiled as I stood there completely befuddled.

Whu.. what? Did he just do that? Whatever happened to the shrinking violet? The shy guy who wouldn't say boo to a goose? It was then the dream faded and I suddenly realized that everyone EVERYONE was staring at me in total silence.

I reached up and pressed my fingers to my lips. Oh. Uh. Okay. That happened.

Thank God for Sally.

She skipped forward, picked up my bag and dragged me to our seats giving Rick a "what the hell was that?" grin.

She helped me out of my coat as my head still buzzed loudly like it was full of punch-drunk bees. Everyone was still staring until the teacher called for attention. I still felt like I'd been hit with the stupid hammer. Slowly, I came to my senses.

I twisted in my seat to look up at Rick.

He was pretending everything was normal but I could tell he was trying hard to keep a straight face. He was probably more surprised than me that he had done something like that. He glanced down and gave me a knowing smile looking like a ten-year-old who'd been caught doing something he shouldn't.

I just stared at him like he had lost his mind and said - much too loudly - "WHAT?!"


I sat and steamed all lesson. Three whole flipping hours of it. What made it worse was Sally who sat beside me full of the joys of Spring and much amused at my reaction.

"What's wrong?" she asked, leaning in so we were touching shoulders. "That was sweet and totally awesome. The looks on everyone's faces!" she grinned.

Debbie on her left nodded enthusiastically.

I took a deep breath. "Listen. Look, I mean, okay, it was nice. But not here. Not in front of the whole class!"

Sally sat chewing her gum occasionally looking up at Rick who was doing whatever it was he was doing. She turned her attention back to me and I could tell what was going through her mind.

"What was it like?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

Debbie looked puzzled for a second until the penny dropped and her mouth fell open in surprise. Oh good grief.

I turned pink and started twiddling my pen around my fingers. "Nice," I mumbled. "It was nice."

NICE? It had been WAY more than nice. It had been the best thing ever. I was still feeling him more than twenty-four later and it was absolutely divine.

Sally just smiled and gave my hand a squeeze. "Alright, we can take a hint." She looked over at the girl sat to her left. "We'll have to get her drunk and tickle it out of her." Debbie giggled and nodded.

"Ladies." said Miss Elsender who was sat at her desk looking up at us gossiping. "Plenty of time for chat later. Back to work if you please. Oh, and Miss Hanson," she added. "A word at the end of the lesson."

It was almost a relief to get back stuck into Macbeth.



The noon bell rang and class evacuated en masse as I packed my things away and went down to see what the teacher wanted.

It turned out it was something to do with my registration that needed to be verified and I needed to confirm a couple of details. No big deal. Behind me, Sally and Debbie were waiting in the corridor. I looked back to see Rick whisper something to Debbie before disappearing.

Once I was done with Miss Elsender, I went out to meet my friends. I glanced down the corridor and tilted my head at Debbie wondering what he had said to her.

"He said he'd see you down in the cafeteria." she said breathlessly.

Oh, he did did he.

"Maybe we should tag along," said Sally enthusiastically. "Just in case."

Debbie was bouncing up and down on the spot like an over excited Jack in the Box. "Uh huh. We should. We really should!"

As if either of them wouldn't do that anyway. No doubt our little "smooch" earlier was already humming through the college grape vine.

I sighed and nodded. "Don't say a word, OKAY?"


He was sat in the far corner away from the main tables where the students and teachers were having their lunches. He was eating a sandwich and drinking a can of coke as he looked up and saw me.

Taking a deep breath and ignoring the looks of the other students, I made my way over to him with Sally and Debbie in tow. When we reached his table I pointed to an empty one in the next row across. "You two," I ordered. "Sit there." Both of them made a face but did as they were told.

Then I pulled out a chair and sat down to face him.

"You look mad." he said suddenly as he sat back in his chair with an amused expression on his face.

I gathered myself up and stared at him. Mad? I wasn't mad. I felt uncomfortable that was all. Out of safe space. I had always been the type who liked to know where I was, why I was there, and what was going on.

"Why did you do that?" I blurted out. "In class. In front of everyone?"

He looked unsure of himself suddenly and his eyes dropped to his hands. He gave a slight shrug. "Because I wanted to," he replied simply. "Because I haven't stopped thinking about you since Saturday."

Sally stood up suddenly and looked out of the window towards the road. "Jen, don't you need to go? Your bus is pulling up!"

Damn it. I did have to go. I had promised mom I'd go shopping with her. I turned to him. "Okay, alright. I understand. I was just a little shocked that was all. Look, I need to go and we really REALLY need to talk. Wednesday about twelve thirty in the Library, okay?"

He nodded. "Okay."

Sally and Debbie had already made their way to the college entrance to wait for me. I got up and gave him a slightly awkward wave and ran off feeling his eyes on me as I disappeared. I slipped my back pack over my shoulders as I ran up to my friends.

"Are you alright?" asked Sally.

"Yeah, I just got a bit," I made a face. "You know," The bus had just pulled up to the stop to let the passengers off. Okay, I needed to get going. We'd talk the talk Wednesday.

I gave Sally a hug and was about to do the same with Debbie when she put a hand up to her mouth like something had just occurred to her.

"Oh," she gasped. "Your pocket. He told me he had put something in your coat pocket. I forgot."

My pocket?

I stuck both hands into either one and rummaged around until I pulled a folded slip of paper from the left one. Huh?

I carefully opened it and read what it said.

Suddenly all was right with the world.


Rick looked up as I walked through the cafeteria towards him with a determination that matched the rush of desire in my heart.

There was no one else in the place other than him.

Curious glances turned to deliberate staring as I stopped in front of him with my chest heaving. He frowned slightly for the look I gave him would stop most men in their tracks. It had done so many times before. He noticed the other students looking at our little drama and muttered a hesitant "Hey you, I thought,"

I stepped around the table, took a firm grip of his hands and pulled him out of his seat until we were standing face to face.

It felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest and I was blushing like an early Spring rose. My eyes fixed on his mouth.

"Hey you," I whispered before slipping both arms around his neck and pulling his surprised face down to mine where I then kissed him so passionately it felt like I was going to faint dead away.

He stood there with his arms slumped down by his side and mumbling a muffled "HHhhhmmmmmmfffhh!" as I finally lifted my lips from his.

Panting slightly, I took a moment to calm down before I slowly removed myself from around his neck. Then I did an about turn and walked out of the cafeteria with my head held high and the whole place gawping after me with my boyfriend standing there looking like he'd lost all sense of rhyme and reason.

Sally and Debbie were stood at the exit looking at me with open mouths. "WoooooooW!" gasped Debbie as I walked between the two and out of the college towards the bus stop.

In my pocket was the slip of paper where he had written "I love you too." on it.


Wednesday was the talk the talk day.

I was a bundle of nerves as I sat in the Library waiting for him. I kept glancing at my reflection in the window hoping things were going to work out between us.

I had put some serious thought into how I looked and the impression I wanted to make on him. I had dressed to kill. Black from head to toe. Vee necked sweater, black knee length skirt, black stockings and black low heeled shoes.

My hair was pulled back and bound with a centre parting fringe curling back behind my ears which had two small silver studs in them. Yup, I meant business. When I put my mind to it I could stop traffic.

From the moment I had left the house, got on the bus - the driver actually swapped his spectacles when I stepped up and asked for a ticket, got off the bus, and walked into college I was the centre of attention. It was like the parting of the red sea as I made my way up to the Library.

To sit twiddling my thumbs. This conversation would have been so different if he hadn't given me that note. I felt hot just thinking about it and what I did after I read it.

The Library was mostly empty. A couple of people sat at terminals and the Librarian was pushing a trolley around and returning books to their correct shelves. I began to feel anxious as I looked at my watch. Where was he?

Then I saw him and my heart flipped over happily. He looked nice. Really nice. My God, I loved looking at him. Just taking him in. The way he moved. The way he carried himself in that slightly defferential shy way he had that was as charming as hell.  I raised a hand and he walked over to where I was sitting.

"Hey you," he smiled.

I smilled back. "Hey you yourself." Oh, those tingly tingles were starting again.

He pulled out a seat and was about to sit opposite me. No, not there. I gave him a "what are you doing?" look and reached for the chair. I pulled it around until it was side by side with mine. "Here, beside me." I said.

"Ah, okay," he said blushing. He dropped his bag on the table and did as he was told - which made me bite my lower lip as my belly did a flop. He coughed slightly as he shuffled around awkwardly.

I leaned into him and placed my hand on his thigh under the desk. That worked. He sort of turned pink as I gave him a suggestive squeeze.

"We need to talk." I began as I moved closer to him.

He nodded. "Yeah. I know. I just, you know, don't find this easy."

"Well, I'll go first," I replied softly. I took a deep breath. This one was from the heart. "I need you to understand what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling. These past few days have been like an emotional rollercoaster for me. I just need you to,"

My eyes were drawn to his mouth. I couldn't resist no matter how hard I tried. We were so close it was a simple matter of lifting my face to his and kissing him. The kiss was tender and warm. We put our forehead's together, both of us grinning at each other in our own secret world. What I wanted to say came out in a mad rush.

"That day, in my Grandmothers bedroom, I loved what you did to me. The way you made me feel when you.. you," Our eyes met and we both drowned in the memory. "Fucked me. I loved that you took my virginity. I loved everything about what we did. I loved that note. I need you to know that I love you more than words can say and that I need for you to give me more." I whispered as I kissed him again.

He took my hand and, to my surprise, placed a set of keys in the palm before closing my fingers over them.  He then lifted my hand to his lips with his other hand reaching up to stroke the side of my face.

"I know," he breathed as he looked at me. "Ditto."

I opened my hand and looked at the keys which were attached to a ring with a red plastic tab. I flipped the tab over and there was a number on it.

"47?" I asked him.

He took my hand and closed my fingers over the keys again.

"The room number." he said, looking at me. He seemed nervous. "I booked a motel room for tomorrow. You have a free day and I'm not at work till late so I thought we could, you know, be together. Just me and you," I could see the rise and fall of his chest as he gripped my hand tighter. "I need to fuck you again, Jennifer. It's all I've been thinking about."

He stopped talking and waited.

I pulled him to me and whispered in his ear. "Ten o'clock sharp. Pick me up here outside the College. I'll be ready for you," I moved my lips until they were nearly touching his. "I need you to fuck me too, Rick. This time we need to do so much more to each other."

True love ways. Never denied.


Sweet Dreams Motel - I kid you not - was a two storey lump of concrete and dry wall on the outskirts of the big city. A traditional piece of Americana with a huge neon sign flickering away telling everyone the place still had vacancies.

We pulled into the lot and parked in the far corner. Rick turned off the engine and undid his seat belt. "Well, here we are."

Here I go again. Round number two. From the moment he had pulled up outside the college, I could already feel that heady sense of electric anticipation beginning to rise inside of me.

I got out of the car and went to stand beside him as he looked up at one of the apartments on the first floor.

"Number 47," he nodded. "I made sure the rooms under us and to each side were empty. Got lucky. Time of year I guess. You okay?" he asked, taking my hand.

I just nodded as I slipped his hand in mine.


Number 47 was as basic as they come.

A double bed. A small table with a cheap alarm clock and a plastic lamp with a chinese patterned shade on it. An old school tv with a remote in the corner. Couple of wooden chairs. Beige telephone and so on. Fresh bedding and towels were laid out on the bed.

I stood in the middle of the room clutching my bag as I watched him check out the kitchen and bathroom.

"Rick," I said softly as he stopped and looked at me. My libido was having a party inside me and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of pure lust. "I don't think I can wait any longer. I feel like I'm going to pee myself."

No kidding. I could feel my sex beginning to hum and throb as my slot lubricated herself. Good grief, if he so much as breathed on me I'd go off like a firecracker on the fourth of July. I had been a steaming bag of pent up sexuality for these past couple of days and my whole body was vibrating to the sound of its beat.

He went over to the window, pulled the blinds shut and switched on the light which cast a weird yellowish electric glow in the centre of the room above the double bed.

Removing his coat, he tossed it over the back of a chair and came to stand in front of me. I had already removed mine and stood rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

"My turn first," he smiled as he grasped the bottom of my red sweater and pulled it over my head then tossed it onto the same chair.

"Untie your hair," he ordered as he began to undo the buttons on the front of my plain white blouse. With each button unfastened more of me was revealed to him and I saw the light in his eyes tinge with desire flushed with lust.

I slipped off the blouse and let my arm's fall to my side as he stared at my enhanced breasts sat stuffed into my black bra.

"Take it off." he said.

His gaze was fixed on my chest as I reached behind me and undid the clasp. I shrugged my shoulders and the garment fell away onto the floor at my feet.

"Really nice tits," he murmured to himself as he reached for them with both hands. He spread his fingers over each one with my flesh oozing between them like he was making some erotic dish. He weighed them, pushing them up against my rib cage and teased each aching nipple with his thumbs.

Oh geez. I dropped my head back and closed my eyes enjoying the tingling sensations as he gently kneaded each mound. He bent forward and used his mouth on both rosy summits and sucked on them hungrily until they glistened wetly and I had to hold onto his shoulder to steady myself.

Once sated, he sat on the end of the bed and pulled me to him so that I stood between his legs.

I smiled inside at his determination. His insistence. He was in charge and I kinda loved it. His right hand went to the zipper of my skirt and he eased it down.

"Turn around." I turned. "Bend forward, Jen." I bent forward.

Oh, here we go.

He began tugging the skirt over my hips and bottom then stopped.

My head was down and I was hidden under the canopy of my long auburn hair. I smiled as I heard him grunt and mumble something to himself. The skirt fell to my feet and I stepped out of it as I held my position for him.

I had chosen to wear a black thong with matching stockings and suspenders and I imagined his eyes were popping out of his head right about now.

MMmmmh. Oh, that was nice. I felt him kiss both bottom cheeks then take one in each hand and pull them apart leaving me completely sexually exposed for him. Oh my, this was really naughty. He tugged me further apart and I felt my asshole stretching in the most erotic way.

Then he suddenly let go of me and jumped to his feet breathing hard as he put his hands on my bare shoulders.

"Get on your knee's. Take me out." He looked red eyed and flushed as I slipped down in front of him and began to undo his belt and open the front of his jeans.

I glanced up at him as he pulled his shirt over his head and threw it across the room. We stared at each other as I pulled down his zip and helped him out of his pants. He stood there in a smart pair of dark blue briefs that were stretched obscenely due to his growing erection.

He was about to remove them when I stopped him.

"No!" I said firmly. "No, I want to do this."

He nodded. He was blinking rapidly and I could feel him shaking. "Be careful. I'm pretty much ready to go."

I settled myself and licked my lips. Me too I hummed to myself.

I let my eyes roam over him as he stood there naked before me. He had a slightly stooped frame. He wasn't muscular or toned but was defined and compact for his size. He was no Joe Sixpack but for me he didn't need to be. For me, he was perfect.

My attention dropped to his firm erection that lay hidden and twitched in front of my face. My mouth felt suddenly dry and I could feel my pussy singing to me wanting to be fed. But I needed to do this for him. We had all the time in the world to fuck. I just had this insatiable urge to do him this way.

I pulled his briefs slowly down over his trembling thighs and my eyes widened as his impatient cock came into view. Once free, it sprang out and drooped down to gently sway under its own weight.

My blood was pounding now. I was breathing in short mewling gasps as I tentively took hold of him at his root and lifted him up and away from his hanging testicles. I was rapt. Eyes wide as I examined his throbbing sex. His balls looked huge in their wrinkled sac and his member radiated a volcanic heat in my grasp. He was fat. Like an over stuffed sausage with my fingers barely reaching around his girth.

I drew my hand down and the head of his penis emerged from its hood already moist with a coat of morning dew. It was then I smelt his arousal. Pungent. Insistent. Hormonal. I had the overwhelming urge to taste it.

Above me, he was breathing hard as I lifted my eyes to his.

"Do you want me to suck it?" I whispered.

If he said no I'd be really REALLY disappointed.


How to describe my first cock sucking?

I bent forward and kissed the tip savouring my first taste of his musk. A flick of my tongue. Then another.Then a long slow lick all around his engorged head and I sat back on my haunches with my tits rising and falling in excitement.

That... wasn't so bad. This I could do. And enjoy beyond words.

I rose again and opened my mouth for him and carefully eased the head between my lips as he groaned loudly. I held him still as I got used to having a cock in my mouth for the first time. I began to suck him, slowly at first, then with more pressure.

Now and again I let him slip out of my mouth as I licked him in the round from head to root as I toyed with his balls.

He reached for me and placed his hand on the back of my head as his passion grew, pulling me towards him as he flexed the muscles in his thighs and began to fuck my mouth.

I sucked harder. Much harder. I knew he was close. Do I pull away and let him come on my face or my breasts? No. I had to taste his sperm. I wanted him to know what I was ready to do for him. His pleasure. My pleasure.

He gave a sudden grunt and he pushed further into my mouth and jammed himself against the back of my throat. I snorted and drew a sharp breath as he gripped my hair and held me in place.

His first spurt spat out and quickly filled my mouth with a thick sludge of yeast like juice. A second grunt followed and I found myself swallowing as he emptied himself with involuntary twitches of lust. He came much more than I thought he would. A third and fourth grunt gave way to an oozing dribble as I pulled my mouth slightly back and let the head of his cock rest and twitch on my tongue.

My mouth and lips were completely coated in his spend. I sucked on him gently making sure I drained every drop out of him. Then I let him go and sat back with my breasts heaving as I gasped for breath.

He immediately fell back onto the bed like a toppling tree. His cock flopping wetly back against his stomach, the head still just about covering his belly button. "Huh holy shit!" he said out loud as he stared at the ceiling trying to slow the beating of his heart.

I knelt there licking my lips considering whether or not I liked the taste of his spunk. It was sharp. Tart. Like whipped cream topping. It was different. But it was him. His stuff. And that was the only thing that mattered in the end.

He sat up and looked down at me as I suddenly felt a little self concious.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

He got up and I watched him go naked over to the bag he brought into the room with him. He handed me a coke. "I thought you might need this. Uh, you know, just in case you didn't like the uh, you know,"

He helped me to my feet and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

We both glanced down at his dick which was already twitching back to life as if it had a mind of its own - which it probably did.

"That was," he breathed. "Fucking awesome. I never thought it would be that good."

"My pleasure," I grinned as I held up the can of coke. "As for needing this," I tossed it back in the bag. "You taste absolutely fine."

He made a face as I kissed him on the lips which made me smile against his mouth. That I had brought him such pleasure made my heart ache with happiness. But now there was something I needed. Something that wouldn't be denied any longer.

I slipped from him and sat on the bed as he stood over me watching.  I twisted to the side and reached down to undo a suspender so I could take off my stockings.

He saw what I was doing. "NO!" he pointed at them. He waggled his finger to make his point. "You leave those on, okay?"

He eased down beside me and rolled me over as he slipped between my well slicked thighs as his organ found my cunt.

Ah. Okay. I understand. Men see with the eyes. Women see with the heart.

We kissed in delirium as he covered me and slid himself within me time and time again until we both lost our minds.

The clock on the bedside table had just gone noon.


He rolled off and dropped down beside me on the bed gasping for air. His chest was heaving, his heart pounding with his right forearm covering his eyes.

As soon as I was free of his weight, I came to him and lay against his chest keening quietly as I recovered from another devastating climax.

That had been a long fuck. An intense fuck.

I blinked and looked at the clock. It had gone twelve-thirty.

I buried my face into his shoulder kissing him all over. God, I felt completely wonderful. Like the pipes had had a thorough work out. The fuck had gone from him planted between my thighs face to face to him grabbing me and in one swift movement he rolled us both over until I was astride him grinding my sex against his as I jammed myself up and down.

I loved that. Loved the way he suddenly felt different way up inside of me.

He lay there looking up at me grinning widely as he tenderly reached up to grab my tits in his hands like they were the most fragile things in the world.

I quickly laid down on him, kissing his face. "I won't break," I whispered as I covered his hands with my own and forced him to grip them harder. He did, and by the time he pulled me over so that I was presented for him on my hands and knee's, my breasts were well groped and sore.

I LOVED getting fucked this way.

There was something so animalistic and submissive about such a position that it fired my imagination even more.

He came up behind me and rubbed the head of his straining cock up and down my gaping hungry slot. Then all around my juicy cunt lips and over my twitching anus. For a second, he pressed the head against that tight virgin hole making me twist around in shock and surprise.

"Rick, I," I gasped in fright. "I'm not. I need to. Wait."

He grunted something, moved thankfully lower and shoved his thing into me so hard that I yelped out loud and dropped my shoulders down until they were flat on the mattress. Oh, that one hit the spot. The one half way to China. The spot that gave me the most insane orgasms that had me screaming inside from head to toe.

Now he was fucking me the way I was meant to be fucked.

Ass up, pussy sloshing around his long cock and with my hips firmly in his grip. He had me chewing on the pillow as each climax came, blew my mind, and went. His groin hammered against my sweating backside making the flesh of both cheeks shiver and shake like ripples on a lake. He pressed both thumbs into my ass crack easing them apart as he pounded into me again and again.

Oh. OH. SHIT. I let out a loud shriek as I grabbed the head board gasping for him to fuck me harder. I was losing my grip on reality. Everything had become a blur and the room echoed to the sounds of my gasps, grunts, yelps and shrieks of pure joy.

Then I felt him reach around to my front and pull my thighs backwards so that I found myself being forced completely flat on the bed with his cock still stuck deep in my vagina. I grunted as his whole weight dropped down on me with the brunt taken by my backside. I could feel the hairs on his chest tickling my back and he buried his face in my hair as I arched my head back with my eyes tightly shut.

Then he started fucking me again and the bed rattled and shook with each coming together. Oh my. This was intense. I eased my legs slightly apart to ease the pressure building in my crotch.

He was moaning my name as he nibbled away at my neck.

For some reason, I started to giggle between each thrust and groan of ecstacy as he pushed us both towards our climax. I felt him raise himself above me and increase his fucking.

But I was no longer there in that motel room. I was gone. I was someplace else. I was surrounded by the white light and I never wanted it to let me go.

Moments later, he filled me with his come and we became as one.


It had gone one and we both sat naked on the motel bed eating a sandwich and drinking coke.

We didn't talk much for we really didn't need to. We had spent the last couple of hours talking in a way that didn't need words. We just looked at each other in that pleasurable way that new lovers often do. He knew what I was thinking and I knew what he was thinking.

I couldn't stop smiling as I sat chewing and my attention fell on his red tinged penis which lay contented against his right thigh. I took a sip of coke remembering how I had smothered him after he came inside me and fell away to my side to lie there gasping for breath.

His member was glistening under the light with my juices mixed with his and I had this sudden kinky urge to suck and lick it clean.

"Oh hell," he had groaned as he felt me servicing him. "You're going to put me in a hospital, Jen." But he smiled and dropped his head back. "Maybe we should eat something first."

And here we are.


I got up and walked to the bathroom which was dominated by a tiled white shower.

I ran the cold tap and splashed my face. Oh, that felt good. I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself staring back. I was absolutely glowing radiant and wanton with my long hair hanging free.  I was flushed and beaming pink all over. I felt dreamily light headed. Like being drunk. Wonderfully woozy.

I reached down and ran a finger through my pussy which was sore but immensly satisfied. He may be shy and quiet but he knew how to fuck.

I lifted the finger to my lips and my doppleganger gave me a naughty look as she licked it clean of his spunk.


It had gone two when we fucked again. He propped himself up on the pillows as I lay between his thighs licking and sucking him back into hardness.

This time I turned away from him, eased my ass backwards and sat down on his engorged shaft. He pulled me to him and the sex was as easy and lazy as a Summer's day. Just the two of us talking and loving each other.

I turned slightly to face him. His eyes looked glazed. Unfocused. His cheeks were flushed red and I reached up to run my fingers through his hair.

"No funny business tomorrow, okay?" I warned him as I gently lifted and lowered myself on his sex. "Or I'll get Sally to sort you out."

He laughed. "That doesn't sound so bad. She's kinda cute."

I tugged on his hair. "Shush."

"Okay, no more surprises. No kissing in class and no secret notes." he nodded. He winced as I gave him an extra hard squeeze down below to make sure he got the message.

I laid back against his chest. "Did you mean it?"

He reached up and turned my face to his. "The note?"

I nodded.

"Every word," he said simply. "From the moment I saw you get off the bus in the rain I knew it. I didn't think you'd give me a second glance if I'm being honest. I mean, look at you," He took my right breast in his hand. "I can't begin to describe how you look to me. And not just me. You are something special. It makes me happy just to look at you."

He rested his chin on my shoulder. "You know, like the fairy."

"I love you." Was all I could say. What else was there?

He shifted slightly under me and I shivered as a small climax washed around my womb catching me off guard. Oh, that was nice. Like an internal tickle.

"C'mon," he urged. "Let's take a shower before we leave."

I looked at him surprised. "But, uh, don't you need to come first?"

He gave me a kiss on the cheek as he lifted us both off the bed to stand naked and still joined beside it.

"Just did," he grinned. "Not much left in the tank."

I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bathroom.


The shower was all kinds of awesome.

Small, but with enough room for two and we lathered each other up like a pair of kids in the playground. With a handful of soap, I stroked his wilted cock as he stood with a pained expression on his face.

"Ow." he winced. "You've worn it out."

I lathered him up and let him do the same for me. The man took advantage. His fingers scrubbed every knook and cranny until I felt as clean as a whistle. Grabbing the shower head, he rinsed us both off and climbed out of the shower before me.

He took a clean towel from the rack and began drying himself as I stepped out and bent over to pick up the soap that had dropped onto the shower floor.

Rick looked towards me and noticed I still had a bunch of bubbles slithering down over my backside. He stepped innocently up and, much to my surprise, tried slapping them away but landed a loud SMACK on my right butt cheek instead.

He froze. I jumped up with a loud yelp and spun around to face him as I grabbed my ass and gave it a rub.

What? What the heck? Did he just SPANK ME?

He stood there staring at his hand. "Er,"

I guess this was where the other stuff between us started.


End of part 2.


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