Saturday, 2 January 2016

An Elementary Caning.

In my mind palace somewhere...

"B b b but..." whined Tracy as she bent over the stool and stuck her denim clad arse up higher. "DAD!"

Harry Holmes puffed on his pipe thoughtfully and tapped the business end of his number 9 willow across his daughters wriggling posterior. "Enough of the but's my girl," he replied sternly as he carefully measured his swing and calculated the parabola of her reaction. "When I said no boyfriends under this roof after nine I meant no boyfriends under this roof after nine. Now keep it there and if you move it you'll get double and no supper!"

"BUT DA...." she pleaded as the swoosh of the paternal cane filled the air. "..AAAAAAA YEOWCH!!!!"

Here's to curvy bums in tight denim jeans and long legs in leather boots. Happy 2016 you lot.

1 comment:

  1. If one uses the cane to corporal punish a naughty woman, it must be on the bare bottom. She must feel the pain of this spanking implement. So it's knickers down in my opinion. And she must be given 'six of the best', on her naked derriere.


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