Thursday, 5 November 2015

Spanked Babes: Vida Garmen.

Ahhh, the lovely Vida. Spanked in KANE and JANUS.

A series featuring some of my favourite spanked ladies.


  1. I recently joined one of the spanking sites, which feature a lot of old spanking clips, as I looked at some of my all time favorite models, it was a reminder that although the ladies were lovely, they were not used that well in some of the films, making the films not as good as they would have been. Vida was a good example, could have made some real gems given the chance, perhaps the ladies should have directed the films, might have improved the end result.

  2. Alastair, yeah, agree with that. Although the old school UK spanking movies/scene are fun to watch I always found them too straight laced and predictable. Very A to B. Whatever sexual fantasy is far more interesting to me from a woman's perspective and was always the main aspect in my mind when I wrote or commented on spanking fiction or pix/movies. I much prefer sites like those from Sarah Bright, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory and the girls at Shadowlane. Female bloggers are also awesome and one of my favourite sites was the spanking roleplay Our Castle - sadly long gone - which was 98% female writers centric. I learned so much from that place about what women like and look for in spanking.


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