Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Future of YEOWCH: some general thoughts.

Been interesting reading comments about Google/Bloggers new censorship policy. Number of people have suggested making YEOWCH  a private blog. Not sure how this would work to be honest: "Please refrain from creating content that would violate this new policy" So, basically, this means I can't upload a post that contains any "nude/sexually explicit" content to Blogger even if the blog is rated as "private" and not available to the general public. No posting any more naughty stuff AT ALL is what they're saying as far as I can make out which kind of defeats the whole point of doing a blog like YEOWCH.

Going private would also mean having to have people register to gain access which is going to be a non starter as YEOWCH gets over a 1000 visitors every day. Probably going to do an overall purge through the whole blog/every post and save stuff I want to keep, then delete every post in the database and only re-post all my spank fiction which should at least keep the blog going in some way. I'll probably then put up a pinned post re-directing visitors to my hosted YEOWCH blog and do there what I've been doing here for years making that blog a more magazine style blog rather than an affiliate promo one. All domain and server costs are paid up for the next year so that should be ok.

Guess I'd better get started. Bloody hell, 950 posts "gulp!"

Remember to bookmark YEOWCH SPANKING BLOG as I'll be doing my thing there from now on.

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