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Story: Spanking in a Winter Wonderland.

Was having a root around a bunch of old data cd's today and found this short Christmassy tale I wrote way back in December of 2006 (yikes!) Posting it here so I know where it is now!


It was Christmas Eve and the snow had begun to fall.

All about, the hills and dales were covered with a blanket of sparkling white with the bare branches of the tree's tinged with fingers of gleaming frost that snapped and crackled as the biting wind bent them too and fro. As the falling snow turned into a blizzard, it wasn't wise for anyone to be out in such weather.....


Over the bridge where beneath the river had long since frozen, the bright yellow glow of headlights appeared. Slithering and sliding slowly with it's windscreen wipers straining to do their job, the small red car wound its way carefully through the country lanes where inside the two occupants peered out into the gloom.

"Damn, I can't see a bloody thing in this blizzard Liz." muttered the driver as he sat hunched forward in his seat clutching the wheel concentrating on the worsening conditions and putting the car into a higher gear for better traction. "How much farther?" he asked, looking across at his girlfriend who sat wrapped up in a huge black coat, wool scarf and likewise bobble hat.

Elizabeth looked from the crumpled map on her lap to her boyfriend of some 26 months, Josh. "We're here, I think..." she said, her breath misting around them both. "Just over the next rise...about a mile or so." she explained, her teeth chattering with the cold.

"Thank God for that." nodded Josh. "Much more of this and we'll end up stuck in some bloody snow drift for Christmas. I can hardly see a thing and this rust bucket might as well be on a bloody skating rink for all the good its doing. Hang on..." he said suddenly. "Over there....the sign. That's it. Windy Nook cottage." Finally they were here. It had been a long drive, nearly 3 hours.

Who's stupid idea was it to spend Christmas away ?

"Oh..." he thought with a frown. It had been his. Him and his bright idea's. A break from the tradition of spending the festive season with family he'd suggested. Do something different for a change. Boy, this was about as different as it could get.

Of course one of the "real" reason's for getting away was to be able to spend some serious time alone with his girlfriend where there were no mother's or father's, brother's or sister's, grandad's or grandma's to interfere. He wanted her all to himself for a change. Elizabeth had agreed, reluctantly at first. So they had booked a couple of days away from everything and everyone.

Having filled the boot with presents, food and other essentials, they'd set off in clear blue but cold skies hoping for a more personal and traditional Christmas away from the hustle and bustle of friends and family....


The snow swirled around Josh as he got out of the car having parked it in a small culvet next to the old farmhouse. Tugging his coat tighter around him, he told Liz to wait while he unlocked the door and turned the electricity on. In the archway he stood fumbling with the key's, muttering to himself wondering why they hadn't booked a week in southern France instead. With a click, he turned the latch and pushed open the oak door which creaked and groaned as it swung ajar. Lifting his torch, he went inside and by its light he found the fusebox and threw the main switch.

Sitting huddled up in the car, Liz watched as one by one the farmhouse lights came on. Despite the chill, the setting was perfect. It looked for all the world like a picture of the festive season on a Christmas card. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea. After all, she and her boyfriend would be all alone for three whole day's....and nights.


After a while....

The fire snapped and crackled merrily away in the grate of the huge stone fireplace as Liz stood up on a short three-legged stool and hung a garland of tinsel, holly and ivy in a "w" bow on the chimney breast. The room was warm now and shadow's flickered and danced on its four walls as she began to hang up the rest of the decorations they had brought with them. Liz was wondering where Josh had got to when the front door suddenly opened letting in an blast of icy air as her boyfriend came in backwards hauling a 7ft fern. Slamming shut the door, he beat off the snow from his coat and took off his hat and scarf. "Looky, looky Liz !!!!" he grinned. "A real Christmas tree, I'll stick it in that bucket in the kitchen and use some of the sand in the cellar to keep it standing. You got the decorations for this thing?"

Liz held up a bag. "Right here honey. Wonder why there was sand in the cellar ?" she asked.

Josh shrugged. "Out here, think they might have a problem with the river bursting its banks in a heavy downpour. Probably use it for sandbags or whatever." He left the room to return with the bucket full of sand. "Ok, you hold this while I make sure the tree is secure."

Liz knelt down and held on tight. "Was the tree where they said it would be ?"

"Yep, at the back of the shed. There was a note attached to it wishing us a merry xmas too." he laughed. "Nice touch eh."

Liz nodded as they began to decorate the tree with tinsel and baubles. Already her mind was wandering on to other things......


Now this was a traditional Christmas !!

Log fire, tree and decorations up and carol's on the radio. They were both sat together, cuddling on the couch with drink's in hand enjoying the warmth from the fire....

Liz took a sip of her wine, then resting the rim of the glass against her lips wondered "Oh, this is lovely, I had my doubts but this is how to really spend Christmas Eve."

Josh rested his chin on her head and sighed a peaceful "Hmmmmmmmmmm." It was wonderful to be alone. No hustle and bustle of friends and family, no arguments, no Mr Scrooge-like moods. Just him and his girlfriend alone in a cottage miles from anywhere and what's more, it was snowing outside. They were in their own little festive world.

Idly, Josh's thought's turned to later......when they were in bed. He smiled, shivering despite the warmth from the fire. He intended to make the most of it. Maybe she would even let him....


"Hmmm ?"

"Seeing this is our first night, you know..alone." he heard her whisper. "D..do you think, well, what I mean is." There was a pause. He raised his eyebrows."I know you like to....you know, do thing's with...to my my ummm bottom. I was just thinking you might like to, you know...as a special Christmas treat."

Josh could feel Liz squirming against his chest. He grinned to himself. Obviously great - or kinky - minds think alike. She was absolutely right, he definitely did have a "thing" about her bum. An obsession some might say. He had to admit it was one of the things that attracted him to her most. It was the bottom of the stereotypical "English Rose." Having broad hips helped a lot too he thought. Her bottom was full and prominent. Shapely and sensationally saucy. He liked nothing more than drooling over it whenever he got the chance. Another reason for this break. Three day's and night's alone playing with it. And now this...

Liz could hear his heart thudding as her head lay against his chest. Early on in their relationship she had realised he was a bum man. Hard to miss really. She'd brought it up during one of those rare moments when they had some time to themselves. They had only been dating for a month or so. It had been at her house whilst her parents were out for the evening sociallising. He had her kneeling on the sofa with her knickers round her ankles....

"You're not one of those men who like to spank ladies bottoms are you Josh ?" she had said out of the blue. She was looking at him over her shoulder as he had his face stuck between her gyrating cheeks, hands grasping both orb's and giving them a jolly good squeeze. She could only see the top of his head. Josh nearly choked with surprise. Talk about being caught in the act. He'd spent the last few minutes licking her bottom all over and, on occasion, giving her the odd not so subtle pat for good measure. He had also been literally caught with his pants down as was evident by his raging pecker. Sheepishly, he peeked over the crown of her sumptious arse like a naughty schoolboy.

"Er..what ?"

He saw her frown. "I said.....are you one of those men that like to spank their lady's bottom ?" she repeated with a heavy sigh. "You've been giving my bottom a few slaps lately when we've been making love, it's not as if I can't tell you know."

"Oh..I er...you can ?"

"Uhuh. It seems to me you're either are or you aren't. I read about men who liked to do that sort of thing once...in a magazine." she said off-handedly as if she was discussing something mundane like the weather.

"A magazine ?"

"Yes, it was an article about how some men get these strange idea's when having sex. Naughty thought's and inklings. Spanking was one of them. It told you what to look out for and if you had the right, you know, attributes that certain men like in their women. It said one of the recognisable symptom's was the squeezability factor."

"The what ?"

"Squeezability. In other words if you had a big bottom. Men of a certain persuasion get the urge to squeeze a lady's bottom all the time. Slapability too. Guess that's where the phrase "a bit of slap and tickle" come's from." She was still looking at him quizzically. "Well, are you ?"

"I er...well, no, well, wait...what I mean is...yes. I think." he'd stuttered, trying to look serious. Not easy when your lips are covered in pussy-juice. "I've never really thought about it before. I admit I do like to pat your bum Liz." He reached up and fiddled with his nose.

"I thought so."

Josh frowned again, looking worried. "Er, would it bother you if I was ?"

Liz reached behind her and rubbed a finger over her pubis. "Ummmm, no. I don't think so. Depends on what you like doing I suppose. Do you just want to slap my bum or spank it ?"

"There's a difference ?"

"Well, the magazine thought so. See, some men only think they're bum men. But they're not really. They just want to get down to the nitty gritty with a hurry-up slap. Now a real bum man, so this article says, would want to do more than just slap and have sex straight away. He'd want to do the whole thing."

"You mean a real spanking. Over the knee and all that ?" said Josh.

"That's right. Sometimes not even over the knee, sometimes bent over something and even sometimes not a spanking at all."

"Not a spanking ?"

"Nope, some men like to use things on their lady's bottom. Slipper's and belts, leather straps, that sort of thing. Amazing isn't it ?" she laughed.

Josh nodded. "I'll say. But what if a woman, say someone similiar to you, doesn't want to do it at all and won't let him ?"

"Oh well, then there's nothing much he can do about it is there. I don't think they can have a serious relationship if thats the case do you ?"

Josh shook his head and sat up. "Guess not."

"But..." interrupted Liz. "Here's the weird thing. The article goes on to explain that in fact A LOT of women actually do like that sort of thing. It's just that a lot of them are afraid to admit to it. Some women go through their whole married lives wanting their husband's to spank them but are too embarrassed to ask. Isn't that so sad ?"

"Definitely." agreed Josh. "But you haven't answered my question."

Liz removed her bare ass from in front of his face and turned around to sit beside him. "That would I let you do something like that to me ?"

Josh took her hand and nodded. "Especially if I really wanted to."

Liz bit her lip. "Well, I don't see why not. Do....do you want to do it to me...like....NOW???"


In the winter cottage, Josh smiled at the memory.

He did.

More than anything.

All he could see in his mind's eye was the sight of Liz jumping to her feet afterwards clutching her rear-end and saying as she grimaced. "Cor, blimey !!!"

A voice broke his reverie.

"What are you smiling about ?" asked Liz as she eased herself over his lap.

"Oh nothing much sweetheart, just thinking about thing's." he smiled warmly as he rested his right palm on his beloved's skirted backside with affection. For a short while he indulged himself. Flexing his hand, he squeezed, prodded, poked and played with the jutting mound sticking alarmingly up. Liz rested her head on a nearbly cushion sighing contentedly. Since the beginning, it had always been like this. His ritual. A bloody good feel before he got down to business. She had been surprised to discover that being spanked was nothing like she imagined. First and foremost, it was fun but most importantly, it was toe-curlingly erotic and definitely rang all her bells.

Over time and through numerous spankings, she'd learned his little obsessions. His likes and dislikes. Tights were out. Stockings and suspenders, preferably black, were in. He liked the contrasts between fibre and skin he said. Sure, who ever said men weren't complicated ?!!

He liked straight otk spanking her. Nothing fancy, though sometimes he'd stretch to using , say, a slipper on her. To make a change you understand as he put it. It certainly stung more she smiled to herself and the noise as it went "SPLAT" was wonderful. Another thing she noted that he really found exciting was for her to ask him for a spanking. To make the running so to speak. But there was something more to it than simply that. It was the WAY she had to ask him to spank her that made all the difference.

Something along the lines of "Ohhhhhh honey, I've been such a bad bad girl today. Don't you think a naughty girl like me needs a good firm spanking ?" She'd turn, bend over slightly, resting her hands on each knee thus sticking her bottom right out and giving it a slow wiggle for extra zip."My bottom really really wants you to spank it good and sore sweetheart." Then she'd simper and wheedle. "Doncha want to....then afterwards I'd even let you....."

That usually did it.

Hi ho Silver and away.

"Now what are you smiling about honey ?" asked Josh as he began to slowly tug his girlfriends skirt up and over her full rounded hips to reveal her spectacularly wonderful bottom. Ahhh...suspenders.

Liz just closed her eye's enjoying the sensations.

"Oh you know.....things dear, just things."

Now this was definitely the way to spend Christmas Eve !!



Hope you enjoyed this seasonal tale.
Spankorama 2006.

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