Friday, 24 May 2013

Spanking Photostory: The Grab.

Miss Wendy Willis was new to this spanking lark. So new she wasn't sure how she ended up being spanked in the first place. If you had told her that at 7.48pm the following day - a Wednesday - she would be near naked in her best bra and stockings, bent over with her bare bottom invitingly stuck up and waving about in the air, and about to have that bare bottom strapped with a long leather belt, well, you'd have been on the end of a sharp retort and maybe even a slap on the other cheek for being, well, stark raving bonkers.

And yet here she was. On a first date. Getting her bottom spanked.

Her date stood to her left rolling up his shirt sleeve. It was an immaculately ironed white shirt. "How are you finding it down there?"

She reached up with her left hand to brush back her long hair so she could see what he was up to. When her gaze fell on his leather belt as he drew it slowly from the loops of his black trousers, she began to think seeing what he was up to should be the last thing she should be doing. "I'm  not sure," she replied. "This wasn't the sort of thing I had in mind when I invited you back for coffee."

"Expecting the expected means a lack of imagination. When the expected turns out to be unexpected then the adventure is much more interesting." he said as he let the length of his belt unfurl to her gaze. "Don't you agree?"

Wendy felt the shiver of the unknown clench the pale cheeks of her bottom involuntarily. Her date weaved words and cast spells like no other she had met. An admiring glance and whispered compliment had set forth magic in her mind and devilment in her heart. "You promised me an adventure I would long remember and not regret. That you stand over me like this is answer enough. I'm waiting."

She heard him smile. The moment came. The air whispered. And everything changed.

The grab was a relief. The need to grasp and catch the sting before it became a flaming furnace across the expanse of her wriggling buttocks as each stroke of his belt fell. The grab kept her in place. He would not win the game. She would take whatever he gave and she would remain steadfast. She raised her head for the spanking had stopped. Her unexpected date was about to give her an expected reward.

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