Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Classic Spank Mags: Martinet vol 2 no 4

Another classic cover and some superb flipped up skirts!


  1. We have just found your site. Really enjoying your collection of" Spanking stories" They are so genuine, believable, and true to life; nothing extreme, but just good spanking fun as it often happens, and the ladies seem to enjoy it as much as their men, or most of the time ! We have not read them all yet, but are already using some ideas during our own spanking sessions.

  2. Hey Anon, thanks for the nice comments. Glad you found the stories fun which is what they were meant to be in the first place. Personally, I enjoy the more lighter side of spanking with a healthy doze of sex added into the mix. Most of those stories were written over 10 years ago when I had the writing bug and the eroticspankingstories blog is a place where they are archived so they'll still be online for people to read if I'm no longer around.


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