Friday, 22 May 2009

Spank Stars: Sophie Fennington

One of the most popular girls who got their bottoms thrashed in various late 70's/early 80's UK spanking magazines was the pixyish Sophie Fennington who appeared two or three times in Janus.

Issue 53 and 54 are rightly regarded as classics amongst spank mag connoisseurs and are eagerly sought after by collectors worldwide. The strapping and otk spanking she receives are superbly staged and photographed whilst her caning at the end is one of the finest you will ever see in a print magazine.

A lovely lady who took a severe walloping in her stride she is fondly remembered to this day.


The above post was originally uploaded to the old version of YEOWCH and it was a wonderful surprise a few days later to log onto the blog and see a comment from none other than Sophie herself saying she very much enjoyed reading my short tribute post.

Classic Sophie from Janus

If you're reading this Sophie just wanted to thank you for your kind remarks about YEOWCH and hope this updated post finds you well, in fine fettle and starting on that autobiography you mentioned in your email about your time and experiences in the spanking world !!



  1. Hello, this is Sophie and i would just like 2 say i'm loving the pictures u have put up of me just b4 i did my second shoot 4 Janus. Again i would like 2 point out that i only started in Janus in 1984 and not b4 that date.
    Don't u think it would b good 2 do another shoot now even thou i'm now 44yrs, i still think i could show a few that i still have what it takes?

  2. sophie fennington is on face book. i found her to day.


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