Thursday, 23 April 2015

Caning His Long Legged Lover from Liverpool.

He's the Boss. She's his hot secretary. Kinky cosplay games are afoot in the Jameson household tonight!

How awesome is that art!? Not sure who (Stanton?) by or where from (Janus?)


  1. Is by Erich von Gotha aka Baldur Grimm (BG).

  2. Awesome, thank you very much for the info, mamiecharlotte!

  3. The cane that is in a man's hand feels good, when it is allowed to descent with vigor, upon a naughty female's bare bottom. Yes, 'six of the best', applied to an erring women's naked rear end, is swishing music to this man's ears, from the "Oohs", and "Ouch's", coming from her lips.


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