Thursday, 6 July 2017

Erotic Story: This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: part 1.

1: The heart wants what the heart desires.

His was the first proper penis I ever saw. We stood facing each other at the bottom of the bed as I watched him slowly remove the last item of his clothing and nervously stand before me as he clasped his hands self consciously in front of his unfurling manhood. He stared at the floor for what seemed an age then, breathing deeply, he slowly let his hands fall away to reveal his sex to me. My heart was racing and the flushing waves of desire and lust washed over me as I stared at him naked for the first time as he began to unfurl and grow.

The size and weight of his organ swelled and dropped down with the covered crown emerging into a shaft of sunlight like an awakening snake. We were both staring as this thing became everything between us. I lifted my gaze to his face and our eyes met. He smiled shyly, almost apologetically, and raised his hand for me to take. I felt the blood thundering through my veins as I slipped my hand in his and let him lead me to my Grandmothers bed.


First there was nothing. Then there was me. After God dipped me in the gene pool, I emerged into the world nine months later wide eyed and as quiet as a church mouse to delighted parents.

Time passed and the years rolled by through the "oh, isn't she a beautiful little baby!" crawling years to the "look at you, you're a real cutie!" formative years and on through the "oh my sweetheart. Ain't you something. You're going to break all the boys hearts!" teenage years where puberty and mother nature sprinkled their magic upon me. I was constantly reminded that I had gone beyond being pretty into something that meant so much more to the world around me. The eye of the beholder would always glance my way.

What I looked like colored my every day life and how I interacted with those around me. It was as if I had this invisible aura that drew surprised glances wherever I went and conversations would stop if I entered a room or walked on by. So from my early teenage years, when those gene's began to do their thing,  I knew I was different to others. Inside, I was just me. Normal. Quiet. Sensible. Bookish. That was just who I was and I wore my appearance like a warm summer breeze.Though I began to wonder if there was more to me than met the eye as I got older. Was there some life thread I could pull that would explain and make sense of the things around me? When I was about twelve or so, I was with my mother visiting Gran as we did most weekends when an idle flit of curiosity crossed my mind as I sat looking out of the sitting room window day dreaming about girlish things. "Gran," I asked. "Who do I look like?"

She looked at me from the sofa where she was sat with mom making small talk. "Look like?"

I nodded, both elbows on the table and resting my chin on up turned hands. "Mom says I take after her side. Will I end up looking like one of you when I grow up?"

"Ah," she smiled as she got to her feet and went over to her bureau which sat in the corner of the sitting room and where she kept all her "knick knacks and "oodles of doodles." She returned with a large box and removed the lid. Inside were rubber banded bunches of old photographs. "Here we go. I can't believe I haven't shown you these before now. Now let me find, ah, there she is." She handed me a faded sepia photograph with the image of a young girl of about thirteen on it. "That's your great Grandmother. My mother." A curious smile was on her lips as she watched my reaction. "She lived a long time ago. She would have been about your age when that was taken. Maybe a little older." My own mother came to my side and put her arm around me.

I stared at the girl staring back at me. She was stood in what looked like her Sunday best; a ribboned dress down to her knee's with black stockings down to black buckled shoes. Her hair was below her shoulders and curled around her face with a bow tied at her crown. She was staring at the camera with an intensity that was utterly captivating and it was that stare which drew and held the onlooker as if time stood still. Her eyes were wide and dark as night and framed with even darker lashes that gave her a piercing hawkish stare. A pert nose, high sculpted cheekbones, flushed cheeks and a firm determined mouth completed the picture. I glanced up at my mom with a frown. "Doesn't she, I mean, she looks like..."

My Gran laughed. Mom reached up and ran her hand through my long, curly auburn hair. "Yes she does and yes you do, sweetie."

I looked at the photo. The resemblance was uncanny. So that was where my essence came from. It was then my Gran handed me another photo of her mother. My mouth dropped open in surprise and I looked from my Gran to my mom. "Oh," I gasped. It was the same girl but older.

"Eighteen." my Gran said. "Isn't she beautiful?"

I nodded. She was beyond pretty. Even in monochrome she appeared to be glowing as if lit by some internal light. She was smiling at me as if she knew one day I would see this photograph. I bit my lip as I felt a well of tears and ran over to give Gran a hug. Was I going to look like her when I grew up? "Her name was Jennifer." she whispered giving me a pat on the back.

I jerked back and gasped with surprise. But that was MY name! Mom rested her chin on the top of my head as I sat looking at my ethereal twin. "Uh huh. Now you know." she smiled.


My time at school was a most interesting affair. As each year passed, I found myself becoming more and more the centre of attention. I had turned into a bit of a bookworm. Inquisitive, curious and always keen to expand my world and learn knew things. I wasn't shy or bashful as such but I kept myself to myself with only a small group of close friends and we'd do all the things that normal girls do through first, middle and High school. Those close friends would look out for me and I always had this strange feeling as if they felt the need to protect me. That they knew I would need protecting from others.

As I entered High school and the itchy sweaty days of puberty arrived with much irritation, I began to realize the effect I had on the opposite sex. Where ever I went I could feel their eyes on me as I made my way through the school corridors, whilst sat in class or during dinner hour in the cafeteria. Dinner hour was the worst as the room would be full of different year groups and unfamiliar faces that would be sat in whispering and nodding huddles always looking over to where I sat. 

That boys found me attractive was obvious and many a time in class I'd look up from my desk to see someone quickly glance away. Then there were the the boys that other boys looked up to or feared. Knuckle dragging assholes as my best friend Sally would call them. The guys that fancied themselves as something special. Sometimes I'd be sat with friends outside on the school lawn just enjoying the break when the mood would change and some Joe Sixpack and his buddies would stand over us and play the dating game. Joe would stand there, chest puffed out like a preening peacock and try to win me over so I would go out with them. My friends would give each other knowing looks and come sit around me. "How's about it?" they'd say. "I'd treat you right. Show you a good time. A movie maybe. You choose. I'm easy." Raising my face to them, I'd just smile politely and slowly shake my head. Then I'd just stare until they backed down. Watching them frown and lose whatever gumption and spunk they had to begin with. It never failed. They'd blink, stammer and stutter then back away to save face. My friends would burst into laughter at the drama but once in a while they'd look at me like I had lost my marbles; "He's hot." they would gasp. "Don't you fancy him?"

I'd sigh and get to my feet shaking my head. "Nope, he's not for me." I'd reply. And they weren't. That most of the boys fancied me I could tell. It was their tough luck that I didn't fancy any of them. I was waiting. When the right one came along I'd know. Till then I'd just smile and stare. Sally was the only one who didn't ever say anything and kept her opinions to herself.

That attitude took me all through my school years until I reached the age of eighteen with my first year at college where everything changed.

College was on the western edge of the big city. About a five mile bus ride from where I still lived with my parents. The main complex was a seven story block which taught everything under the sun from Astronomy to zoology. A love of English language and literature found me attending classes three times a week for what would be a two year diploma course which would set me up for University. 

The first class of September arrived early on Monday morning and I found myself sat on the sixth level in a tiered auditorium like classroom with a close friend from High school which was kind of a relief as it was nice to have someone to go through the new routine with. But some things never changed. From that first moment when I had entered the main building I had that familiar feeling of being watched again as we made our way to class. I kept my head down and followed Sally who found us a pair of seats together. As I walked up the steps, I could sense eyes following me. Guys turning in their seats as I settled in my chair where I pretended not to notice and fiddled with my registration paperwork as I searched for a pen in my bag. I glanced at Sally who was sat there with a big grin on her face. I gave her a nudge and made a face. "What?!" she exclaimed then grinned at me. "They're like moths to a flame!"

The Eng Lit teacher was a fiftyish, refined, linguistically delightful lady called Miss Elsender who was light on her feet, endlessly enthusiastic and full of wit. The class was from nine till mid-day and she spent that first session spelling out the nature and content of the course and the requirements needed in order to achieve a pass. 

As the morning wore on I found my concentration drifting and my gaze wandering around the room surreptitiously checking out my new classmates. There were about twenty eight all told. Fifteen boys. Thirteen girls including me and Sally who was already grumbling to herself as she went over the workload for the coming month or so. My day dreaming was ended when Miss Elsender asked for our registration forms to be passed down to the front where they were to be collected and after they were gathered she stood in front of her desk and read out the name on each form so she could put a name to a face. As each name was read out I felt myself blushing as I waited for my turn. I frowned and told myself not to be silly but I knew what was going to happen because it always did.

"Jennifer Hanson?"

I bit my lip and raised my hand. As soon as I did so everyone turned around as if they had been waiting. Now they could stare without feeling guilty and stare they did - especially the boys. There was a silent pause that felt like forever before the teacher smiled at me with a slightly bemused look on her face at the reaction of the other students. Even she looked slightly taken aback before she said, "Nice to meet you , Jennifer. I look forward to getting to know you better."

A moment later the college bell rang and she dismissed the class, reminding us that the next lesson was from one till four this coming Wednesday. At that, everyone packed up and made their way out of the class. As I exited the row where I sat, I glanced up to my right and noticed there was a spare seat with a folded piece of paper on it with "reserved" written. I stared at it for a moment then turned away and headed down to the main entrance to wait for the bus to take me home.


A balmy September Wednesday came around in the blink of an eye and I met Sally in the cafeteria as arranged half an hour before class started at one. We sat at a table in the far corner as the room hummed to the noise of students enjoying their dinner hour. Sally had attended all three days as she had enrolled in other classes and was already a sponge for gossip on the student grapevine. I looked up to see her staring at me with her eyes wide open and her lips screwed up like she was fit to burst.


She bobbed her head from side to side. "I know stuff."

"Stuff?" I replied bemused as I sat playing with the cuffs of my shaded white stripped blouse. "What stuff?" Had something happened while I had been away?

"People are talking." She sat back in her chair, folded her arms and wiggled her eyebrows.

"About what?"

"Not what, who."

"Who then?"


I blinked. "Me?"

She nodded. "Yup. You're the talk of the college."

"Don't be silly." I laughed, feeling slightly self conscious and awkward. "You're imagining things. I've been here less than a day."

"Less than a day was enough. Trust me," she explained, sitting forward with her arms still folded. "You've been a hot topic since you went home on Monday. People are talking."

"What people?"

Sally grinned. "Oh you know. Guys. Even the girls are at it. Not just in our class but in the other years too. Even across in the Engineering and Building annex. Hearing a lot of the cool guys are asking about you. Guys who carry some weight in this place." She sat forward. "Basic stuff. What's your name? Where do you come from?" She looked around. "Asking if you have a boyfriend." She paused for a second. "Wait, hang on, DO you have a boyfriend?" She had never thought to ask her friend before.

I dumped my bag on the table in front of me and fiddled with the zippers. I stuck out my chin stubbornly. "No," I said bluntly. "No, I do not."

Sally looked properly surprised. "You don't?"

I shook my head. 

"Like ever?"

Blushing, I looked down at my hands. "Nope."

She gave me a funny look. "I find that hard to believe. I mean," She spread out her hands in front of me palms up and waved them up and down. "Look at you. You're like flipping amazing to look at!"

i shrugged feeling myself turning redder. "Well, I guess I'm just a bit picky that's all. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I haven't been asked or anything. I have. I just haven't been asked by anyone I've really wanted to go out with."

I reached up and fixed the clip which held my long hair in a tail down my back. Sally sat looking at me as she sipped her coke through a straw and an awkward silence fell between us. I gave her a wry smile. "What about you?" I said mischievously. "How many boyfriends have you had?"

"None." she laughed as she took out the straw and sucked on the tip.


"Nope. Not one."

"Oh, okay."

She sat forward. "Had a couple of girlfriends though." she winked. She laughed harder at the surprised look on my face.

"Nooooooo!" I blurted out. "Really?"

She gave me a thumbs up as the bell rang for afternoon classes in the background. "Pussy lover first class at your cervix." she giggled, giving me a salute as she picked up her books and headed for the exit.

Still shocked, I grabbed my bag and ran after her. "Hang on. You haven't tried to chat me up have you?" I asked her. Had she? I shook my head trying to remember.

Sally reached over and hugged me. "Nah, You're waaaaaaaaay out of my league," she said as we climbed the stairs. "Did cross my mind a couple of times though. Try my luck and all that. OOOooo, the thought of you lying there all hot, sweaty and naked as I licked and sucked your pussy. Yummy!" 

I gave her ass a swat and laughed with her as we headed to class.


Miss Elsender looked up from her desk as I entered the room. She smiled and raised a hand. "Miss Hanson, can I talk to you for a second?"

I left my friend and went to stand in front of her desk as the other students took their seats. I gave her a weak smile. "Is anything wrong?" I asked.

"Oh, no, no, no. I was just wondering how you were finding things here seeing as this is your first week."

She had got to her feet and came around to sit on the corner of her desk. "Any issues? Problems?" She looked over my shoulder and a small smile appeared on her face as she noticed the class had quietened and people were watching and listening. I think in that moment she began to understand the kind of life I was living.

I shook my head. "No, no. Everything's been fine. First week and everything. Just trying to get used to new things and meeting new people."

"Okay," she nodded. "If ever you need anything you come talk to me."

"I will."

I turned around and felt all eyes on me. Grasping my books to my chest, I took a deep breath and made my way up the steps to my seat where Sally was giving me a strange look. As I turned in the aisle, I glanced to my left and noticed that the reserved note was still there.


The three hours flew by as they always do when you're doing something that interests you.The final bell rang and we all began to pack our bags and head for home. Sally was chatting away as I fidgeted around with the straps of my back pack making sure they were secure. It took a moment to realize it had suddenly gone quiet and I glanced at her wondering if something was wrong. She looked over my shoulder and nodded her head.

I turned to find a group of boys making their way towards where we stood. It was obvious one boy was taking the lead. He was tall. About six foot or so, well built with a shock of slicked back black hair shaped into a widows peak. He was still wearing a pair of overalls that were folded around his waist and a dark t-shirt that left his arms bare revealing muscular biceps that were marked with tattoo's of various descriptions. He stopped on the step below where we stood and looked at Sally then back at me. Behind him there were half a dozen other boys who were looking at me with smirks on their faces. Sally came to stand right behind me.

The guy looked me up and down and slowly nodded his head. "They were wrong," he said. "They didn't do you justice."

i didn't say anything but raised my eyes to look at him. He was good looking. Had a firm face and jaw. Brownish eyes with cheeks slightly pock marked under a thin veil of stubble. He frowned slightly as I began to stare at him more intently. He broke eye contact and looked over his shoulder towards his friends. He cleared his throat and lent forward.

"I'm Shane. I'm over in mechanics. Word get's around real quick in this place. People talk and people are talking about you, sweetheart. Real interesting. What's your name?"

I glanced to my left and noticed that, along with Sally, a number of other students had stayed behind to watch what was going on. Apparently, this guy was a big deal in this place. I felt Sally put a hand on my left shoulder as I turned back to face this "Shane" guy. "Why do you want to know?" I asked him.

There was silence for a second as he flexed his jaw and took a deep breath before looking me up and down again - this time more deliberately.

"Just being social. That's all. Best be prepared in case I need to ask something." he replied. "Something like asking you out and getting to know you better." He broke into a knowing grin. Behind him, his gang nudged each other and snickered. He puffed out his chest and gave me a wink.

Now I don't have much of a temper. Call it more like stubborn determination with attitude and right now I could feel it seeping through my every pore. I lent forward slightly and focused on his face. Our eyes met and held. After a moment his brow furrowed and he blinked. Another moment passed and he stepped back and looked away unsure of himself.

My mouth had gone dry as I ran my tongue around my bottom lip. "You don't need to know my name, Sir," I said with quiet determination. "Because what you think is going to happen is never going to happen."

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

He grunted and stuck out his jaw. "Is that so?" he said flatly. He reached up to rub his stubbled chin. "Ain't you something."

He was about to say something more when another voice came between us.

"Is there a problem?" asked Miss Elsender. "Why are you in my class?" she asked him. She pointed towards the door. "Class is over for the day."

He nodded and turned to leave giving me one last look and tapped the side of his head. "Another time." he said and left the class with his followers. 

My heart was hammering away in my chest as Sally wrapped an arm around me. "Dickhead." she muttered.

The teacher put a hand on my shoulder. "Are you alright, Jennifer?"

I nodded, not able to say anything as Sally helped me put on my back pack. I stepped out into the aisle and for some reason glanced back at the note on the seat. Miss Elsender saw where I was looking.

"Oh, new student. Moving in from out of town and couldn't make it for the first couple of lessons." she explained. "Due in class Friday. Hope he enjoys homework!" she laughed. "Names Derringer, I think." 

She took my arm. "Come on," she smiled. "I'll walk you and Sally down to the bus stop."

Somehow, I knew that Friday was going to be a really special day.


Friday found me up bright and early. Dad had already gone to work and mom was busy in the kitchen making breakfast as I took a quick shower. Stepping out, I toweled myself down and stood drying my hair in front of the bathroom mirror. Something made me stop suddenly and I stared at the young woman staring back at me. Naked as the day I was born. I had never much cared about the way I looked but today somehow seemed different. I went out onto the landing and walked into my parents room where they had a full length mirror standing in the corner. I went and stood in front of it and looked myself up and down.

At eighteen, I still bore some of the marks of puppy fat puberty. Still slightly chubby around the waist and upper thighs but I could see the definition of womanly hips, the lithe toning of shapely legs and, most of all, the developing swell of prominent oyster shaped breasts with their dark nipples angling outward like low slung fruit. Reaching up, I cupped them as I stared at my reflection then let my right hand slip down to rest on the nub of my almost hairless sex. The slightest touch made me gasp as I ran a finger between the lips and diddled the bump of my clit. Masturbation had become a thing these days and was an easy way to soothe the soul as I let my sexuality float away on dreamy day dreams of the perfect mate.

I turned slowly until I was facing away from the mirror and staring over the shoulder at my reflection. My ass was pretty much apple shaped perfection. Both butt cheeks were firm, full and well rounded with a deep cleft between them. Reaching down, I pulled the right one to the side and stared at my small asshole and the pouch of my vagina. 

"Jenny," shouted my mom from the bottom of the stairs. "Breakfast's ready!"

I let go of my ass and gave it a warm pat watching as the flesh rippled at the smack before it settled. My reflection smiled knowingly as I turned and left my parents bedroom.


A heavy rain fell as the bus pulled into the stop in front of the main college entrance where Sally was waiting for me underneath a see-through plastic umbrella with yellow, red and blue goldfish on it. She gave me a hug and peck on the cheek. "C'mon, get under." she ordered as we dodged the puddles and walked up the path with the other students.

As we made our way, I suddenly felt a prickly feeling on the back of my neck and a shiver ran down my spine making me look over my shoulder at the crowd of students behind me making their way into the college.

Sally tugged at my arm. "Are you alright?" she asked concerned.

I turned back to her. "No, I'm fine. Honest." 

Sally grabbed my hand and pulled me after her. "Hurry up or we'll be late!"

Neither of us noticed the hooded figure just a few yards behind us about to start his first day at the college.


The first minutes of class were always a confused rumble of noise as students took their seats, removed their coats and got out their books in preparation for the work ahead.

I sat rummaging around the lower depths of my bag looking for my notebook and a pen to write with and didn't notice a shadow fall across me as someone made their way to the row further up and to my right. Sally was talking gossip to my left so my attention was on her as she fiddled around with her mobile trying to show me what she'd been up to on Facebook or whatever it was she did on the internet.

"Alright everyone," called Miss Elsender from the front of class. "Settle down." She pointed to the whiteboard behind her. "Creative writing. Anything you want. Your day. A hobby. Your life. Something in the news. Whatever. Think about how you're going to compose it and consider the person that's going to read it; which is me. Make it interesting. Use your imagination. Surprise me. That's your assignment for today and over the weekend. Hand them in next Monday. Any questions, come down to the front."

Sally made a face. "Ah heck, homework already." she moaned. She looked at me brightly as if a light had gone on inside her head. "I know. The life and times of a lesbian student and her secret double life as a leather clad domatrix. That would surprise her!"

I flipped open my notepad and began doodling notes. "I'd read that." I replied dryly giving her a look that made her screw up her face and cheekily stick out her tongue at me.

She looked down at the woman sitting at her desk going through some paperwork. "Do you think she's married?"

Shook my head. "No idea."

"Wonder if she's getting any." she mused.

"Any what?"

Sally looked at me like I was just born yesterday.

"Oh that." I mumbled, looking down at the teacher. "How can you tell if she is?"

Sally shrugged. "Getting the big dee isn't exactly my area of expertise. Maybe if she got a good seeing to this Sunday she might give me an A instead of a B+ when I hand this flipping assignment in."

I grinned and lent back to give myself a good stretch as I still felt stiff after the morning rain. As I raised my hands above my head, I felt that odd tingling sensation on the back of my neck again. Puzzled, I frowned slightly and then suddenly caught something moving out of the corner of my right eye. Not wanting to appear obvious, I slowly turned my head to see what had distracted me when -

"Mr Derringer," called out Miss Elsender. "A moment please. Do you have your registration form filled in?"

I turned quickly back to the front as the distraction walked past me and made his way down the steps to the teachers desk. My head was down but my eyes followed him and I felt the sudden quickening of my heart as he stood there with his back to me. He was quite tall I thought. Maybe a smidgen under six foot. His hair was darkish and looked fashionably frazzled as it curled down to his collar. He was wearing a faded dark tanned leather jacket that reached to just below his waist and a pair of denim jeans that looking slightly baggy on his middling frame.

He handed Miss Elsender a piece of paper and I could see her asking him a question. She looked up at him and whatever his reply was it made her smile and laugh. She sat back in her chair and they appeared to be in conversation as she nodded and laughed again. I had a sudden pang of envy and the desire to know what they were talking about. Then he took a step back, ran his hand through his hair with the teacher looking at her watch before letting him go. He turned and began to make his way back to his seat.

I let my gaze drop and pretended to be busy as he came closer but I couldn't resist sneaking a glance at him despite every fiber of my being yelling at me to not do so. Then I saw his clean shaven face and it was if my whole body shivered and sighed at once. His hair was frazzled. A bushy mop of still damp dark brown. I think he had blue or blue green eyes for I had turned back to my notebook where I scribbled something or other. My mouth had gone dry and my heart was lurching around inside my chest as if I had run a marathon. What the hell? His shadow passed over me and it was then I realized that he hadn't so much as glanced my way as he returned to his seat. I looked over at Sally who was oblivious to my little emotional adventure. I needed to calm the fuck down. This was silly. But I was still overwhelmed with the sense that something had happened that I wasn't in control of. 

It was then I noticed what I had scribbled on my notepad as he had walked past.

It said, "The one."


Sally had a folder jammed between her teeth and was wrestling with her bag as she ran after me. It had gone noon and lessons were over for dinner hour. We had waited until most of the class had gone home or had gone down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. "C'mon," I said, grabbing her arm and bundling her down the steps in front of me.

"Where are we going?" she asked, struggling into her coat. "Aren't you going home? You don't have any more classes until Monday."

I didn't answer but stopped in front of the double doors to the cafeteria. I stood on tiptoe and peeked through one of the small windows. Was he in there? Had he gone home? What the hell was I doing?!

There was no sign of him.

Sally was stood there with her hands on her hips. "Well?"

I lent back against the wall and reached up to rub my forehead. This really was silly. I shook my head. "Okay. That was dumb. Sorry." I looked at my watch and saw that my bus was due soon. Sally took my hand. 

"Hey, it's the weekend. Do your homework tonight and we can chat online once you're done. Think I'll write about Kitty."


"My dog. He has issues. Thinks he's a cat." she explained as we walked to the entrance where she unfurled her umbrella for it was still raining hard.


Monday morning arrived and found me inside my wardrobe in a panic. Outside mom stood watching and listening to me as I pulled this and that from hangers and shelves. "What about this?" I asked as I jumped out into the bedroom and held up a smart blue blouse and a dark blue skirt against me as I stood there in nothing but my bra and panties. On my bed, in a pile, were various previous attempts to get ready.

Mom laughed as she leaned against the door frame. "Believe me, hon, you'd look fine in anything. What's brought all this on? It's just college." She had a glint in her eye as she watched me step into the skirt and slip on the blouse.

I stood fiddling with the buttons and did a little mad dance on the spot. "It's nothing. I just want," I sighed with frustration. "Well, you know." I ran past her into her bedroom and stood twisting and turning in front of the long mirror. Mom was right. I did look fine. I looked positively Medusa like. My hair was just this wild auburn flame around my face and I grabbed a comb to try and tame it. Usually I tied it at the neck into a knot or used a ribbon to make a sensible pony tail but for today I decided to leave it loose. "Alright done!" I shouted and ran downstairs to grab my coat and bag. "I'm late. Gotta run!" Mom was just coming down the stairs and I gave her a quick hug and peck on the cheek. "Bye, see you later!" And with that I was out the door and gone.

I was late.

The clock had gone past nine as I ran along the corridor to my class where I screeched to a halt outside the door breathing heavily. My heart was thudding in my ears as I reached up trying to pat everything down and, with a deep breath, grabbed the door handle and tried to be as quiet as possible as I slipped into the classroom.

Everyone looked up as I stumbled in clutching my bag to my chest. Miss Elsender was sat at her desk and lowered her glasses as I gave her a nervous smile "Sorry." I mumbled and skipped up the stairs towards my seat where my best friend sat trying not to laugh. But it wasn't really the teacher, the class or Sally where my attention was. He was already sat in his seat and as I got nearer to him he suddenly looked up and it felt like my heart had jumped into my throat. For a brief moment our eyes met and I was completely swept away on this sudden wave of blushing shyness that made me gasp out loud and break away from his gaze and the slight curious smile on his face.

Thankfully, I dropped down into my seat and winced as I banged my knee against my desk. "Shit dammit." I mumbled as I fumbled around trying to get organized. My heart was still going fifty to the dozen and the only thing I wanted to do right then was to turn around and see if he was still looking at me. 

I shifted in my seat and turned to find Sally looking at me.

"What?" I asked. "I know I'm late."

Sally sat staring as were a couple of other students around where we sat.

"What?" Was something wrong? I looked down and checked my blouse and tugged the middle of my bra to ease the bite of the straps. "What?"

Sally just said a quiet "Wow. Like seriously, wow." She was looking me up and down. "That hair. You look god damned hot as hell." The girl sat along from Sally nodded in agreement much to my surprise and the two students sat in the row in front of us did the same.. Sally indicated the girl to her left. "This is Debbie," Then she pointed to the boy and girl in front.  "Brad and Carrie." Brad turned nigh purple as I gave him a smile.

I nodded at all three new friends. "Hi, hello." I replied feeling slightly self conscious.

"You look amazing." said Carrie. "I love your hair."

My hair? I reached up and could well imagine the state it was in. I nearly always wore it tied most days and knew it pretty much had a mind of its own. It was too late to do anything about it now so I just pulled out my work folder and looked for the assignment that I had to hand in.

At the front of the class, Miss Elsender stood and asked for quiet. "Hope you all had a nice weekend and completed the task I set you. Please pass them down to the front where I'll collect and go over them in the next couple of days before our next class on Wednesday. I thought today we'd try something a little different and pair you off to go into the college library and do some research into the early beginnings of the English language. A little historical perspective on how people back then created and used words in their every day lives. It'll also help you mix with other members of the class which is a good way to make new friends. I've already made a list so when I read out your names, put your hand up, and then you and your partner can head off to the library. Another thing, there are other courses and groups using the facilities there so be mindful of that and keep it down."

Miss Elsender began to read out the list.

Names were put to faces and one by one each student was matched up and began to leave. As each name was read out I felt myself becoming more and more nervous. A number of people turned to glance in my direction as the group was whittled down and with about ten or so left Sally's name was read out and she was paired with a tall slim girl called Lucy who had a mane of frizzy brown hair that was pulled up so tight that it looked like she had a pineapple on her head. Sally gave me a nudge and I sat forward to let her by. "Have fun." she whispered in my ear as she met her partner at the classroom door.

It felt like time was getting slower and slower. Another couple of names were read out and I was sat in my seat anxiously twiddling my thumbs. I was so aware that he was still there behind me and as each name was read out my heart skipped a beat. Oh my God. You have got to be kidding me. Surely it couldn't happen. Out of the corner of my right eye, I could see one of his hands resting on his desk with him slowly running his thumb along the spine of a book. 

There was a pause and I turned my attention back to Miss Elsender to find her staring directly at me. I frowned as she looked to my right with a strange smile on her lips. "Jennifer Hanson, you'll be partnered with Rick Derringer."

I just froze in the moment. My mind melted into a puddle of goo and the only thing bouncing around my sub conscious was the fact that I now knew his name. It sounded like something out of Bonanza. Derringer. Rick Derringer. Jennifer Derringer. What? I gave my head a shake. What are you thinking? Good grief. Get a grip woman. He's probably as gay as a fruitcake! Don't do anything stupid, you twit! I balled my hands into fists and took a slow deep breath to calm down. I needed to get hold of my emotions and get sensible real quick. Okay. So what do I do now? Do I go to him first and make introductions or do I wait until he makes the first move? But then I suddenly felt him standing over me.

"Um, hi," he said. "I'm Rick. I think we're meant to be together."

His voice was soft but strong. No real accent but had a nice lilt to it. He was looking down at me and it was then I noticed he was holding out his hand. I glanced up at him and blushed like an over ripe tomato which made me wince inside. For the first time I felt insecure and unsure about everything as I gathered my things and slowly raised my right hand to slip it into his. I got to my feet and felt that first contact between us and I can only describe it as the most wonderful feeling ever. His grip was firm yet gentle as he guided me out of the row to stand in front of him.

"Thank you." I mumbled as I looked up at him standing so close. He just nodded and smiled with his eyes which fell away from my own as he turned to the side to let me pass. 

"Ladies first." he said as he let go of my hand. I carefully stepped down absolutely aware of him behind me as we left the classroom and made our way to the library.


We didn't say a word as we climbed the stairs to the next floor where the library was situated with him just behind me to my right. I could sense his eyes were on the roll and sway of my skirted backside and the thought made me shiver and bite my lip as I climbed each step.

The other students had taken various desks to dump their coats and bags and were now wandering between the book shelves chatting and getting to know one another.

Sally was with her partner and seemed to be getting along fine. She grinned like a Cheshire cat when she saw who I had been partnered with as we made our way to the far corner of the library next to a window which looked out onto lush green playing fields. Other students glanced at us as we took our seats and began to get to know each other. I fussed around for a bit putting my coat on the back of my chair and unzipping my bag to take out my notepad and laptop. Then I sat back down feeling slightly light headed with nervous anticipation and sort of looked at him as he did the same.

My mother always used to say that in life there are moments that transcend all others. Moments that stand out as something special. Moments that are life changing and become cherished memories that lay the foundations for your own personal enlightenment. Now, here, sat facing this stranger it felt like one of those moments my mother had talked about had arrived.

I wondered what he was thinking as we glanced at each other like we were doing some strange mating dance. It was then I realized he was probably just as unsure and nervous as I was. That made me feel better somehow. That I still held some influence over the matters between us. He sat back and we finally looked at each other properly.

He had blue green eyes. Dark brownish streaked hair. A firm nose above an expressive mouth with defined masculine lips. He was wearing a faded light blue denim shirt buckled at the waist by a wide leather belt. His eyes smiled as he saw I was looking him up and down which made me blush and bite my lower lip as if I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. My hands were clasped in front of me and I stared at them intently. Wanting to be looked at is the most strangest thing. Look at me. This is who I am and what I look like. I oh so much wanted him to look at me forever and ever. As I sat there, I could feel his eyes on me and my whole body flooded with the most delicious warmth. His gaze roamed over me from my flushed face, over my unkempt hair, the curve of my neck, back down to my shoulders and chest where they lingered for a moment. Instinctively, I took a deeper breath that enhanced the swell of my breasts and I smiled to myself as I saw his eyes widen and the muscles of his jaw flex. I had the sudden urge to talk and learn all I could about this Rick Derringer because I desperately wanted him to learn all about me.

I eased back in my chair. "I guess this is a thing," I said quietly to break the ice. "It's nice to meet you Rick, I'm ah Jennifer." That sounded sensible enough considering the circumstances.

He sat looking at me for a moment. Not saying a word. I could see his mind working as he thought of what to say in reply. He slowly lent forward until his face was much closer to mine. Though I felt more comfortable in front of him as the seconds passed, my heart was still lolling around inside my rib cage like a demented kangaroo. What he finally said, his first proper words to me, completely took my breath away and I instantly knew I would never forget them until my dying day. "You are without doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."


He sat back as I stared at him completely stunned. I'm not sure what I expected him to say but it sure as heck wasn't something so poetic as that. He was blushing slightly and gave an embarrassed shrug. "Sorry," he said. "I just felt I needed you to hear that. That I wanted you to remember the first thing I ever said to you. I ah don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything like that."

He stopped talking and waited.

I wanted to tell him it was okay. That the last thing I was was uncomfortable. I'm not sure how I felt. Somewhere between enraptured and in shock would pretty much cover it. I needed him to know everything would be alright. I sat forward and rested my right hand over his. "I will always, always, remember what you said to me." I lent in closer as we looked at each other. "Thank you, Rick." Just saying his name made me feel giddy.

He laughed. "Hello," he smiled shyly. "I'm Rick Derringer." He reached out his right hand for me to take. "I do English Lit. It's a real pleasure to meet you, Jennifer."

I took his hand and gave it a formal shake. "Hello," I grinned. "I'm Jennifer Hanson. I do English Lit and it really is a pleasure to meet you too, Mr Derringer."

He held my hand for what felt like an age. His thumb was gently stroking my skin and we both savored the warmth and feeling of our touch. He noticed his watch. "Um, I think we're supposed to be doing something right now." He nodded to where the rest of the class were picking out books and using them to take notes. He got up and came up behind me. For a second I thought he was going to rest his hands on my shoulders which made my heart skip a beat. Nothing happened for a moment and I glanced up at him and saw that he was looking down the front of my blouse at the dark shadow between my breasts. He seemed stunned and captivated at the sight. I didn't move. I didn't want to. I just froze. After a second, I heard him take a deep breath then grab the back of my chair so he could pull it out as I got to my feet. We were so close I could hear him breathing. My breasts suddenly felt hot and heavy underneath my blouse and bra. I bit my lower lip as I slipped past him and brushed down my skirt as we tried not to look at each other until we calmed down.

He pushed the chair back and followed me as we began to browse the bookshelves where we shared whispered small talk as we got to know each other.


Sally was waiting at the bus stop. It had gone noon and class had broken up and everyone was leaving to do whatever it was they were going to do that Monday afternoon. The day was sunny and warm with students sat in groups on the grass enjoying the fine weather.

"That was fun," she said as I came to stand beside her. "Lucy is a trooper. Once we got going she turned into a right chatterbox. She's smart too. She might come in handy when I hit Shakespeare. How did you get on?" she asked, a knowing twinkle in her eye. She wanted ALL the juicy details.

A swirl of wind whistled between us making my hair whip around my face and I reached up to pull it away as I turned back to look at the college entrance. "I've got a date."

Sally blinked and stopped chewing her gum. "A what?"

"A date."

"With who?"

I glanced at her feeling a little awkward. I shrugged.

"Oh my God!" she gasped. "That missed first two lessons guy? Really? The one that sits behind us?"

I nodded and stared at my shoes.

"But you've only just met!" she gawped.

"His name is Rick."

"He could be called Tarzan for all I care." She rubbed the side of her cheek thinking and musing over my little revelation. "Look, I know I don't know this Rick guy, but he doesn't come across as the type to light your fire. He hardly says much in class. I guess he looks okay. Geez, I'd never imagined you'd go for the quiet silent type in a million years. I'm amazed he had the balls to ask you out."

"He didn't." I said softly, looking away into the far distance.


I pinched the end of my nose and stuck out my lower lip. "I asked him out."

I can honestly say my best friend has never looked so gobsmacked in all the years I've known her as she stood there looking at me with a face like a goldfish.


The bus ride home gave me time to collect my thoughts. Staring out of the window as it made its way through country lanes, my mind was a whirl of thoughts and emotions as I considered everything that had happened. All I could think of was him. I could see him right now, right in front of me, as I day dreamed about our conversation in the library. He was quiet. Reserved and a bit shy. "Old fashioned." he had called himself. "Takes after his mother." he explained. The Derringer family comprised of his widowed mother, himself and two younger sisters of fourteen and nine. He had a decent paying job working four evenings a week in a data centre as an admin assistant which supplemented the family budget as his mother only had a part time job and it helped to buy things for his sisters. Liked the outdoors, long walks, going to the cinema, quiet pubs and loved to read anything he could lay his hands on.

"Pretty boring I guess." he had said looking at me a bit sheepishly.

I had shaken my head and rested a hand on his arm. "No, no of course not . You come across as someone who is kind and thoughtful. I admire that."

The bus bounced over a bump in the road and jolted me out of my reverie and it took a moment to slip back into the memory. The noon bell had gone and as we were all gathering our books, bags and coats, I could see him glancing at me when he thought my attention was elsewhere and he seemed to be trying to gather enough courage to say something before we went our separate ways for the weekend. I felt my stomach take a funny turn and my heart began to beat faster. Oh heck. Was he going to ask me out? Right now? Here in the library in front of everyone? 

But he was hesitating and I realized I wanted nothing more than for him to come over to me and ask me for a date. He had slipped on his leather coat and picked up his back pack looking frustrated with himself. It was then I decided I had to do what I had to do to get what I wanted. So I walked through the other students milling around saying their goodbyes and went to stand behind him as he stood waiting not sure whether to stay or go.

"Rick," I whispered as he turned to face me looking surprised. "Are you free this weekend? Maybe Saturday? I'd really like to go out with you. If that's what you want."

The bus was nearing home and I smiled at my reflection in the glass as I remembered the look on his face.


It was Saturday afternoon and I was back scrabbling in my wardrobe with my mom standing outside watching me.

"A date?" she asked, surprised. I could tell she was slightly concerned with this sudden change in our routine.

I came out grasping a black sparkly top and black pleated skirt. "Do you think I should wear tights?" I asked as I slipped out of my top and jeans. "Or stockings?" I was already wearing black underwear. I gave a little squeal of impatience. Nope. No tights or stockings. Go bare. Bare is good.

Mom didn't say anything and just raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, uhuh," I said, trying to explain. "A boy I met yesterday at college. We um did an assignment together. He's nice. It's no big deal. He um asked me out and I said yes. I'm meeting him next to the tube and bus interchange and we're just going to hang out in the city. Do a bit of shopping and stuff."

"He likes to shop?" laughed mom. "He sounds a keeper. What's his name?"

I finished dressing and turned so that mom could sort out my hair. "Rick. Rick Derringer."

Mom seemed impressed. "Hmmmmm, that's quite the moniker. Is he cute?"

"Mooooooooooooom!" I sighed and she laughed.

"What time you meeting him?" she asked.

"In a couple of hours or so. Twoish. Sorry for the short notice. Can I get a ride?"

Mom was still drawing the heavy brush through my hair. "Oh, I was always going to drive you there, sweetie." She put the brush on my dresser and pulled my hair back so she could tie a ribbon around it.

I bounced forward and did a twirl in front of her. "How do I look? What do you think?"

Mom looked me up and down. "I think this Rick Derringer is a very lucky boy."


He was already waiting for me as mom pulled up to the curb. I turned to her and gave her a stern "stay in the car!" look. She just laughed as she undid her seat belt and opened the door. "Mom," I hissed. "MOM!" Too late. Dammit! I grabbed my small bag and scrambled to get out of the car before standing for a second to smooth everything down before slipping the strap over my shoulder.

Rick was sat on the top step of the stairway leading into the bus concourse. He stood up when he saw our car pull up and raised a hand when we both got out. Mom give him a wave and lent towards me. "Handsome," she grinned. "Pick you up at five okay?"

"Five!" I called over my shoulder as I was already half way up the steps. I stopped and waited until mom pulled away giving her a quick wave. Then, feeling suddenly awkward, I turned to face my date. He seemed frozen to the spot and didn't say anything but just gawped at me as I gathered my wits and went up to meet him. "Hi." I said.

He just nodded and slowly looked me up and down. "Hi." he croaked. "You look.." his voice tailed off as I stood there with my black blouse sparkling in the mid-afternoon sun.

"Maybe we should go some place," I said, breaking the spell between us. "We could go into the Mall and look around."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. Wasn't thinking. Sure. Um, after you." He stepped to the side and slipped in beside me as went down the walkway to the shopping centre.


An hour or so later and we had pretty much done the tour. A couple of bookshops, chain stores, boutiques, and the big department store that had a huge electronics section where we fiddled around with various mobiles, tablets and typed gibberish onto laptop screens. We chatted about this and that and our obvious nervousness slipped away though I knew that he was still much more reserved and circumspect than I was.

He never touched me once. Always stood respectfully close and I guess he just didn't want to appear too forward. At least I hoped it was that. The mall was packed as usual on a Saturday and as we made our way through the crowds I once again found myself being stared at as people walked by. Some even stopping in their tracks to turn and stare at me before moving on. I glanced at Rick. He had a knowing smile on his face as though he understood what was going on. He suddenly stopped. "Hey, what say we get a bite to eat?" He twisted around and we were so close I could smell the leather of his jacket as he checked his bearings. "Eh, there's a couple of restaurants in that direction as well as some cafes and over there are the cook outs."

"Oh, I'm easy," I replied as I stood on tip toe and shouted in his ear over the noise of the crowds. "Burger, large fries and a coke will do."

"Okay, McDonalds it is." he laughed.


"MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm." I breathed as I savored the first bite of my burger and then took a sip of coke through the long straw. Oh my, that was delicious. We were sat on the first floor at a window seat where we could look out at the people milling around below. I absolutely loved watching the world go by whenever I'd come with friends or parents to the big city.

Rick was chewing on a bunch of fries just watching me. "What's it like?" he asked.

"Like?" I mumbled around another mouthful of burger.

He began to unwrap his own meal. "Being the centre of attention. You're like some kind of magnet."

"Oh, that," I muttered, coughing slightly as I took another sip of coke. "It's something I've gotten used to I guess. I mean, I can't do anything about the way I look other than putting a bag over my head or something."

He smiled at that. "Now that would be a crime."

"I take after my Great Grandmother. I look just like her. My Gran has a photo of her and it's really weird to see how much we are alike. It only get's awkward when people have to talk to me. Once they get to know me the staring thing isn't so bad. I just try to be normal and not get stuck up or uptight about it." My voice trailed off as I turned my head to look out of the window.

I could feel him staring and thinking about what I said. He had finished his meal and had both elbows on the table in front of him with his fingers clasped together and his chin resting on the top.

"Tom Thumb." he said suddenly.

I turned back to him puzzled. "Excuse me?"

"Tom Thumb. An old movie from the sixties, I think," He nodded. "You're the fairy from Tom Thumb."

What on earth was he talking about?

"I am?"

He sat back. "I knew you reminded me of someone. It's her. The fairy. Story goes that Tom Thumb has a friend who he has adventures with. A trooper. Who one day goes into the forest and comes across a woodland fairy who disappears in front of him. The next day he goes back and there she is again only this time she doesn't disappear but waits for him sat on a log. They talk and she tell's him all about the fairy folk and how fairies and normal humans shouldn't mix. Over time they fall in love but the only way they can be together is if she gives up her fairy magic. In the end, his love for her wins her over and she becomes normal just like him and they live happily ever after. You're a woodland fairy. That's why people stare at you. You're different. You have the look of the fairy about you."

I sat staring at him when he finished. I was speechless. Everything around us seemed to fade away into a soft haze. It felt like we had gone beyond a simple date into something more important and emotional. I wanted him to know his words had affected me deeply. I could feel how much I wanted to be with him. For me to be his and for him to be mine.

I sat forward with both hands clutched to my chest. I was staring at him more intently than I had ever stared at anyone before and his eyes widened as he sat back.

"Are you my trooper?" I whispered.

On the wall behind him, the clock was telling me it was time to go.


Mom was already there parked up and waiting for me.

 A light breeze had picked up and the September sun had begun to slip behind the dark silhouettes of the cityscape. I stopped and turned at the top of the steps feeling sad that our date was nearly over.

We still hadn't really touched other than when he used his hand to guide and protect me as we moved through the crowds.

He had his hands in his pockets and was slowly rocking back and forwards on his heels with his thick brown hair ruffling in the breeze. I'd always got the impression that he was kind of holding himself back and not wanting to say too much. For whatever reason I had no idea. Looking down the steps, I could see mom leaning against the side of her car watching us.

"Thanks, I had such a nice time, Rick."

He nodded. "I'm glad. Same here." He had started to blush. "You look absolutely beautiful by the way."

Oh, there was that warm giddy feeling again. Making a decision, I quickly stepped up to him and kissed him lightly on his right cheek and I felt him gasp at my sudden display of emotion.

"See you in class." I said and skipped down the steps leaving him staring at me as I gave mom a hug.


The drive home was a mostly silent affair. I was lost in my own thoughts as I stared out of the window. Beside me, mom kept her own thoughts to herself as she concentrated on the road.

"Mom," I asked suddenly. 


"Do you know about Tom Thumb?"


Monday morning class arrived with Sally waiting for me as I got off the bus. She didn't say anything but looked at me brightly. I just nodded at her and walked into college without saying a word. I could tell she was fit to burst.

His chair was empty as we entered class and a flush of disappointment swept over me as I took my seat. I took out my books and flicked through them idly not really in the mood to get started with Shakespeare 101. Sally gave me a sudden nudge and nodded towards the door.

He was here and I felt the warm wave of anticipation wash over me as he walked up the stairs and stopped. He was wearing a blue striped shirt under his leather jacket and a pair of smart black slacks and black shoes. "Hello." he said.

Sally was all ears and chewing on the end of her pen pretending to look the other way. I got to my feet and we stood looking at each other for a moment as a few curious glances turned our way including our teacher who was writing prep on the whiteboard. I suddenly felt the devil in me and the urge to do something naughty so I deliberately moved towards him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips that surprised not only me, but him, Sally - who's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head, the curious who murmured amongst themselves and Miss Elsender who hid a huge smile behind a book.

"Hello yourself." I said, biting my lip at the look on his face. He stood there looking like someone had slapped him. It was only when he realized the whole class was staring at us did he go and take the seat behind me. I sat down and went back to flipping through the pages of my book as Sally gawped at me in silence to my left.

Oh my. That had been oh so satisfying.


Monday became Wednesday that led to Friday.

On Monday, during a mid morning break in class, I had asked him if he'd go out on another date with me. I was still seated but twisted around so I could talk to him. Behind me, I could imagine Sally eagerly taking notes.

He looked surprised. "Um, actually, I was going to ask you out to the movies tonight. It's the only night I've got free due to work. But sure, absolutely."

"Good. Meet at the same place as Saturday about five thirty?"

"Yeah. Okay." 

So Monday was cinema date night. We met up, did the movie thing, and this time he gave me a peck on the cheek as we saw mom waiting to take me home. For a second I thought he was going to kiss me on the lips but, well, I figured he chickened out with mom watching. At least we were going in the right direction as he had held my hand as we left the movie theater. He was old fashioned to the point of distraction.

Wednesday began with a knock on the door from the mail man. Mom went to answer it and came back into the kitchen where I was eating breakfast. "For you." she said and handed me a slim package. For me? She sat opposite and sipped her coffee as I gave her a look.

I pulled the package open and "Oh."

"Maybe you should go watch it before class," she smiled. "You've plenty of time."


The trooper stood open mouthed as he came upon the woodland fairy. She was dressed in a tight white bodice with short billowy sleeves, a flowing blue and yellow flowered dress and white stockings with black slippers. She had beautiful long curly sandy blonde hair that had a flowery band at the front. The trooper stared at her as she realized someone was watching her. She turned around slowly and their eyes met. She raised a hand to her mouth in fright and disappeared into thin air.

I paused the dvd as I lay on my bed watching the movie on my tv. The fairy did look like me. My hair was a little darker with a more auburn tint. My eyes and eyelashes much more defined but she bore a striking resemblance to how I appeared over all. But there was something more. Something about the story on a much more spiritual level. I rolled over onto my back and stared at the ceiling. I had felt something building within me these past few days. A kind of deep yearning that wouldn't be denied. The desire to do it. With him.

I changed into a sweat top and clean pair of pressed denim jeans and made my way downstairs for a quick bite to eat before I headed to college for the afternoon class. My mind was racing as it tried to keep up with the surging force of my sexuality that was making my heart sing and me feel light headed all at once. I needed to figure shit out. Serious shit. I wasn't on the pill. Did mom have any? What about the morning after one's? Maybe if I asked him to buy some condoms. Ugh, no. I didn't fancy that at all. Me asking and him using them that is. No, if we were going to do it then we were going to do it properly. It was going to be the whole wham bam thank you mom deal. I glanced up at mom. Should I tell her? At least let her know how I was feeling and what I wanted to do sooner rather than later. Another thing. Where and when to do it. Not here. Mom would be okay I guess if pushed but the old man would flip. At his house? Hmmmm nope. Too many people around. Family. Sisters. I sighed. Where then?

The answer came out of the blue.

Mom was frying up some eggs and bacon for a sandwich. "Oh, by the way," she said above the crackling. "Your Gran is going away for the weekend on some sort of day trip with her friends. A coach thing. She'll be gone a couple of days and she asked if you would be willing to sleep over and keep an eye on the house for her. It'll just be for Saturday night. I'd do it but I have things to do here."

Holy shit. There it was. "Um, sure mom. No problem." I said trying not to sound so eager. There was the opportunity. Now all I had to do was ask him. Oh wait, hang on. Ask him what? Hey you, my ovaries are complaining. Can you come over to sort them out. Uh geez. The more I thought about my little adventure the more scared I got. It never occurred to me that asking him if he wanted to sleep with me would be a problem. I'd just assumed he would jump at the chance to screw me silly. I mean, what boy wouldn't? I automatically assumed he'd had girl friends before. He was most definitely cute. He probably had had more sex than I had hot dinners. I sighed. Stop thinking like that. Never presume too much. What if he said no. Oh boy, that would be as awkward as hell. I'd really have to talk to him seeing as it was my first time.

My first sexual experience. I sat slowly chewing as I imagined what it would be like and what he'd do to me. I had a belly full of butterflies thinking about that one. I wasn't born yesterday but I needed someone to talk to and I knew just the person.


Sally looked up as I came to sit beside her. I had called and arranged to meet her earlier than normal at college and that I needed her advice. She sat listening as I told her what I intended to do.

She didn't say anything for a moment as she sat chewing thoughtfully on her gum. She reached up, took the gum out of her mouth and stuck it on the corner of the desk. She was being serious.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" she asked bluntly. "Have you thought it all through? Like precautions, time and place that sort of thing?"

I just nodded.

She gave a grunt and sat sucking her teeth. "Do you love him?"

Love? I hadn't really considered that. But feeling as I did there was really no doubting that I did. Every thought, every little sensation and moment near him meant the world. I nodded again. I swallowed hard and suddenly found it difficult to speak.

"He'll be your first, right?" she asked.

Another nod.

She reached across and gave me a hug. "Lucky bastard." she whispered in my ear and we both laughed and got teary.

Afternoon class passed in an emotional blur. Sally kept grasping my left hand under the desk and giving it a squeeze. She glanced behind me at Rick who sat oblivious to our scheming.

"Does he know?" she had asked in the library.

"No," I said. "I was going to ask the teacher if I could leave class early and go wait here. I.." I looked at my best friend. "I was wondering if you would tell him I was waiting for him in the library at the end of class. I'd ask him then."

Sally gave me another hug. "Sure. He'll be there. Even if I have to drag him by his ears."

At quarter to the hour, I packed my things away and got ready to leave. Sally looked up and smiled as I gave her a peck on the cheek. I turned and quickly skipped down the stairs without looking back and I could feel his eyes following me as I asked Miss Elsender if I could leave early as I wasn't feeling too hot. She nodded asking if I'd be ok and I said I would be fine and left the class and headed up towards the library where I took our window table and sat and waited.


A wait that felt like an eternity.

"Hi," he said, making me jump as I hadn't heard him approach as I stared out of the window in my own little world. He pulled out a chair and sat down opposite me. Looking at me but not looking at me if you catch my drift.

Whatever I thought or imagined I was going to say to him disappeared like a early morning mist on a lake. Oh shit. How do I even begin to...

I suddenly sat forward gripping my bag on the desk in front of me. "Duh..duh do you want to have sex with me?" I blurted out in a gasping whisper, making a face like I had sucked a lemon. Oh God. That was terrible.

His eyebrows shot up and disappeared under his low fringe. His mouth dropped open then popped shut again as his face flushed red.

I was still leaning forward staring at him intently making sure he couldn't look away. "Because I want to have sex with you."

It was out there. I had said it.


Friday class passed like a dream. I had no idea what we were doing and Sally covered for me as I sat in a bubble of intense distraction. He was sat behind me and not a single word had passed between us all lesson. We were like ships passing in the night, each afloat in our own thoughts. I was more than thankful when the bell rang so I could head for home. To my surprise, I felt him step past me and by the time I turned to look at him he was already gone.

"Are you okay?" asked Sally softly. I nodded not looking at her. "C'mon," she urged. "Let's get you out of here."


Gran lived in an uptown cull de sac surrounded by lush green striped freshly mowed lawns, white picket fences and thick bushy Sycamores creaking in the wind. I stood at the door as mom got back into her car. "Keys!" she shouted.

I held them up and gave them a jiggle.

"Make sure you lock up!" she called out. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

I gave her a thumbs up and watched as she drove out of the square. It had gone ten as I closed the door and went and had a wander. Gran had one of those places that reeked of old memories and antique furniture. I went upstairs and found myself standing in her bedroom in front of her double bed with its white blankets and flowery duvet cover. My heart suddenly ached and I closed my eyes feeling the surge of disappointment. "I'm not sure I can." someone whispered in my ear. I turned and walked down to the kitchen to get a bite to eat from the fridge.

The afternoon slipped slowly away as I sat in the living room reading a book I had brought with me. The evening sun painted my world in a orange glow with warm dappled rays flickering between the trees and in through the window. It had gone four and as each minute and second ticked by my heart got heavier and heavier. I slowly eased my head back and closed my eyes as I sat in the chair next to the fireplace. What was done was done. It had happened. There was no point worrying about it now. Monday morning would take care of itself.

I sighed. If only the ache in my heart would go awa...

There was a sudden knock at the door. I was so lost in myself that I dropped the book and stumbled around trying to pick it up and gather my wits at the same time. The door silly! I took a deep breath and went to answer it seeing a shadow through the glass. My heart was racing as I reached for the lock and opened it.

He was standing there looking nervous and faintly embarrassed. "Hi," he smiled. He held up the slip of paper I had scribbled my Gran's address on in case he changed his mind. The world, my place in it, changed in an instant. I swear to God it felt like I was floating on air.

"Hi." I smiled shyly back.


We were sat at the kitchen table just talking. Him about his work. Me about my Gran and her house. I had shown him the photo of her mother and how she and I looked like virtual twins though born many decades apart. "Oh wow," he breathed as he looked between the two of us. "That's a bit spooky."

I made a happy face. "Yeah, people say that all the time."

We both knew we were avoiding the inevitable. The reason we were both sat here now. The elephant was definitely sitting on the table between us. I could feel myself tensing up. My chest felt tight and the whole area around my crotch was beginning to ache in the most delightful way. I was a bundle of sweaty anticipation and I was too scared to say anything. I think he knew he would have to be the one to make the first move. He lifted the glass to his lips and took a sip of juice.

"Are you ready?" he asked. "Maybe we should go upstairs or do you want to.." His voice trailed off.

I blinked at him. What? Here? In the kitchen? I nearly burst out laughing. "Upstairs." I told him. Suddenly self conscious, I fiddled with my hair which was curled over my shoulder in a tied pony tail. I couldn't speak so I just nodded as I watched him get up and go to the kitchen sink. My eyes suddenly dropped to his crotch and I shivered all over like I had jumped into a cold shower . Oh my God. Here I go. The time had finally arrived. My sexual awakening. I swallowed hard as he came to stand before me. I couldn't move. I felt glued to the chair as I realized my life was about to change forever.

He gave me a grin and held out his hand. I took it and let him lead me towards the stairs. I stopped and looked up at him. I had to tell him something. Something important. "," I stammered feeling my face flush bright red. "It's okay. I mean. Between us. You don't have to," I felt tears begin to well. "I went to the Doctors and and I'm okay."

He stared at me then lifted my hand to his lips.


I stood next to my Grandmother's bed as he went over and partially closed the bedroom curtains. A shaft of fading sunlight fell across the room as I listened to him moving around behind me.

"Maybe we should remove this," he said as he gathered the duvet and put it to one side. "Just in case." He then folded the blanket back to the bottom of the bed leaving the top sheet as the only covering.

I nodded as I tried to calm down. Everything in me seemed to be turned up to eleven and then some. He finished what he was doing and came to stand in front of me. I felt ridiculous. I still couldn't say anything and stood there shaking with my eyes fixed to the floor between us.

"Maybe we should toss a coin." he said. "Loser goes first."

I smiled at that. "No, no," I said quietly. "I think I should go first. I want you to watch me go first." And I did want to go first. I had this overwhelming desire for him to see me undress for him. To remove my clothes and to let him take in my absolute nakedness and submission in this first moment between us.

He stepped forward suddenly making me take a step back and I found myself standing in the shaft of sunlight that fell through the gap in the curtains. His hands were at his side and I could see them clenching and unclenching in anticipation as I heard him inhale sharply.

It was time. I slowly reached up and undid the buttons of my pale yellow short sleeved blouse one by one. With each button undone, the blouse fell naturally open to reveal the soft skin of  my upper chest and the billowy swell of my full breasts held in place by my plain white bra. I couldn't look at him but I knew he was in awe at my every move. Feeling my breathing quicken into soft sighing gasps, I shrugged my shoulders and let the blouse fall to the floor. 

What next?

The clasp for my bra was at the front and I reached up with both hands and carefully undid it and caught both cups as the weight of my chest pushed forward. Taking a deep breath, I dropped my hands and tugged the bra free leaving me standing there shivering as my bust fell into its nature shape with my dark nipples swelling quickly into hardness. I raised my head and looked at Rick. He was breathing deeply and his right hand was across the front of his jeans.

I turned away from him with the unexpected thrill of putting on a show. I was wearing a summer skirt that reached just below my knee and I eased down the zipper at the side and stepped out of it leaving me only wearing a pair of high cut white panties. Another sharp intake of breath. I heard him mutter to himself and come a step closer. I glanced over my shoulder then bent forward and eased my panties over my quivering backside and slipped them off to leave me facing away from him with my bare naked ass in full view. I stood there with my arms by my side, not moving with my head slightly stooped as he came to stand right behind me.

He lent forward and placed a kiss on my right shoulder.

"Oh." I murmured, dropping my head back to rest it against his hairy chest. Shivering as he laid his hands upon me, he then began to untie and unbraid my long hair. I eased my head to the side as I felt his lips gently whispering against my neck and the warmth of his breath making me swoon.

I could feel him smile against my skin. "Did I ever tell you that you're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen?"

"Uh huh," I murmured dreamily as I closed my eyes savoring the joy of his touch. Once my hair was undone, he ran his fingers through the long curly waves like he was unveiling a flower. I let him turn me to face him. The hesitant shyness had slowly slipped away between us and the only thing that mattered now was to come together and be as one. My gaze dropped to his lips and something that had been truly missing between us.

"You haven't kissed me properly yet." I said to him. 

"Ah," he nodded. "I guess I haven't. Would now be a good time?" 

I felt his hands rest on my bare hips and slowly pull me towards him. "Now would be the perfect time I think." I whispered as he lowered his face and placed his lips on mine in a long slow deep kiss as we grasped each other close. We were both breathless as we parted and he stepped back looking as shaken as I felt.

"Jennifer.." he began. I reached up and put a finger to his lips.

"Your turn."


Never in a million years did I ever ever think I would be about to lose my virginity on my Grandmother's bed. I felt suddenly guilty as I knelt up on the mattress and turned to look at Rick who was staring at my backside as it rose up before him. Burning desire overcame any guilt I felt as my eyes dropped to his heavy hanging erection. He placed a hand on my right butt cheek and gave it a firm squeeze before letting his fingers gently caress my hot flesh as he teased the dark divide between each cheek. I stopped still and let him enjoy and touch me in such an intimate way to his heart's content.

"I love your ass." he breathed as he let me go and I twisted around to lie on my back in front of him. I raised my arms above my head and grasped the top brass rail of the headboard and laid back against the pillow with my hair splayed out like an auburn fan. He stood there looking down at me. Drinking in the sight as I raised a leg and squeezed my thighs together for my sex had started to burn inside me. 

How does on describe such emotions? I had never felt more alive. I loved him looking at me. Appreciating me. Wanting me. Wanting to fuck me. Fuck. That word swirled around me as I saw his thing lengthen still further as his ardor captured him. He had always been polite and respectful and I had never heard him cuss once. But here, now, was a time and place for us to speak honestly and openly about the things we wanted to do together and to each other.

From the moment I had seen him that first time, my imagination was already whispering strange and naughty things to me.

He was still staring as if he was afraid he'd wake up from some erotic dream and a simple touch would break the spell. His eyes were on the round bulb of my sex. He bent forward and rested both hands on the mattress and lent down further to place his lips on me there. A gasp caught in my throat and a tingling spasm rippled down the walls of my womb.

"I want you to fuck me." I whispered as I eased across the bed to let him lie next to me. He laid by my side and rolled over to kiss me with my breasts pressed against his chest. Hmmmmmm. Each kiss was better than the last as he slipped one leg between mine. Instinctively, I opened myself further expecting him to push them apart and then cover me before entering my wet virgin pussy. Foreplay had never entered my mind as I imagined our passion would overwhelm us both and he would take me without hesitation.

But he had other idea's.

He winked at me as he slowly made his way down over my trembling body kissing various parts of me as he went. The pulse at my throat, the small hollow between my collar bone then teasing the bounty that was each trembling breast. "Ohhhhhh!" I gasped as his lips and tongue washed over each pained nipple as he swept the engorged tip back and forward until I cried out a sudden surge of warmth below. My breasts had always been sensitive with the slightest touch bringing them to the boil. 

At my spasm, he lifted his head and grinned. "Nice tits."

I could feel the muscles and tendons of my groin begin to stretch wider apart as his weight settled on me. I had begun to undulate my crotch slowly up and down rubbing my sex against the hairs of his chest as he moved further down until he lay with his face above my vagina and stared intently at its weeping slot. I tensed and reached for him as I felt his breath on me as he let his finger tease apart the outer lips to reveal my womanhood to his gaze.

Then he licked me from top to bottom. And kept on doing it for what felt an age.

My first climax washed over me suddenly like a spring surprise. My thighs jammed together and my hips spasmed and jerked as the orgasm faded away leaving me mewling and gasping with delight. Our hands were grasped together as he held me still with his tongue savoring the taste of my honey. I looked down and smiled weakly at him for my head was still flooded with a rainbow of colors. "Oh, oh..that was.." I gasped as I gulped in great lung full's of air. My moist slot felt slick, hot and ready. I really, really needed him to take me now.

Our eyes met and I gave him a brief nod.

He gave my sex a final kiss then got to his knee's between my open thighs and grabbed his engorged cock. His cock. I blinked away the sweat and raised my head to see him man handle it into position for it to enter me. It looked huge. Far too big to fit inside me. I gasped an "Oh!" as I felt a hot sensation pushing past the outer barrier to my inner soul. That I was still a virgin was plainly obvious to him now. Another gasp escaped my panting lips as he pushed harder and the dread naught head of his member sank into me with a sudden sharp tearing sensation from within. "Ow!" I winced as I jerked in his grasp as he held my hands tightly knowing that he had just taken my virginity. He was sweating and breathing heavily as he waited till I calmed down and accepted his initial penetration.

"Fuck me, Rick." I whispered as I slipped my legs around his and raised myself in sexual submission.

"Okay. Okay. Get ready." he grunted and moved firmly over me. His hips thrust deliberately against me causing his long penis to push upwards and force its way deep into me through the walls of my vagina up towards my womb.

As his crotch smashed into mine with his heavy ball sack rebounding off my up turned asshole, I cried out loudly at the sudden invasion to my privates and struggled against him as he laid himself upon me still grasping both my hands in his. He forced them back until each was either side of my head and he shushed me to calm me down. "Easy. Easy." he whispered, comforting me as I wriggled and gasped as another climax rose and fell.

Oh my God. The wind was knocked out of me and I opened my eyes to find him staring at me with concern on his face. Below, deep inside of me, I could feel the length and weight of his cock gently twitching in my innards.

He placed his lips to mine and the kiss we shared was as deep and memorable as it would ever be. "Beautiful lady," he whispered urgently. "Keep still or this won't last very long."

I frowned at him. Oh. No. No I won't move. I wanted this to last forever. I was floating gently on the breeze and slowly sinking back down into this dream. I laid my head back against the pillow and closed my eyes again experiencing the wonderful sensation of having a man inside of me. I could feel the huge head of his cock pressing up against something so very tender and each twitch of it sent a shiver running up and down my spine. It was then I felt him slowly withdrawing and I winced at the rawness at the opening to my sex. My hymen was obviously torn and I jerked in pain as he almost pulled out. Then he slowly pushed in again in a long deep stroke that had me curling around his body with my thighs clasping him close whimpering like a mad woman. Oh geez, this was was. "Ah!" I yelped as he suddenly pulled out almost to the root and shoved it immediately right back in until it rubbed against that particular spot and I yelled out loud as soon as he touched it.

He did it again. And again. Me yelping each time. What the heck? Was that my g-spot? What the hell was it doing all the way up there? It felt like it was half way to China. But, by God, it sure rang all the right bells in all the right places. We were kissing madly now. Long emotional expressions of our desires as he continued to fuck me with increasing vigor. My breasts were aching insanely as they rubbed against his hairy chest. It was a proper fuck now. No holding back as he grunted away trying to hold back his ejaculation to prolong our pleasure. Gran's old bed creaked and groaned as we fucked ourselves stupid. He had let go of my hands and  I slipped my arms under his armpits and grabbed on to his shoulders as I buried my face into the side of his neck mumbling endearments and other gibberish.

We had been fucking for a good ten to fifteen minutes. I had no idea how long sex was supposed to last. Every minute had me flailing and gasping in sheer delight as his hips pummeled away. His cock felt immense. A living battering ram that twitched inside me as it pressed up against the neck of my womb. He could continue fucking me for another hour for all I cared. Sex was absolutely fucking awesome and I loved it. It was then I felt it. His breathing had changed and the long stroking of his penis had shortened into short stabbing thrusts as he began to mutter in my ear.

He was losing control and instinct had taken over reason. He was about to come in me and I wanted nothing more than to take his seed and climax along with him. I grabbed him tighter. Grinding my pelvis erotically against his as the muscles of my vagina rippled around his organ desperately trying to draw the spunk from his balls.

"Shit!" he groaned out loud and a pained expression crossed his face. I grabbed him by the ears and pulled his face up so I could look into his eyes as he came. "Uhgh, Jen.." 

He gave a last desperate thrust, buried himself deep and let his spend flow deep inside me with spitting bursts of fire. We kissed passionately as the warmth spread through me and I told him that I loved him.


We laid together for a long time.

I felt him slowly withdrawing as our lust cooled and we came to our senses breathing hard. 

"Am I heavy?" he asked as he eased up to look down at me.

"No, you will never be too heavy. I love this feeling." I replied honestly.

He laid his head on my glistening chest and I lovingly stroked his damp hair. I could smell the sex of him in his sweat as we both laid there glowing in the late evening sunshine. After a moment, he raised himself to kneel between my aching thighs. I glanced down and we both watched his shrinking cock slip from my flushing pussy. "Ah," he muttered. "Wait, I have something." He twisted over and rummaged in the pockets of his jeans which were still on the floor beside the bed. He took out a handkerchief and carefully dabbed around the opening to my slot. After a moment, he carefully folded it then handed it to me.

There were streaks of blood on it. My blood.

"Oh." I blushed and nodded. A keep sake.

He slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom where he came back with a wet cloth and hand towel. He stood in front of me cleaning himself up and then resumed wiping and cleaning my sex of his spend that was slowly seeping out of me.

"Do you need to use the bathroom?" he asked. "To, you know.."

I was still lying there feeling wonderful and erotically charged. "Don't you want to do it again?" I teased him biting my lip. I was already good to go again. I held my hand out and eased my thighs apart for him.

He grinned as he stroked his growing cock. "There will never not be a time I don't want to do it again."

He came into my loving embrace and made love to me as the late evening sun disappeared below the horizon.


An hour later, I stood at the bottom of the stairs in nothing more than my blouse and panties watching him as he slipped into his coat. Our second act of love making had been as intense as the first with whatever hesitancy or inhibitions we had that first time long gone. We had done it the same way. Face to face. We just wanted to look at each other as we shared our common intimacy.

His cock was as strong as ever. How does one show their love and devotion to such a thing? I would smile, laugh and sometimes giggle like a schoolgirl as it waved around before me like a drunken giraffe. Oh my, we were going to have such adventures together you and I. Work came between us this time but there would be many more other times. We had all the time in the world to get to know each other and I fully intended to do so.

The fuck had been delicious. Longer. The initial lust giving way to a slower more enjoyable coupling. I'm sure if we had more time - or a whole night - we would have fucked a third, fourth, maybe even a fifth time for he seemed virile enough to last and I had a very eager beaver.

He opened the door and I ran into his arms before he could fully open it. I was practically crying with happiness. He hugged me tight, holding me to him and running his hands through my hair, down to my hips and then to firmly grab my ass. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. I looked at them with surprise. What? Those were car keys!

"You have a car?" I asked him. "Why didn't you tell me?"

He shrugged with a laugh. "You never asked me."

I swatted his arm.

He gave me a final kiss and walked down the path. Half way down he stopped suddenly and turned to walk back towards me as I waited hiding behind the door in case the neighbors saw me half naked. He stepped inside and kissed me again only this time more deeply as I clung to his shoulders. He had a glint in his eye.

"Not bad for my first time," he whispered in my ear. "Hope I did okay."

He let go of me and gave me wink as he ran down the path and across the road to what I imagined to be his car. What? His first time? I slowly closed the door and went to get something to eat because I was famished.


The bus pulled into the stop and I stepped out into a misty September Monday morning. It could have been chucking it down with rain but I didn't care for the world was a technicolor wonder with birds singing and fairies dancing. 

Sally was waiting for me as I walked up to her. I gave her a small smile and blushed. She grinned and gave me the biggest hug ever and we walked arm in arm into college.


End of part 1.

Authors scribbles: Working on part 2. Think of this as a warm up as I haven't written anything in a long time. Lubricating the man handle as it were. First time stories are always fun and I enjoy setting up the characters as I think the pay off works so much better.

As an aside, the character of Jennifer is based on a real woman. She was someone who crossed my path around about 1992ish when I used to commute to work in the city near here. I remember the first day I saw her when I was waiting for the bus in the main terminal. She wasn't flashy or anything but when she appeared every head turned to look at her. What an absolutely stunning looking woman. She looked about 18/19. You can keep your super models and tv stars, no one has ever come close to this lass lol.

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